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Posted by Yesiamaduck

I guess Nintendo have finally figured out the internet....

Posted by OrangeLadBoy
Posted by HassaniSabbah

I want to see the Venn diagram of people who love Waluigi and people who can afford a Mercedes S600.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Well that's just dumb.

Posted by buft

Its like weird rom hack from someone obsessed with mercedes

Posted by OneLoneClone

It just doesn't fit the art style of the game. Bet the creative director hates it.

Posted by vinone

I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely love this... I would also LOVE some more DLC.

Posted by moondogg

I have no problem with this.

Posted by Majkiboy

I hope this Mercedes dlc for Mario Kart inspires more people to jump their luxury vehicles off ramps. Fuuuuucking crazy.

Also drive under water

Posted by SPCTRE

Only three cars? That's a lot less than I expected.

Posted by ghostyTrickster

I really don't get the people talkin' mess about this. Like half of the other car parts, I'm sure it will just be a reskin of an already existing part, so there are no stat bonuses, and it's silly and stupid. But most of all, it's free, so who cares? Get it if you want it, don't get it if you don't, and who cares. (Personally I will get it day 1 because this is hilarious)

Posted by Jonnyflash80

This just seems so random and weird. From a canonical standpoint if Mercedes exists in the Mario universe does that mean the mushroom kingdom exists in our universe somewhere out on another planet and Mercedes has developed the technology for interstellar shipping of their products.

Or perhaps Mario exists in an alternate dimension where life on Earth evolved very differently and the Mushroom Kingdom is actually earth.

Either way *Mind Blown*

Posted by CByrne

Those car models look better than anything Gran Turismo put out in a long time...

Edited by sparks50

@billymaysrip said:

From an ad sense, what are Mercedes Benz thinking? How many people who play Mario Kart on the Wii U will be inspired to go and buy a Mercedes Benz? Two or maybe even three? I wonder what kind of skulduggery Nintendo did to convince them that the Wii U has a huge consumer base. Or maybe an exec at Mercedes loves Mario Kart...

Whatever, this is the kind of dumb thing I love. The W25 Silver Arrow looks pretty cool, and it looks like the car from Monopoly.

They could be trying to make their brand seem more family friendly by connecting it to Nintendo. Or if you want to be really sinister, trying to affect the car choice of parents through their children. Anyway, here we are talking about it, so I guess this weird thing is working.

Posted by lockonandfire

Maybe if this cross-marketing deal had been made say fifteen years down the line, then people who grew up with Mario Kart would be of an age where they might afford a Merc, and there could be some potential value. As it is, it's weird. It is however free, and that Silver Arrow fits in pretty OK. Heck, I'd actually be on board with Nintendo courting other car manufacturers to license classic models. I see a certain appeal to that bizarrity.

After they've put out some new tracks, and maybe HD-ified a few other oldies (Cheese Land and DK Mountain please).

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Sure, Mario talks about his Italian pride. But what does he do the second he gets a budget? Goes and buys German.

Posted by Itwongo

The fuuuuuuuck?

Posted by manbot47

this is the perfect kind of stupid