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Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

I honestly understand how Jeff feels. My friends always wanted to play Mario Party and the first few times yeah it was fun but they kept wanting to play it and play it and I came to loathe the game. It was my fault as I owned it, but we all make mistakes.

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@dezinus said:

@fobwashed said:

This is the saddest I've seen Jeff. This stream was wonderful.

Giant Bomb After Dark, best Giant Bomb.

Oh god I hope that they do another extra life stream with Dan bringing in something either

A) something really dumb but hilarious


B) Something that would really piss off the Jeff

Posted by face15

You can see at the end the silence and dead stares of an afternoon well spent.

Posted by blueneurosis

I think there's an A+ GIFable player moment the first time they play the running, jumping minigame that became a Jeff solo run...only to have him miss the very last jump. Everyone reacts gloriously.

Oh, to everyone who mention Fortune Street: I keep having wicked flashbacks to that video series.

Posted by The_Big_Rough

DUDE, loved Dan when he joined love him even more for making shit like this happen!!!!!!

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

Easily one of the best things this site has ever done. Kept me entertained for the entire live stream. #heeldan

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This brings back so many good memories. Thank you Dan for doing this!!

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God I played this game a lot as a kid. I think only Golden Eye got more play time than Mario Party on the N64 among my friends growing up. Good time.

Looking back, it's not a very good game really. But it was all we had!

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I've just noticed Dan kinda sounds like Kermit the Frog.

Posted by MEATBALL

Thankyou Dan Ryckert!

Posted by VenoPlonk

@timeshero: Refresh or skip the video along back or forward. Worked for me. I am using Chrome HTML HD settings just so you know :)

Posted by JayHayabusa

Awesome. So much fun and joy on this stream.

Posted by Rowr

Mario party is fucking awful.

Posted by Nyhus

I do not like Mario Party, yet this was a fun stream. Well done, Dan!

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RDR multiplayer next

Posted by VoshiNova

How was the stream? First Premium content in months that I got excited about before it happened.

It was awesome.

It's streams like this that make me excited/happy for Dan's input!

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I feel like I should make them a sign that just says DREW 2:05...

Because that was CLUTCH AS FUDGE. Broken Brad screaming as if he was thrown off a building...instant classic.

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I always thought mario party 2 was the best mario party.

Posted by metalliccookies

This is perfect :D Thanks for getting this done Dan and the others :D would love to see more content like this :D

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@jjor64 said:

Anyone have the issue of playing this video in HTML 5 then have the audio go out of sync later in the video? I did refresh and it fixed it, but thought it was weird that it happened.

I'm using the latest FireFox.

That happened for me as well.

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I love Dan's enthusiasm despite the awkward tension, lol. One to most tense streams I've seen in a while... more thanks!

Posted by BuddyleeR

We all know this stream was necessary. Thank you, Dan.

Posted by Jensonb

Oh my god this stream was incredible. We have to have more of these!

Posted by slindz

Can. not. wait. for. this.

They should do another fortune street stream now that the SF team has changed.

Posted by Brazzle

@rodin said:

I always thought mario party 2 was the best mario party.

And you were dead right. The duels made that game so much better.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

*Dan puts a glove on*

Oh yes, this will be AMAZING.

Posted by geirr

Laughed my ass off at this entire thing. Awesome!

Posted by Sparuscus

GOAT feature. I require more. MORE.

Posted by Chuck_

Amazing video. They have to play all of them!

Posted by McTaters

"I hope he [Bowser] takes your star." -Dan

"I hope...you fucking die." -Brad

Posted by RJPelonia

This is my new favorite feature on the site.

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"I love fun"

Posted by Capum15

This was hilarious. Thank you, Dan.

Posted by Soap

Dans reaction to this game reminds me why I hated playing this so much as a kid. Sore winners are the worst >_<

Posted by GnomeonFire

I loved everything about this.

Posted by AllThatBacon

Stuff like this is always golden. Good stuff, fellas.

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@soap said:

Dans reaction to this game reminds me why I hated playing this so much as a kid. Sore winners are the worst >_<

The way Dan acted reminded me a lot of one of my best friends when we play Mario Party. I've yet to decide if this improves or worsens my opinion of Dan. There's also the possibility that Mario Party just turns people into monsters.

Posted by Tajasaurus

Brad's scream was incredible holy shit I love this video

Posted by TechiesRobo

Amazing Video

Posted by Driam

Chäänce taam!

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I haven't seen this yet but I presume there will be a lot of hating on Mario Party. Rightfully so, since Mario Party is dumb.


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This game got played extensively at my schools after class day care 10 years ago. Watching this brings me feelings resembling purgatory and cheez-its.

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@kasaioni said:

"I love fun"

This says so much.

Posted by davidh219

I can't believe Dan pulled this shit again XD

Jeff was cracking me up the whole time with his seething hatred.

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Glove Up. Dan Ryckert 2014

Posted by DarkeyeHails

This product is dangerously high in salt.

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@mctaters said:

"I hope he [Bowser] takes your star." -Dan

"I hope...you fucking die." -Brad

how did i miss that

Posted by MindBullet

Regardless of what I or anyone else thinks of Dan, the man can be a legendary goddamn Mario Party heel. RIP in Peace Dangerous Alliance.