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Posted by brotherxrussia

i wonder if this is any different from all the other baseball games ive played. doubt it.

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Nice to see the best young pitcher in baseball get the cover spot. Go Lincecum!

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hilarious stuff at the end

a pitchers dream come true ... lol
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I feel obligated to get a baseball game this year because the phillies won, but I think I'm leaning more towards The Show. That is if I ever get a ps3.

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Lincecum is amazing. Go Giants!

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I want me some Cole Hamels. Go Phils!

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BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS!!  I think it would be fun to do mo-cap.

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Lincecum is a truly unbelievable pitcher. If only the Giants could get some decent offense to give the rotation some support...

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Motion capture!!!!

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Motion capture!!!!

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I'm not into baseball; but the motion cap stuff looks pretty standard. They should focus more on facial animations and more minute details. I mean his face should look stoked for hitting a home run and not totally blank!

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Man Crush achievement for the win

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Hey, where was fitch?!

Also, lincecum looks like a total hipster in street clothes. 

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To bad he plays for the horrible Giants.

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"To bad he plays for the horrible Giants."

Too bad he plays a boring sport.

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too bad you name is kyle 

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I'd love to have a couple of beers with this guy. Also, the HR reaction was priceless.

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The 2K baseball series doesn't hold a candle to The Show. 2K baseball has always been a HR fest, which is fine if you want overbloated baseball scores, but I prefer lower scoring games. I am also not a fan of the stick movments for pitching. Having to do a dragon punch motion for a curveball is not fun. 

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I like the homerun animation :P

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lol this game got 4.5/10 on gamespot!!! the show will get a 9 from them fo sho

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I live in San Francisco and have no idea who that guy is

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sports on the GB what will they think of next :)

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Some facts ...

Giant Bomb is Whiskey Powered with Django.
Baseball sucks

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Lincecum is amazing on the hill. Those Gigantes just need some batters now.

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