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i didn't like the first one.
at all.

Posted by Valneroth

YAY! Can't Wait for this one!

Posted by ChristianCastillo
@cap123 said:
" a "
"a" indeed
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@cap123: cool post edit
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@KarateLincoln:  tehee
Posted by Valneroth
@KarateLincoln: Yeah, wish I thought of that, I'd be the winrar then! Anyway, hope this game comes out soon, I've been watching trailers in EB Games for months. Seriously, they gave me a lawn chair and everything.
Posted by cap123
@ChristianCastillo:  i give this trailer an 'A'
Posted by outerabiz
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" @ChristianCastillo:  i give this trailer an 'A' "
still not as good as an S rank everyone knows that.
Posted by aproposshadows

Hell yes can't wait 

Posted by DominatingFrance

I really hope this isn't average to suck.

Posted by Gdizzle

Hope they've improved everything from the first game.

Posted by VoshiNova

Jesus I'm such a sucker for the Mafia vibe, and I loved the first one

Posted by mikeeegeee
@cap123: Did you play it on a console? Otherwise..... really?!
Posted by fillmoejoe
@DominatingFrance said:
" I really hope this isn't average to suck. "
Hoping the same thing.
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@mikeeegeee:  played it on ps2.. was it better on pc then i take it?
Posted by mikeeegeee
@cap123: Well yeah, that says it all. I don't mean to come across as a PC elitist, I was just fortunate enough to have a PC capable of running it at the time. Apparently the PC version was wildly superior to the console version, which sucked some degree of penis.
Might have to build a PC for this next one, though I'm sure it'll play identically across all three platforms.
Posted by LiquidS

Loved the first one (PC) so really looking forward to this.

Posted by AURON570

looks like it could be very compelling.

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Well at least nothing in this game is stereotypical 

Posted by LIquid1024

its a time period not frequented, so... im in

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Oh yeah, Mafia 2 also. every damned game I want is a seguel something as such. Oh yes, and fallout 3-los vegas.. I spent the longest time I ever have with fallout 3. Bulletstorm will be a new game perhaps, and by the developer of Painkiller. But that had an annoying Borderlands vibe to it. Not that borderlands was bad in most ways.
Posted by ozzdog12

Cant wait. If its anything like the first, then its going to be awesome

Posted by leviathan

I remember the GB crew saying that this game, from when they last saw it looked horrible. Fuck that, I reckon it looks awesome! Granted, it's only a trailer so its supposed to do that, but still..... AWESOME!

Posted by AlwaysAngry

This is looking amazing!

Posted by weegieanawrench

I played the first one on PC, I'm hoping it translates well to consoles. If it's like the first one, I know what I'll be doing August 24 and beyond.

Posted by MeatSim

Dude really needs money I guess.

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This game has been taking its sweet, sweet time to be released.

Posted by dancinginfernal

Where has my excitement gone? I had a lot of it back in March, but now I've stopped caring. Oh well, hopefully I'll be excited again when it's out.

Posted by myghart

God, this game could use some Brotherhood-esque bullying/violence. Then again, this will sound absurd because that shit was filmed in a wholly different era. But still, games about organized crime are a wonderful platform to break taboos on, I've got my hopes on.

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I feel ZERO remorse killing characters that look like plastic. 
Come on. Aren't we passed faces that look like that? All the potential this game had went right out the door with those character models. It's a story-driven action game. I can't be sucked into the story if I can't believe the characters. 
I wish The Getaway wasn't canceled. =(
Posted by dpedal1

I believe I will add this game to my radar.

Posted by BeerBelly

Loved the first one, really looking forward to this one.  
Just love the Mafia universe. :)

Posted by Jonnyflash80

The first game was awesome. I'm hoping this will be even better.

Posted by newfound

Looks like it could be a decent game!

Posted by Yummylee

Graphics do look rather dated. I imagine this may be similar to Dragon Age though where the PC version will be miles ahead. Otherwise still looks to be a great game. And I can't deny my love for any fictional Mafia!

Posted by Cameron

That doesn't look too bad, but I have heard nothing but negative things from the press. Maybe they have turned things around, but I think I'll wait for the reviews on this one.

Posted by Arucardo

Can't wait for this, loved the first one.

Posted by Detrian

The first mafia was wildly overrated so...yeah. No high hopes.

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I really like the style of this game and I cant wait to get at least try at it. It unfortunately has a terrible release time though.

Posted by ominousbedroom

They really pass the Botox around in the mob, eh? But really... that guy getting offed at the end didn't look very excited to be alive in the first place.

Posted by pLa

prima di tutto la famiglia. *want* but damn those are some ugly  ass waxy face models.

Posted by AV_Gamer

I gotta play this game. I just hope the crappy driving missions are gone in this sequel. They killed the gameplay for me in the first game.