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Posted by Stevokenevo

Finding it hard to decide whether im excited about this or not.  I really liked the original.  If they focus on telling a really great story then i'll definately play it, but if its the same old climb the ranks as a mobster.....no thanks.

Posted by PJ

As long as they have taken out the speed limit then im 100% on board. Mafia was great so hopefully this will be too.

Posted by goldenmnk

its flikery

Posted by Tolkienfanatic

Still looks ugly as all hell.

Posted by mossman93

Where'd the video go?

Posted by Vinny

There was something glitchy with the compression so I tried a little something different.

Posted by mossman93

Video is back.  Thanks Vinny!

Posted by AndrewB

Looks bunk. I mean, the trailer is pretty okay, I guess, but the real game isn't going to look nearly as good, and everything about it screams generic.

Mafia rose up from it's "Godfather clone" pre-release criticism, and turned out to be an awesome game. It had a great story, and even though it ended with a certain finality, I kinda wish they would use some of the characters from that game (the few that didn't end up dying, at least).

But I guess I should reserve judgment for a more story-revealing trailer, or the actual game.

Posted by Geno

Is this CGI? The gameplay videos look nowhere near as good.

Posted by Crono

been there. done that.  seen it all before.

Posted by Quadrifoglio

Cool trailer. Though I doubt the game is going to be any good.

Posted by Gregomasta

Looks like it has that necessary spice that the original mafia needed.

Posted by Hexpane

Great trailer, but where is the actual gameplay?  Maybe they should be making an animated series instead.

Posted by Tomorrowman

No racecar missions please.  That ruined the last one for me.

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Gotta say I am a lot more excited for the sequel

Posted by SunKing

I loved the original but there was nothing in that trailer that rose above the standard of mediocrity.

Posted by Kraznor

Really liked the original, especially the unorthodox ending but I'm not sure this will be anything more than a decent open-world game. GTA IV set the bar pretty high, not sure this will clear it.

Posted by keyhunter

I likes me some Mafia.

Posted by brotherlu

Personally i was a big fan of the original and i really do hope this game will shine. They took thier time, so i am hopefull.

Posted by sgt_smack

nice video. alot better looking than godfather II.

Posted by Callumrides

looks greats cant wait 2 see more of this i adored the the 1st 1

Posted by bOse

Hope is as good as the first one

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Looks great!

Posted by Snail

Fall 2009. We'll see.

Posted by RHCPfan24

This looks very interesting, but they really should start showing gameplay videos instead of pre-rendered stuff. That would make me more enticed. 

Edited by Gregomasta

.........so much better then gf2's trailer.

Posted by lordofultima

I digged Mafia. This shouldn't disappoint. It looks to have a lot of charm.

Posted by cikame

The first one felt like it had alot of soul and it seems the same goes for the 2nd.

Just watched the Godfather 2 trailer before this one, i like how these guys approach open world crime games, the Godfather 2 looks like gta, this looks like something totally different.

I just hope you don't take damage when slightly impacting other cars.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Wow, what's with all the irrational hatred? Looks bunk, screams generic, mediocre and ugly? Been there done that, doubt it'll be any good, they should make an animated series? Jesus Christ...it's a 90 second trailer. A fantastic one I might add. The original was critically acclaimed. What seems to be the problem? That the trailer is pre-rendered CGI? No it's not.

Posted by AttackedCamo
Posted by vgmkyle

Is this an FMV?

Posted by squidracerX

The ending of the original Mafia game was far better than the ending of GTA IV. For all that people hyped "the game of the year" for its story, (I loved the game myself but that ending C'MON), after you get into anti-climactic (after your special lady's death at the church its just downhill), revenge chase in the most boring and hammy sequence in the entire game you just "are back in liberty". After it happened i was like "that's it?" What happens to Nico? Who knows who cares? But in Mafia you pay for your life lived on the edge. You think you got out and are living the good life in witness protection - then. They drive up into your suburb while you water your plants and some noobs shoot you dead. You can't never leave the Mafia. I loved that ending to death! (double negative was on purpose).


Some of you claim that the game won't look anywhere as good as in the trailer or that the trailer is CGI altogether. Well, you are wrong. Everything you see in the trailer is running real time and some of the clips are from cutscenes and some are done just for the trailer. As some of you may remember, the original Mafia had awesome cut scenes done with the engine and it's the same case here.

If you don't believe me (wouldn't be suprising) I have proof. http://pc.ign.com/articles/944/944987p1.html

Quote from the article:

 "We've been receiving a lot of questions about whether or not the trailer was real-time and I'm here to clear the air. It really was. All the scenes were completely created in our editor the same way we create cutscenes for the game. Our cutscene editor is a very powerful tool. Besides, we can see it all real-time which makes our work a lot easier. There was absolutely no need to modify the resulting video in the postproduction."

Posted by Death_Burnout

I was blown away by the Mafia on the PC, the story really had me from beginning to end.

I feel sorry for the people who only played the console version...that was so bad.

This trailer does make me look forward to it.

Posted by Alex_V

A trailer with no gameplay whatsoever - useless for determining the quality of the game.

I found the first Mafia incredibly glitchy, too linear, and too much in the shadow of GTA III. But the story was decent and for that reason I have high hopes for this sequel.

Posted by Absurd

Badass trailer, Hopefully Badass game.

Posted by Media_Master

Looks excilent!!

Posted by sate666
Not bad,looks nice. May consider it later after modern warefare 2
Posted by GM_Lucra

That trailer was awesome Hahaha I couldnt stop laughing