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I love gin :(   BRING IT ON!!!
ps.  Make them drink it from a straw, so they have to taste it real good.

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Yeah! And to think I was just about to turn in for the night...

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It took me a minute to realize Jeff was playing a PSP game. WAIT THAT'S PERSONA!

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Great some Friday shenanigans! Just what I was looking for!

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Madden is totally going to have more people.

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Alcoholics, mans... Can't understand'em.

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There is no way Jeff will win.  Everyone who buys Madden that comes on here isn't proud of it, but they have to do it by habit or maybe addiction.  There is none of that with Wolfenstein.

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I'm hoping wolfenstein, but might just be madden :|

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I know which game I'm gonna play now...

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jeff is fucked...fucked i say

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Wolfenstien is going to be a huge flop.

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i love these videos from the office. very entertaining

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I wasn't planning on playing either, but now I have to pick sides..
Wait holy shit 
What platforms does this include? Because Madden is on everything.

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Dude, Madden is going to WRECK Wolfenstein. I'd never make that bet, Giantbomb user-base aside.
Oh, and Gin *is* probably the most disgusting form of alcohol.

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FYI. Gin mixes pretty well into rockstar. 
Oh, and if you cant stand the taste of gin then keep something like salt on hand to immediately nuetralize the flavor.
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Can't wait to see how this turns out!
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not gonna get either

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I'll be playing Wolfenstein, I will never buy another Madden game! I think a lot of people are under estimating Wolfenstein, RTCW was amazing guys!

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ohhhh jeff is going to lose so bad.

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I can safely say I am probably not going to play either. So I guess you can count me out lol. Also don't have a 360 so I wouldn't be helpful to the bet anyways.

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There is no way Jeff is going to win. Wolfstein has had zero marketing. 

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They are making Dave the recovering alcoholic take a shot, uncool!

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AH JEFF IS PLAYING THE PERSONA REMAKE FOR PSP!!! I am so jealous! Also, so far as the bet goes I think Jeff is screwed. Madden has a much bigger user base than Wolfenstein.

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I'm going to rent Wolfenstein for this alone.

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@MassiveDuck: dont worry theres not way he can lose this bet.
also for the record i wont be playing either game either. both games look lame
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You know what?  Gin ain't that bad.  Maybe I just drank some really good stuff but it ain't bad.

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oh man.
i hope wolfenstein comes to steam so i can buy it off that and get the achievements.

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Damn, Dave has some big chops.   :P

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That beard is something else...
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Too bad for Jeff that Wolfenstein won't sell at all...

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Make them drink Beefeaters that shit is the WORST!

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Jeff to the userbase: you all flabby men who don't like tha sports, only the fantasy.
Though I get Jeff's logic, I'm sure most people that visit here play Madden, but the amount of people that actually register their gamertag on here probably lean on the extra geeky.

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Gin on it's own is nasty but mixed with Tonic or Ginger Ale it's pretty tasty

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I wonder how many people will now just rent madden just to get Dave to drink gin. I think that's probably more likely.

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Never bet against Raven.

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YES! I love me some Giant Bomb bets! Sorry Jeff but, get ready to drink. Madden is a beast unlike any other game in history. Even people who don't like sports end up with copies somehow.

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i actually think that wolfenstein will outplay madden. i dunno why but i got this suspicious feeling that the giant bomb user base isn't too interests in sports...

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Take off your shirt!

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Madden is going to destroy Wolfenstein.
And Dave is a wuss.
And I like me some gin.

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I love this site so much

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Dave's beard....ugh

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@Damien said:
" I love this site so much "
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don't worry dave, I like your beard. The next video is going to be great.

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jeff is putting way to much faith in the GB userbase.
the core userbase and the most vocal will not play madden.
but i also doubt they will play wolfenstienand and their percentage is only around 30%
all the users that don't talk in the forums or comment on videos are going to drown you.

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i like gin.  but even though I don't like madden, I have a feeling jeff is going to be drinking some gin.

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Okay, I dunno if the achievements for the PC Version of Wolfenstein are going to be attached to Steamworks because I don't touch 360 shooters!  But I don't want Jeff to lose as bad as I think he's going to.  I'm +1 on Jeffs side... he's still going to be drinking Gin though...  :(  ...and shooting Gin is never a good thing.

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This shall be awesome.