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Posted by JoelTGM

comes out tomorrow I think.  gonna be great

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lol nice 
 super hot!

Posted by Grimmy616

Deadpool all the way, baby.

Posted by Urmean

It's Mahvel baybeee!

Posted by Seraphim84

I wonder who the big baddie is.  Skrulls/Osborne would be the topical choice, but make for a crappy final boss.
I say they bring the Annihilation Wave down, that'd be a great final level.  Fighting a big Galactus gun

Posted by Jeffsekai

Getting this tommorw, BUT STILL NOT ENDURANCE RUN!

Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

I'm in it for the Deadpool. 
Posted by raikoh05

IS MAHVEL BAYBEE oh wait wrong game

Posted by Jeffsekai

Anyone know the song????

Posted by DrLove

hope this is as good as the first one

Posted by Seraphim84
@Jeffsekai:  Kosheen - Damage
Posted by Jimbo

Not out here until the 25th.  So fuck them.
This weeks releases are Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil 5 and Red Faction Guerilla.  You know, all of those new games.

Posted by natetodamax

Whoa, it's out tomorrow.

Posted by Breadfan

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was great, cannot wait to pick this game up 

Edited by killdave

as much as I loved the first one, this will be a rental until I see the reviews / quicklooks
Also this is a 360 rental/purchase as no doubt it will have shit loads of DLC like the first one did

Posted by hardcorebunnni
What country do you live in? 
Posted by Timmy

So i bet MUA3 will have Disney characters galore.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Oh shit this comes out tomorrow?! Ho did i mis that.

Posted by ToxicFruit

I love the civil war comics , cant wait to play it !

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

great trailer music, anti climatic though

Posted by Cake

Wasn't this supposed to come out on the PC as well ?

Posted by Kyle

The first one wasn't bad. I might be down for this,

Posted by crusader8463
@Cake said:
" Wasn't this supposed to come out on the PC as well ? "
The first one did but not this one. Its literally out for everything but the PC. Bullshit i know, i was going to go buy it until i found out.
Posted by Batdude247

God damn, is there an ad for every single video? Does it have to play EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

Posted by The_Drizzle

Ok maybe im crazy but is that not war machine pictured to the right of iron man at 00:18?

Posted by fox01313

Fan of this since first popping in the Xmen Legends games, should be fun except for it being totally unrealistic. Realistically Deadpool would start his own team & some crazy bastards would team up with him due to being fed up with the other two sides. Not sure if they'd survive though :P.
Posted by nrain

Gfx look kinda sucky, but can't wait for the games uk release.
Posted by Monkeyman04
@The_Drizzle:  Yep, that's him.
Posted by The_Drizzle
@Monkeyman04 said:
" @The_Drizzle:  Yep, that's him. "
So is he going to be a playable character?
Posted by Monkeyman04
@The_Drizzle:  I have no idea, but that would be sweet if so.
Edited by ImperiousRix

My two problems with this... 
1.) Although the trailers show the likes of Cable, Bishop, Nick Fury, and a buncha other guys, many of them have yet to be confirmed as playable characters.  Also, many of the unlockable costumes and such have not been included in this game. 
2.) It's a new developer and not much has been said about the game as a whole.  As such, I'm not going to trust this game on the quality of the last one.  I loved Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but I'm going to have to wait it out for the reviews on this new one.
Posted by Druminator

Looks okay. The first one wasn't that bad.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

damn, this looks cool! can't wait.
Posted by kwyee
@Timmy: @Timmy said:
" So i bet MUA3 will have Disney characters galore. "
God I hope so. 
Mickey Mouse + the Tramp fusion power!
Posted by Veektarius

I don't want any War Machine false advertising!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Tomorrow!?  Wow, that caught me off-guard.

Posted by kagekage

wow this trailer was really good

Posted by insanejedi

It' marvel baby?

Posted by CynageN

Lookin really good.

Posted by Matches_Malone

Anybody know who the music is done by?

Posted by ch3burashka

Wow, that's tomorrow. Didn't know at all.

Edited by InFamous91

wtf!!!! its coming out tomorrow???....i only had plans on buying Scribblenauts after classes....hmmm i may sell some games to buy this too

Posted by Seraphim84
@Matches_Malone:  Kosheen - Damage.  British trip hop's good for all occasions.
Posted by Matches_Malone
@Seraphim84: Thanks a bunch. Will check them out.
Posted by HT101

I saw the Mac Gargan version of Venom so does that mean the new team of The Thunderbolts will be in it since this does take place during the Civil War storyline?  Also, most of these characters have been confirmed.  IGN has been doing a countdown for a few weeks detailing one new character a day.  I'm sad to report that A-Bomb, a character created by Jeph Loeb, has made it into this game.  I'm not getting it even though I loved the first one because:
1. I don't have any money
2. There are other games coming out that I want to get more than this game like Borderlands and Borderlands.
3. Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2

Posted by Kirbichu54
@Timmy: That's not even funny.
Posted by MeatSim

Not a big comic book person but this looks real cool.

Posted by TheHT
@Matches_Malone said:
" Anybody know who the music is done by? "
Kosheen - Damage
Wow this whole real enemy stuff got me even MORE interested, which is saying a lot since the Civil War thing got me REALLY interested which is saying a lot since MUA1 KICKING MAJOR ASS already had me on board.
Posted by Undeadpool

Somebody in the trailer department LOVES them some Deadpool.

Posted by The_Drizzle
@Veektarius said:
" I don't want any War Machine false advertising! "
I feel ya man im right there with you when it comes to how badass war machine is
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