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Well that wasn't what I was expecting at all.   

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damn... 2nd

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Posted by SpacePenguin

I thought this was just a piss take of battlefield I didnt think it was actaully real.

Posted by jorbear


Posted by Jeffsekai

hahaha so good.

Posted by Giantstalker

what is this I dont even

Posted by pubbles

I'm game

Posted by Daniel_Newton

I don't want them to ever stop making expansions for this game.

Posted by jking47

Title screen gave me a good laugh

Posted by Chird

I'm a wizard and my life expectancy on the ground is 30 seconds.

Posted by flannelbeard

i would totally buy magika... if they release it for mac or psn at some point. until then i will watch from the sidelines with sad puppy eyes.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Oh god that's a fantastic crossover. Great title screen too. 
I want them to go to space next, but I feel they'll cop out and do a zombie expansion after this one :/

Posted by chriskelly123

dude, im a wizard, and thats FUCKED UP!!  :)

Posted by turboman

I expect an MP3 file for this song immediately.

Posted by Devildoll

this is awesome overload

Posted by Yummylee

Now all they need is Modern Magicka!

Posted by p_p_o_d


now I need to buy magicka 

Posted by Keegs

What bring you good luck Rambo?

Posted by eduardo

Makes sense, the M60 is by far the best weapon in Magicka.

Posted by indus

I'm a wizard and they drew first blood! Not me!

Posted by dagas

Did not see that one coming.

Posted by Zimbo

I laughed so much when I saw the Battlefield title screen at the end. I need to buy Magicka.

Posted by Brenderous


Posted by Bongos

When the fireballs started flying. You weren't there man, you weren't there!

Posted by BulletproofMonk

I really can't decide if this is funny or not?

Posted by TheHT

I... really love this game.

Posted by drumpsycho89

Posted by Blackout62

You know this actually makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys at Arrowhead are actually really good friends with DICE, same country and whatnot.

Posted by Sanity

Thats about the last direction i thought they would take, looks great though lol

Posted by WhatTheDang

I'm going to be pretty pissed if there isn't a Swedish-English-gibberish version of Fortunate Son somewhere in that game. 

Posted by NoeinJ

"I`m a magic cow!"

Posted by BigLemon

This makes me want to buy Magicka now.

Posted by JoeyRavn

You know what the word is? 

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Okay well, fuck. 
I guess I'm buying Magicka now.
Posted by wealllikepie

the end of that trailer was just amazing with the title card lol

Posted by Scodiac

Bird is the mother fuckin' word! 
ahahaha I love this expansion. 

Posted by dsd21

Hahhaa this is amazing. Wizards for cannon fodder! (fuck, anyone remember that glorious game?)

Posted by Rox360

Haha, what?! Brilliant!

Posted by Ali_D

I wish more fantasy games had Vietnam expansions. Taking down Charlie with fireballs would never get old.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

surfin' bird!

Posted by ComradeCrash

What the heck!!? Awesome tho~ lol

Posted by LOZZAT

must... buy... Magicka.... Vietnam DLC... makes any game a must-buy...
"I'M A COW I'M A COW I'M A MAGICOW!"  (0:28)

Posted by darkjester74

Heh, nice BF reference at the end there.  =)

Posted by raiz265

what the fuck? :D

Posted by Ronald

There aren't enough wizards in Vietnam games. Hopefully this is only the beginning.

Posted by S0ndor

Touché Magicka, touché.

Posted by lowestformofwit


Posted by JackSukeru

You're not a true Wizard until you've been to Nam and back.

Posted by Zanthox

Everything went better than expected.

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