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crazy so its a black and white game ?

at last the good old days of blood sport are back

Posted by Thordain

I do like the crazy ESPN atmosphere.


This reminds me alot of Viewtiful Joe except it's black and white and extremely violent.

Posted by Atomic_Tangerine

It's just like Running Man: The Home Game!

Posted by strangeling

Man, I'm tired of Madworld, and I haven't even played it.

Posted by Elemental_89

Props on the arnie quote

Posted by MeatSim

I like how it makes fun of all those horrible ESPN Analyst.

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What is Hellboy doing starring in black and white Smash TV?

Posted by Junpei

not sold on it yet, but could be this years No More Heroes.... depending on if No More Heroes 2 makes it out this year that is.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

There should be no reason for anyone to dismiss Madworld. This game is already looking supurb.

Posted by halfameatball

Gameplay wise it looks great but I don't know if I dig the black and white. I feel almost nitpicky but I've just been conditioned to bright colors in games as of late.

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NMH2 has more or less been established as a 2010 game. I WANT MORE TRAVIS NOW DAMMIT!
Madworld looks great, it'll be nice to get some use on my Wii outside of Virtual Console again.

Posted by GHT

I hope Sega ports this to a gaming console at some point.

Posted by sofakingcool

Good point GHT! 

Posted by dagas

that black and white art-style is all form and no function...

Posted by ahoodedfigure

This should be under trailers and not features :P

Posted by AspiringAndy

Looks great but, I don't know but, I might get tedious while playing with all the black and white.
It will probably work out fine though.

Posted by Wordup41

I think it looks fantastic, personally

Posted by Eric_Buck

It looks awesome. I just wish they would make a port for Ps3 and 360. I wouldn't even care about the  graphics. Ah well...

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Live actors are always fail in game previews. Always used to cover up the fact, the DEVs have little to nothing to show off.   But live actors and game footage.  Yeah, I still don't care.  Seems like a waste putting it on the kids system and not the real gaming consoles.

Hope it turns out ok, I'm just not into games using extreme violence just for the sake of using extreme violence.  Pandering to the immature.  I need more substance.

Posted by Fawk

Censored trailers are pretty much worthless.

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I like Viewtiful Joe more , *colors, zany humor* this seems "yeah you kill like this and kill like that, and and ..you stick this in the back and slam on spikes" I think it won't sell well just like NO MORE HEROES.

because its a small audience that wants extra brutal, stylized action.

while everyone else is like "WHAT???!!!!!"

Posted by TekZero

Reminds me of The Running Man.

Posted by Subject2Change

Don't own a Wii however gives me a feeling that the gameplay is going to be pointless and repetitive, is there even a story to it? Reminds me of that terrible PS2 Game State of Emergency where all you did was kill over and over and over again for points which became dull and repetitive fast. The Black White and Red seems like a cool concept but pretty sure it will get tiring on the eyes fairly quick.

Posted by InFamous91

Finally something else intense for Wii.........No More Heroes was bloody and action pack and now MadWorld.
Coming out next month. Now Im going to finally have some more games to play  for the Wii. One more thing Sega is also having a great year publishing all these great titles for the Wii, PS3, and 360.

Posted by DorianBlack

I love games where I can't tell the characters apart from the backgrounds.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Looks fun, i just hope some one shot the guys responsible for making the trailer, cause its horrible.

Posted by Gugi9000

I missed a "WOO!"

Posted by Rio

The more I see of this game the more I dont care about it.  I couldnt tell you why exactly, it just doesnt click with me at all.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This game looks really uninteresting. Trailer is comical fun though. But I can't see this being that great of a game really.

Posted by Stevokenevo

I really like the kinda fake yet still awesome excitement in this trailer.  Its practically the only game im looking forward to on the wii at this point.

Posted by giyanks22

Looks pretty tight/

Posted by CoinMatze

I like the idea of the black and white but I still find it extremely hard to look at.

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Posted by HatKing

Should come out on the 360 and PS3...then people who'd appreciate it might actually get to play it.

Posted by Bouke

I´ll play it! When Sega brings it to the PS3 or 360 that is... just not worth getting a Wii for... The game looks good though!

Posted by F1

Can't find a God damned Wii anywhere! I wanna get No More Heroes, and now this game looks awesome too!

Posted by Jimbo7676

Age gates at Giantbomb... who woulda thunk it...

Posted by GioVANNI

I'm totally renting that.

Posted by thedeusmachine

Haters much.

Posted by JoblessTerence

The guy on the left looks like Seal... without the scar.

Posted by TG_SOLID