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Lynch time I'm still on the edge whether I am liking this game.
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Posted by nukesniper

K&L2 is kinda meh for me as well yet.

Posted by Nonused

There are way too many trailers for this game. Either way, I look forward to playing it.
Posted by shadowcomplex


man this game makes Shanghai look so badass next destination Shanghai !
Posted by Damotello

I have to say I'm surprisingly pumped for this game, the visuals and the thoroughly wretched characters look to set it apart. Just hope the gameplay issues from the first are fixed.

Posted by rargy

17 trailers.  This game has to be good.

Posted by Jost1

It actually looks really good.

Posted by august

The demo was pretty good.

Posted by Milkman

Enough trailers. We get it. Kane and Lynch, cursing, gritty realism, whatever.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Oh, Lynch, you so crazy!

Posted by fwylo

They had to put out 17 trailers so you would forget about the first one.

Posted by Spinx

Still sceptical about this one.

Posted by MeatSim

I saw a evil helicopter.

Posted by HellBrendy

Visuals are great, everything else is far below average. 

Posted by caseylakes

Way better than the first, but... No.

Posted by twelve1784

I would really like to get this game, the multiplayer beta was a blast, but with about a ten other games of 2010 being higher on my list I just don't think it's going to happen.

Posted by Legend
@rargy said:
" 17 trailers.  This game has to be good. "
ENOUGH GODDAMN K&L 2 TRAILERS.... I'm starting to really hate the game just because of all the ads. At least they should stop posting them on the home page/ RSS feed/Twitter..etc.
Posted by FrEeZe

Looks... generic as all hell

Posted by Yummylee

Fuck it. K&L I lova your trailers regardless of the amount because they're all so well done <3

Posted by likbil

I love how intense this game is. The demo had me clinching my buttocks.

Posted by Jerky

I dig all these trailers..  Can't wait for the game, got my preorder already.  Also, the huge improvements in the traitor system and Fragile Alliance in general just from the demo have me even more excited. 

Posted by MichaelBach

There's actually a Kane and Lynch comic book, just saw it on ComicVine

Posted by Hot_Sawce

remember how many movies there were for Just Cause 2?  Eidos loves the movies

Posted by Twisted_Scot

I kinda liked the demo too, my only problem was that I couldn't get into the gritty realism angle of it as it kept feeling like i was playing as Andy from little Britain without the chair. Kept putting me off.

Posted by Malakhii

I still love his hair. That sadly, is really all I get out of these trailers. 

Posted by MisterMouse

man I feel like I have seen way too much of this game recently.

Posted by Moeez

I'll get you all...Hunt you down...Kill you...Your mother...Your wife!

Posted by Clembo

Damn I shouldn't be buying games but I really want this one.  The demo is fantastic.

Posted by marsfb83

This looks like an army of two after rios and salem hit menopause. I may like it

Posted by TOYBOXX
@marsfb83:@marsfb83 said:
" This looks like an army of two after rios and salem hit menopause. I may like it "
More like after Rios and Salem became lovers. The bro-mance was a little questionable which made me think what they do on they're down time. Knecking in the office closet together? I shudder to think of it.