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This really hit home for me how much I really dislike Dan, and how much I love Jeff.

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From GAF comes the scariest GIF of all time:

Posted by SomeJerk

Without irony, this is actually why I really like Dan and what he's brought to the site. Dan's interested, curious, enthusiastic about games old and new. He's not Grumpy, Sleepy, Drew or one of the four other dwarves.

Posted by Sessh

This was just amazing, stupidly long, but amazing.

Used to play a lot of Mario Party with a few friends, but obviously never the insanity that is 50 turns. Mario Party 2 and 3 are way better though, so I really hope Dan somehow manages to convince the others to keep this going.

Posted by The_Infamous_C4

i enjoyed that, more please

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jesus-fucking-christ, I thought this was a family friendly show

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This video just validated every penny of my subscription. Thank you Dan.

Posted by Eladren

@hairball: disgusting, think of the children!

Posted by kist

This was so great to watch live - Pure Gold !

Posted by DangerKick

so when are they going to play 2

Posted by mrblobby64

It makes a lot of sense that the Dan, the guy who was on this site a few years ago talking about pulling pranks on dating sites, is really into Mario Party: a franchise based around being a dick to other people.

I know it will never happen but I want them to do this again with Mario Party 2 (aka the only Mario Party worth playing). I'll concede that Mario Party games can be a bad time, but the 2nd one is the least bad time to be had with these games.

Posted by AMyggen

@mrblobby64: Well, Dan's pretty much said that his goal is for them to play all of the Mario Party games. That might be a bit too ambitious, but I wouldn't be shocked if they at least get to Mario Party 2.

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This stream was amazing. Please never do 50 turns again.

Laughing at the Dan haters, what the hell is wrong with you people?

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In my opinion calling Dan a "heel" is basically giving him credit for playing a villainous character intentionally and on purpose, when in fact I think that this stream showed his genuine competitive multiplayer persona, i.e. kind of an asshole and a prick, and someone I would HATE to lose to.

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@hairball: That is one of funniest, most disturbing, things I have ever seen.

Posted by MindBullet

@nation764: Except he totally admitted in the latest Bombcast that he'd be doing his best to play a heel during this. I mean, would this have even been half as fun to watch without Dan putting his all into being the bad guy the entire time? I get that some people aren't happy over the way he acted, but that's kind of how you play Mario Party, regardless of being a heel or not.

Posted by Ronanana

This is one of the most enjoyable things you guys have ever done. God bless you Dan Rykert!

Posted by PoptartTheBrave

This was really enjoyable to watch.

Posted by Korwin

Mario Party continues it's grand tradition of being hot bullshit.

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@mindbullet: I haven't listened to the latest Bombcast yet so I didn't know that he said that. If it was an act then he was fabulous at being someone that would drive me crazy and would make me never want to play games like that with again. Especially if he knew the rules of the game before hand and I was just learning for the first time.

Posted by FreddieFiasco

Dan was just being silly, duders. Whether you found his antics annoying or not, he was clearly not serious about his desire to win.

I don't adore Dan yet, by any means, but I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Try to lighten up a tiny bit and see him as fun-loving instead of obnoxious.

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50 turns? Oh god, that never ends well. This reminds me of an old 50 turn Let's Play where they almost lost their mind. I don't remember their names, but it was a Something Awful LP and one of them was that lisping guy who loves Kirby and Maxim Tomatoes.

Edit: Found it. I meant their play through of MP 5 and the guy's name is Medibot. http://lparchive.org/Mario-Party/

Posted by hollitz

@hairball said:

Drew gives me funny feelings.

Posted by jiggajoe14

There was a GIFable moment around every 2 minutes of this stream. Wonderful job duders. I was laughing hysterically.

Posted by TopCat88

The best stream I've ever seen here. Granted I've only been a premium member for a year but this was consistently fantastic. @jeff's pain is my pleasure!

Posted by fetchfox

Holy shit, this is golden. Reminds me of fortune street, still the best one, but this is up there... Childish Nintendo paired with grumpy Jeff makes for the best entertainment.

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@fetchfox: Where is this mythical Fortune Street video? I've scoured the site, but I see no trace of it.

Posted by trooop

@freddiefiasco: http://www.giantbomb.com/fortune-street/3030-35610/videos/

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I can't justify to myself setting aside time to watch unpro friday, but this thing right here is exactly what I want out of you guys! :) Yeah!

Multiplayer games with you guys messing around and screwing eachother over is the best!

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Posted by FreddieFiasco

@trooop: Ahhhh, of course Fortune Street wasn't in the title. I should have thought of that. Thank you very much.

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@vaultdweller13 said:

I started liking Dan less and less watching this. He was being a really smug dick too much of the time. I'd definitely stop hanging out with someone if they acted like that playing a friendly game.

You do know that while I'm sure it was enjoyable for him because he's a fun-lovin' guy and all, he was also clearly playing up a heel persona, right?

The primary thing I like about Giant Bomb and have since the beginning is that it's a personality driven website. But real personalities. Sure, sometimes they get goofy with Dr.Tracksuit's or playing parts. But for the most part I like the guys because they are themselves and not trying to act for the camera. I don't really want someone to act, this isn't wrestling or days of our lives. Just be yourself.

Posted by onarum

why they decide to inflict mario party onto themselves I don't know, well better them than me :P

Posted by Shtinky

This was awesome, and I'd love for them to play Fortune Street once again - which was one of the best games ever featured on TNT.

Posted by Spwn

I hope they'll do more of these! #TeamDrew

Posted by JAVK

Dan is super competitive.

Posted by YoThatLimp

These guys should play Dokapon.

Posted by Jensonb

When they run out of Mario Party games (Yes, they should do them all. This has to happen) they should crack open the Wii Party games. Those games are some serious bullshit. Mario Party without anything Mario, so it's basically just a super frustrating grind with a load of unexplained nonsense going on around you for reason passing understanding, and not even some cutesy, familiar characters to enjoy - just Miis. So many Miis.

Posted by Radish

Mario Party is such a bad game. I was starting to get angry when some random bullshit would swing the game wildly like the teleport dice or the fuck you bowser games. I can only imagine playing it and having someone just steal all your stars at the end.

Having said that, the video was awesome and I want more.

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This was one of the best videos I've ever seen on Giant Bomb. There better be a Mary Party Party 2-9! Also I want a Crash Bash Party, because that game is baller.

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

People that didn't laugh hysterically at Brad's wail of terror, and then Dan's "FUCK YOU," and instead thought to themselves about how childish and puerile the content is are fucking boring people.

Posted by Smileygiant

@hairball said:

jesus-fucking-christ, I thought this was a family friendly show

My god, this was the greatest thing ever. I laughed uncontrollably throughout. This has been one of the greatest weeks on Giant Bomb for a long time.

Posted by Winsord

There has been a lot of funny stuff on the site recently, but this is the most I've laughed out of all of them. Between this and the WoW series, I'm really glad to see Dan bringing new videos to the site; it's nice to branch out from the quick looks and UPFs, for as much as I love them.

Posted by Elwood
@kasaioni said:

"I love fun"

I'm sure Grumpy Cat lives at home with Jeff :)

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Now we can see that weird hair Drew said he got in the podcast.

Also this:

Posted by Dizzyhippos

This is the best idea. Dan is so fucking smart

Posted by ManlyBeast

I like how Dan acts like this is a hardcore game and acts like it's complicated, haha.

Posted by Yesiamaduck

Been a premium member a shade over a year and it's one of my fav streams ever. As a child the mario party was always my favorite series of mario games on the N64, far outclassing Mario Kart and Mario 64.

Posted by Hairball