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He was always there, he just brainwashed us all to think he was Killer Frost. Ha! To think they'd actually put her in a game instead of MM...

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I should have bought the season pass for this game.

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@sociald1077: Just as a heads up, Martian Manhunter isn't part of the Season Pass, nor will any future DLC character be.

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There. Now everyone can stop complaining about his absence.

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That's pretty cool they showed clips of the Justice League cartoon for this promo. Though at 00:28, doesn't the tile look like the tile used in 1-1 of Super Mario Bros?

Still thinking on getting this, is it worth it or should Divekick be my go to fighting game this year?

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NOT part of the season pass??? Honestly Im done with this game and its DLC. If it was part of the pass I purchased it would have been reason to pick this game back up again. Watching it played at EVO didnt help, projectile fest.

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Green Martian Nipples are back.

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Seeing as Injustice may be my favorite fighting-game, (Super-Heroes & the game makes you feel cool even though you may not be great at it) I'll be picking it this up for completionists sake. However, I really did not enjoy that trailer. It felt like a really bad saturday-morning commercial.

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Holy hell, man! If she is making money that easy, why isn't she helping to fix our economy?

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Carl Lumbly reprising his role. Very cool. :)

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Dude should maybe treat his forearms to some lotion. Or an industrial sander.

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For everyone who thinks Martian Manhunter is a stupid name, just remember that it's way better than Half-Naked Superman-With-Better-Powers.

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He was always my favourite character on the Justice League cartoon. This also reminded me of how great that cartoon's intro was.

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I need to buy that season pass and Manhunter as well. Man....

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Is there a season pass for the next set? I only saw a stand alone sale.

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Seems like a no brainier addition, but still a good choice.

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@scullinator: The season pass you purchased clearly said that for $15 you would recive 4 DLC characters and the Flashpoint Skin pack all of which were delivered to you. MM is the fifth DLC character so why would he be apart of the pass? I get that Season Pass is kind of a bad term but I also don't get when people complain about not getting everything when they buy them. When in actuallity they explain waht you get.

No i you excuse me I'm off to go buy MM

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@sergotron: Nope. After the initial Season Pass, all following DLC will be sold individually.

Here's the source, for posterity's sake.

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Awesome! I can't wait to get my ass kicked by him online!

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@joshwent: Killer Frost was in the game for diversity. If they had filled the roster with just the most popular DC characters it would've just been a bunch of dudes and Woman Woman (and possibly Catwoman) being the only female representation. It's why they chose Killer Frost over Mr.Freeze, why it was Hawkgirl instead of Hawkman, etc, etc. I would've thought it would be more obvious to people why they chose the characters they did, ie they put in the must haves and/or characters that would sell the game like Batman & Superman and then from there chose characters that would either A) Add gameplay diversity B) Character diversity (race, gender, backround) or both. That's generally how rosters for fighting games are chosen. If it was just a roster full of the fan favs, it would suck.

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@charlee_coco: Woah, buddy! Maybe taking a little dumb joke a little too seriously? Didn't mean to offend. Just liked the premise that MM was posing as Killer Frost this whole time. Let's take a breather. Ok? High five? YEAH!

Since you mentioned it though, in all honesty I don't think she adds diversity. What from what I've seen, she's practically a Sub-Zero palette swap. And she doesn't even freeze anyone's stomach and crush it! Disappointing.

If you're looking for diversity of gender and gameplay, maybe Zatanna as a teleport/interrupt character, or Vixen as an animal morphing kind of cross between Nightwolf and Shang Tsung. And she's black too!

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@sociald1077: Just as a heads up, Martian Manhunter isn't part of the Season Pass, nor will any future DLC character be.

Oh boy, I bet we're gonna see people complaining that the Season Pass doesn't cover more than the first four DLCs even though the Season Pass specifically stated that they'll get 4 DLCs for the price of 3 again...

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Mars VS Ares.... I get it.

@joshwent @charlee_coco

I still do not understand why we don't have Black Canary. She's perfect for this kind of game. Greatest hand-to-hand expert in DC (pre-52, anyway).

'Nuff said.