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Posted by Finscher

"The fun of games comes to Nintendo 3DS!"

I don't care if my brain missed a word, I'm still amused.

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"The fun of the games comes to 3DS" Hahaha oh man, I didn't even see you caught that already!

Posted by JayDee

some of those look fun, where was the sonic? all i saw was mario characters

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Posted by MonkfishEsq

Our Olympics are going to be embarrassing enough even without this..

Posted by falconpunch

looks like it could be an ipad game with all the gyroscope, voice, and touch controls.

Posted by Shtinky

I have it for Wii, and it's basically a jack of all trades, master of none type of game. Not one of the mini-games were particularly enjoyable, nor better than their Wii Sports Resort equivalent.

Posted by MikeGosot

Am i the only who thinks this shouldn't be in London? I mean, make Fantasy Olympics in Green Hill Zone or something, it would be better. 

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Posted by aceofspudz

Oh, awesome. They have a motion controlled equestrian event. Those are always stellar.

Posted by DrJota

Good thing there was proper spacing between the L and the I in that screen cap,otherwise this would be an entirely different game where you do things after BLOW...

Posted by jorbear

Finally! I will be able to enjoy all the excitement of a Mario game and the fun of a Sonic game all in the fantastic and wonderful setting of the 2012 Olympics!

Posted by Sackmanjones

If you actually stop the trailer with 9 seconds left then picture a destroyed city and reapers this is actually a trailer for ME3 so that makes it good… right?

Posted by Mandrewgora
Posted by PsychoPenguin

Oh, at about 40 seconds in: more rider meet horse, horse meet rider time? I hope so!

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Let me re-introduce you two. Rider meet horse, horse meet rider!!

Posted by RetroVirus

That was the oddest pairing of songs I have heard in quite some time.

Posted by Korolev

Well, it looks like a fun game for kids... not so sure about anyone else.

Posted by budgietheii

Mario power walking made up for how depressing the rest of that trailer was.

Posted by ptys

Bit of a "kitchen sink" effort for them, wonder how well it sells.

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Making Sonic power walk seems like it would be torture to him.