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looks MAD dumb

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agreed, this looks like the dumbest thing ever

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The player models shapes remind me of Team Fortress 2's class models, only lower poly,  jagged edged, and lamer.

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I guess it makes sense, I didn't expect it but I understand. If you're playing Madden on a Wii anyways, you're probably looking for a different experience

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I actually think it makes sense for the Wii. If you want extremely realistic graphics, you probably already have a PS3/360, and you are going to buy Madden 10 for one of those two systems. It's better to go for a different, more stylized look on the Wii. Rather then just dumb down the graphics and do a straight port.

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I don't think it makes sense in the slightest. The Wii is capable of about (+/-) Xbox level graphics. Now, given that, you could easily build an engine similar to the one they've been using for years (the last PC/PS2/Wii version), but refine it, streamline it, and make improvements where able. Instead, we'll be given the "kid makeover," and dash the last bit of hope I had left for the Wii as an adult gamer. Sure, not everything *has* to be adult, but on the same token, not everything has to be kiddy, either, and the Wii has certainly gone all the way toward transition to that side.

I've been looking into switching to the Wii Madden games for my ritual lifelong franchise I have running with my brother, when we're actually together and have the time to play. Now, I wouldn't dismiss the game based solely on graphics, but it certainly doesn't help sway me in that direction.

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Looks fine.

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Makes sense, but still....lol.

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Here we are, whining about how these games never change, and that we basically just buy an rooster update each year. Now they finally try something else, and whats the first thing we do after just seeing a couple of trailers.... oh yeah, we whine again! Com on, give it a chance, if you want true-to-life madden then you made a mistake going for the Wii console. If you have either the ps3 ore the 360, then why the hell do you care?

Me, I like it. If it plays a little less sim-ish as well, I might be getting two Madden games this year. Its all about choice. And if you want typhical "core-gamer" games and all you have is a Wii. You owe it to yourse self to kick youre own ass, and then go get a 360 ore ps3....

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Is this N64 graphics or wii?????

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I personally like it.  I feel like the Wii apparently can't make convincing sports game models, so the more appropriate step would be to use the cartoony art style.
I don't see a problem with it.

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There's a fair amount of people on here hating on the style of it. I agree with the ones that think it's a smart move on the developer's part. As other users have said, people looking for more authenticity will go for the 360 and ps2 versions. I haven't played a Madden game in years, and my Wii in quite some time, but this game is driving me to break those two dry spells.

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But the best version of madden for the wii imo was the one where they looked normal

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I understand what you mean, but would you rather play a Wii game with xbox graphics? I mean, if you're looking for good graphics, then you're really not playing the Wii in the first place. If the graphics are xbox or this, either way they won't compete, so it seems like this is EA's only real choice.
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The size of everyone's shoulders is absurd, even with shoulder pads on.

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The people who whine about this new cartoony art style for Madden remind me of the people who hated on the Wind Waker. Idiots.

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Looks like shit the devs in the video are douchebag supremes.

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I personally think this is a good idea... you guys would rather play a shoehorned game, rather than something a bit more unique that you can only find on the Wii? It's like the Ghostbusters game, they could of gone "OK lets take this Ghostbusters came from the 360/PS3 and shoehorn it onto the Wii, thus making it look like complete shit!" instead, they went the stylized artistic route rather than focusing on technical graphics that the Wii cannot support properly.

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Madden on the Wii was never a "shoehorned game". And if it was, simply changing the graphics wouldn't change that.

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If it plays like an arcade football game, then I'm all in.

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Oh, I get it. It looks dumber, so it's for the Wii.

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This has me about as interested as looking at a gray floor then looking up and seeing a gray ceiling then looking down and seeing a gray floor then looking up and seeing a gray ceiling.

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mic check right channel

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bla bla blaaaa

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... and people say Nintendo's abandoned real gamers with the Wii!

Ugh. I genuinely feel for people who don't own any other platform, if this is the kind of game you're getting.

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There's nothing stylish about making a game look stupid. The game looks like a PS2 madden game with a cheat code from one of those cheat cards activated ie. it just looks wrong