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Posted by Erik

Looking forward to this GBI (GiantBomb Interview)

Edited by swamplord666

nice one!
Edit: Something seems weird with Brad's looks... too  clean shaven perhaps?

Posted by JJWeatherman

Sweet, another Brad interview.     : )

Posted by Laneyy

Awsome interview brad!

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers


Posted by dbz1995

Head 5 looks a bit like John Travolta (Grease & Hairspray)

Posted by Agent47CSim2

AWWW Brad got teamed at the end :[
Posted by ProjektGill

Lol at Brad dying twice at the end

Posted by Druminator

Damn this game looks pretty awesome, but I don't really see all those players following orders from leaders all the time. At least there's double xp for doing so. Should be different.

Posted by Scooper

That picture before you hit play is Brad's Quaker Oats face.

Posted by WilliamRLBaker

It wont work, Of the games i've played nearly all have been pure chicken runs every one running around killing every one else.
this is a beta mind you and they need alot of work in keeping cheap tactics and bombing runs comming down on spawn points.
then again the 256 player domination is the least of all tested gametypes in MAG i've played it about 5 times the majority of my all most 2 months of mag time have been playing aquisition.

Posted by Bucketdeth

This game is looking good, I'll be picking this it up when released, and great interview I learned a ton of stuff I didn't know about the game, the whole thing with governments and factions sound great.

Posted by maladjusted

Seems really cool in theory... I just wonder how well all of this will work in practice!

Posted by onimonkii

having played this but not the 256 player mode ever, i'm still skeptical and expecting a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to actual on one map player count.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I think I'd prefer a 256-player game that used swords rather than guns, just because then you'd be more likely to see the craziness. Both sides rushing at each other across a field, besieging a castle, all that good stuff. This seems like it limits your exposure to what's going on too much.


game looks like a free to play online fps.

Posted by Andheez

I might give this game a chance eventually, but probably not.  Look at online games on the PS3, the install base is too low to support 256 player matches.  Uncharted 2 just came out, HUGE title, and the most people Ive seen in the Multiplayer is 13k.  I also prefer a more personal experience, when playing with that many people they might as well be BOTS, there is no personal rivarly, no back and forth, no revenge, no sense of competition that make multiplayer engaging.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome interview

Posted by TheHT

holy smokes, i wonder how they're gonna balance all the different skills/weapons and whatnot.

Posted by ajamafalous
@maladjusted said:
" Seems really cool in theory... I just wonder how well all of this will work in practice! "
I agree. Anxious to see how it works out.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Looks a lot better then it did a few months back, really impressed the overall look of the game. 

Edited by DukeTogo

You guys really need to make your mics look like ice cream cones, it goes over great with nervous people on screen, and it always makes people laugh.
I wonder what the guy thought of Brad sporting a Gears of War hoodie to a Sony-centric event.

Posted by TigerDX

Nice Gears of War hoodie... at this Sony event.

Posted by Driadon

Much of this game's persistence reminds me of Shattered Galaxy which is an RTS/RPG MMO that has a sort of similar faction war system. Colour me intrigued.

Posted by Trevahhh

A Brad video just wouldn't be a Brad without hm "pulling a Brad".

Posted by Jayzilla

I love how Brad is the GB Journalist. You are the best interviewer man!

Posted by brew

Good interview. Brad if you get any more codes I'd really like to try it out (I hate Gamstop so I'm not pre-ordering),
Posted by JoelTGM

cool thanks for the interview.  The game looks to play faster than I remember.

Edited by TwoOneFive

how the hell is anyone gonna be ranked high enough off the bat to have a system working? 
and what happens when the majority of the players are ranked up?  
i think this game will be awesome but i think that they should have stuck to Socom and made a true next gen iteration of the series.

Posted by dietmango

Free to play massive shooter? I'm game.

Posted by CrazedJoker

I remember this dude talking about SOCOM: Confrontation... This game will be horrible...

Posted by buzz_killington

Hhehehhe... Brad died twice in 3 seconds near the end!!

Posted by myslead

the skill tree interface looks clunky as hell.

Posted by NarcolepticBat
@CrazedJoker said:
" I remember this dude talking about SOCOM: Confrontation... This game will be horrible... "
Dont be so quick to judge. i was let down by the most recent brothers in arms. But Borderlands was amazing, so just wait for the reviews and get a ps3, you can find them pretty cheap these days ;]
Edited by TheJollyRajah

After playing the MAG beta for a couple months, I think I've seen everything the game has to offer, and I won't be purchasing it. The 256 player matches work, but the gameplay is just too generic for me, and there really isn't much depth in the tech tree and leadership tree. Overall, I'm a little disappointed with this title. I'm saving my money for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. That game looks good.

Posted by NoPantz

 I'm anxious to at least rent this game but the interface just looks awful from what was shown in this interview. It reminds me of STALKER which is a bad thing.

Posted by Zelnox

Too bad the public beta is only for people that pre-ordered, and is not helpful for those still on the fence. >_<

Posted by T0mF5
"game looks like a free to play online fps. "
Posted by Xeiphyer
@TheHT said:
" holy smokes, i wonder how they're gonna balance all the different skills/weapons and whatnot. "
Its suprisingly balanced =P I tried all the factions during the private beta and they all played similarly, they have different guns and stuff but they all sort of fall into the same weapon archtypes =P of course there are lots of unique things between each faction too, and the higher tier stuff was locked out so I couldnt see that.
It looks like they have made a lot of changes since the private beta, looks faster and a bit crisper too, also the skill tree looks reworked to display horizontally rather than vertically, it looks nicer and fits way better, before because you had 2 skills in one tier of lets say the machine guns, and then one in the next tier, you got these annoying spaces that made it tricky to skip between skill trees. Looks way better now.
Also I gotta say, the 256 player matchs are really awesome, It sucks that you often get killed really quickly, but your killing just as fast I suppose =P and once you learn how to play the game properly it gets way more fun and less frusterating. I got a sweet machinegun, tossed a bipod on it (all these were upgrades from leveling that I chose) got awesome landmines, and was a total game changer while defending. 
I would lay mines at the enterences and go prone on the floor, setup my bipod and mow people down. Its cool that you actually deploy the bipod by pressing circle, and it goes into side view that is really awesome, it was super satisfiying to take out an entire squad as they rushed a defence point to their doom. I also found smoke grenades to be actually useful in MAG, they work great on stairs or infront of a choke point, forcing you enemy to run blind through the smoke, while you wait on the other side with a deadly close range gun =P awesome.
Also (This is getting long!) I got to try being Platoon leader (thats the 2nd of the 3 leader types, basically I was leading 4 squads.) and its really awesome, squad leader is cool too, but its nothing compared to platoon leader, you get really awesome skills, the airstrike skill was really useful, I would look at where the main fight was, draw a strike on the area and get 8-16 kills, which was mad exp, plus I set the platoon objective at where the strike was dropping so I got double exp =P It also encourages working as a squad because along with double exp, you also have a buff aura around yourself (or whoever the squad and/or platoon leader is) that increases a bunch of stuff.
Posted by andrewf87462

Nice interview. Would still like to play a demo of this game before I pay the full price. Playing FPS's on the PS3 still doesn't do it for me i'm afraid.

Posted by Advertisement

its like Battlefield 2 times 4

Posted by supermike6

This and Uncharted 2 make it too bad I'll never get a PS3.

Edited by KinjiroSSD

I'm in the beta and .......meh
Zipper needs to stick to Socom rather trying to make a generic COD/BF clone.

Posted by Freaksaus

 So you need to get to level 15 to become a squad leader, but how would this work at release? Everyone is level 1, would you just have to grind it out as a normal player?

Edited by MrKlorox

The action itself looks quite weak. I hope the massive aspect keeps it interesting enough.

Posted by Aarny91

Excellent Brad there interview!

Posted by lucas_kelly

This would work better on PC.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Why would anyone want to press X to bleedout?

Posted by sephirm87
I think that it is sort of like in WoW when you release spirit.
Posted by MasterChiefLopez

One thing that worries me is the graphics.  Its doesn't look very good.  And its only 30 fps.  Compared to COD's always silky smooth 60 fps.
Good luck to them.  Cause I really do like the concept. 

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