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Posted by stewmull

damn i want this game now

Posted by MasturbatingestBear

No thank you!

Posted by SmilingPig

So close!

Posted by RAStemen

Man, when I saw the thumbnail for the video I thought I saw Alyx from Half-Life 2... Let down.

Posted by oneidwille

So...thin Brian Cox?

Posted by Scooper

@RAStemen said:

Man, when I saw the thumbnail for the video I thought I saw Alyx from Half-Life 2... Let down.

Totally. It looks like Alyx is looking down at you in that area at the end of Episode 2.

Posted by Shaanyboi

...That's a pretty cool trailer

Posted by Rerejo28

Brink + Deus Ex + Dubstep = Syndicate. And it excites me greatly.

Posted by Nokterian


Posted by BionicMonster

So is there any world domination/company running stuff in this or did they just take all that out and make a linear FPS?

Posted by EastboundSpider


Posted by Napalm

Man! So excited for this one, guys! I've already bought a bunch of games from this year, but this is truly the first one that I have excited for.

Posted by Humanity

I'm happy that from what it looks like the game will have an interesting single player campaign - from the demo I know the multiplayer is a ton of fun.

Also Kilos mentor is kind of a badass.

Posted by Cramjomlin


Posted by wewantsthering

Dues Ex: HR + Half-Life 2 kind of? Sign me up! :-)

Posted by Zacagawea

This trailer is just...Business as warsual.


Posted by StealthRaptor

Hey that as kind of cool.

Posted by m16mojo2

Meow, what is the Sharif from Super Troopers doing in Syndicate?! My name will be team RAMROD, I'm calling it first!

Posted by Sarumarine

Brian Cox is here to pitch you Black Briar and watch you violently murder people.

Posted by Sferics

I don't know about the game but the trailers for this are pretty good.

I'm glad to see another cyberpunk game coming out pretty soon.

Posted by bio595

@oneidwille said:

So...thin Brian Cox?

I think so. He's so awesome in that role

Posted by dezvous

I think i just saw the final boss battle in there..

Posted by LKPOWER

Brian Cox!!!!

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Brian Cox! I really really REALLY hope this game turns out awesome. I'm not even sure I'm gonna get it, I just want it to be great.

Posted by TheGorilla

Who the FUCK is making these trailers?!? That was one of the better game trailers I've seen.

Posted by demontrace

I always loved the first Syndicate game. While this one looks nothing like the first one, it still looks very cool. All the same I know while I'm playing this, should that happen, I'll be thinking fondly of that first game. Then if I bring myself to actually reinstall it, and get it to run, I'll probably get frustrated thanks to nostalgia, and the game not actually being as good as I remember. But I doubt it, Syndicate was awesome, because of it's setup, the dark world that you hope never becomes a reality, and the gameplay.

Posted by AuthenticM

Goddamn this game looks awesome.

Posted by dagas

He hacked that dude and made him think he was in Persona 3, he was not. ^^

Posted by dr_mantas

I never wanted this.

Posted by sandweed

So is this is a fun Deus EX?

Posted by Tim_the_Corsair

Damn, the team making these trailers should win an award.

Posted by Dredlockz

OMAGAD, the last, like, 10 trailers are all dubstepped up, it's everywhere.

Posted by JackSukeru

@dr_mantas said:

I never wanted this.

Then you shouldn't have asked for it.

Posted by mpgeist

Ad-libs! I never _____ this.

Posted by dyong

At least Syndicate doesn't look like it's stuck in the early 90s anymore.

Posted by AngriGhandi

I'm excited to see how this turns out. Didn't realize it was almost here already!

Posted by whitespider

For the record, deus ex hr was flawed masterpiece in my books. The original still had larger hubs and more options, however it was absolutely on the right track. And if they make another dx game, I have a feeling they will correct those little flaws in HR and blow away the people who had not already made their minds up about it.

As for syndicate. It could go either way. A flashy trailer only means so much in this climate. Gameplay videos give you a semi accurate 20% guess at how compatible you will be with the game (Unless it's about a 20 minute walkthrough or quicklook in which case about a 50% guess), and cinematic trailers - about 05%.

I am a fan of the cyberpunk aesthetic, I am a fan of gameplay options, and complex emotional stories. I can't really tell if this game does 'any' of that well enough. It might.. Time will tell.

It could just end up being a shallow singleplayer game (despite the cinematic suggesting otherwise) with some strong co-op. In fact, I think there is a good chance of that.

Posted by hurtfulmadmax

I've seen this trailer 12 times now. That final cut with the suicide soldier is well executed.

Posted by Draugen

I'd be more interested if you were playing an agent for a future EA rather than Eurocorp. That would be some meta craziness.

Posted by Infini7yx

I had a great time playing the demo, I'll probably pick this up.

Posted by Scotto

I recognized Brian Cox right away, but the girl sort of sounds like... Rosario Dawson, maybe?

Anyway, this game looks pretty badass. I'm a sucker for cyberpunk future stuff (i.e. Deus Ex), and I don't mind that they've gone a different route with Syndicate than the original.

Here's hoping the game has a killer soundtrack. These dubsteppy trailers jack me up to play this game every time.

Posted by TheChaos


Posted by mewarmo990

Was skeptical when it was announced out of the blue, but I've actually got my eye on this title for a future sale now. The demo was a lot of fun.

Posted by Sunjammer

I sure hope the finished game's GUI isn't a blurry mess like in the demo. I sure hope so.

Posted by Oldirtybearon

@Scotto said:

I recognized Brian Cox right away, but the girl sort of sounds like... Rosario Dawson, maybe?

It is Rosario Dawson, yes.

Edited by sear

They aren't even trying to cover up how "inspired by" this game is. No offense to anyone who worked on it, and while I'm not a fan of the direction (nothing like the original Syndicate at all), somehow I doubt it would have been made if it wasn't for the Deus Ex revival. Funny how for a supposed triple-A developer, EA are constantly playing catch-up and making games that are effectively "if you like X, try Y!", rather than actually setting trends themselves.

Posted by MeatSim

So Brian Cox and Dubstep.

Posted by Veektarius

I really hope the music in the trailers is representative of what's in the game, because I have a feeling I might be playing it.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

what the hell is this game

Posted by The_Bad_Doctor

@Draugen said:

I'd be more interested if you were playing an agent for a future EA rather than Eurocorp. That would be some meta craziness.

This IS the future EA given a different name and what you find out at the end of the game is that and agent's real mission is to destroy all used games sales by any means necessary.

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