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Posted by MasterChiefLopez
@Freaksaus said:

"  So you need to get to level 15 to become a squad leader, but how would this work at release? Everyone is level 1, would you just have to grind it out as a normal player? "

Dude I got Resident Evil 5 days before it originally came out and I decided "What the hell, lets see if I can get someone to join me."  I let someone join and he had weapons that it would take 3 playthroughs or so to get (I remember him having the bow and arrow.)  blew my mind.  I thought I got a game before everyone else and here this guy has everything!  
Either that or they will promote people who play the Beta good.  Who knows. 
Posted by Phonics

If this has good netcode then I can't see this being anything less than a total succes. I want a PS3

Posted by TREAL_Since

I have faith that MAG will be polished. I'm not sure about the balance, as I have not played the Beta. But I'm glad they are providing such an extensive Beta in order to steam press the wrinkles.
This is a huge undertaking. Something new for Zipper (and shooters in general), and I'm sure it will meet Zipper fans/ PS3 users' expectations.

Posted by onlineatron
@Phonics: Trust me, from playing the beta, the net code is the thing they've worked hardest on. 
Granted I only got to play 128 player matches... but there was NO lag whatsoever!
Posted by onlineatron
@NarcolepticBat said:
" @CrazedJoker said:
" I remember this dude talking about SOCOM: Confrontation... This game will be horrible... "
Dont be so quick to judge. i was let down by the most recent brothers in arms. But Borderlands was amazing, so just wait for the reviews and get a ps3, you can find them pretty cheap these days ;] "
Two things 
1) Socom Confrontation was not developed by Zipper. 
2)  The guy in this video promised a lot for Confrontation but that was before it received low critical score and didn't really take off. Sony most likely don't want to pump money into DLC etc for a game that is only enjoyed by a handful of people.
Posted by MeatSim

If this game pans out and deliveries on it's concept this could be some fun.

Posted by SammydesinasNL

Great idea to wear a Gears of War hoodie in the video for a PS3 exclusive :)
Posted by Media_Master

Looks good so far.

Posted by Arjuna

This looks like the most tactically advanced shooter ever!

Posted by theMcNasty

The fonts on the User Interface look really cheap.  I mean, out of all the fonts out there, why an Arial (/Helvetica) knock-off in mustard yellow? 
Honestly, this one little UI issue made me start expecting another Haze vs another Killzone.

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