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Posted by nanikore

The duder of death strikes again.

Posted by saekaeru

NO video :(

Posted by galfisk

This game is... FLASHY, YEEEAH.

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I never really thought of Mega Man as a superhero.

Posted by TheHBK

Really shows you the difference between Japanese robo super heroes and american ones.  Iron man and mega man are also analogous to cars.

Posted by tanline

cool game, but a somewhat lackluster trailer i think..........to much time showing the other fights instead of Iron Man vs. Mega Man

Posted by LordAndrew

Did you just call Iron Man a robot? The Comic Vine guys are going to be pissed. :P

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Posted by mister_evil
@LordAndrew: Let's just call them bucket heads and call it quit.
Posted by turbomonkey138

want this game now

Posted by RVonE
@JeffGoldblum said:
"I never really thought of Mega Man as a superhero."

Well, he saved the world... tons of times.
Posted by Linkyshinks

Awesome, world saver!~

Posted by MrRedwine

so, are they adding that comic book stuff?  That would be sweet.

I own this game for my DreamCast, but I NEVER get that thing out anymore. ;.(

Posted by MeatSim

Do they really need to recap what happen in the trailers before.

Posted by Tuggah

not sure if I am getting this or not.

Posted by LonelySpacePanda

What a terrible PR campaign for the game.  Yeah, I really want to be immersed in the lore of MvC2.  Just put out a video that captures the frantic fun of the game, not this boring stuff.

Posted by MKHavoc

I remember playing this a lot and really enjoying it on the ps2, but I'm no good at fighting games so I might have to pass.

Posted by Yummylee

Still waitin for some SF vs MK.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh
"Time to get serious!"
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Posted by Jayzilla

waaaaay too much going on on the screen at the same time. all flash no substance. I don't have ADD, so no thanks.

Posted by MaddProdigy
@LonelySpacePanda: Uh this doesn't really look at lore, just has an unnecessarily long intro to the action of the game you were talkin bout, i agree though.

All these match ups show potential for a killer game, I'm stoked for it.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

When looking at Megaman, it's hard to take this game seriously.

Was that Satriani on guitars?

Posted by HT101

Man, Mega Man is such a little bitch in MvC2.  I always hated when my friend used him.

Posted by Dragoon14

cool vid.

Posted by Media_Master

should be coming out soon

Posted by geirr

Video cuts off halfways in for me.

Posted by Axelhander

This video is not an accurate demonstration of how Marvel vs. Capcom 2 plays.

Tomorrow, many people will know. >=)

Posted by Derios

These viral videos are absolutely terrible.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

This should have been a tutorial on how to do the Iron Man infinite.