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Posted by OlinMercury

 Wait, what?

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Never first.
Anyone who hasn't already completed ME2 should stay away from this.
Quite bad.

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Second post, damnit!

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WTF? i thought i played this game, must have erased it from my mind cuz it sucked

Posted by Bouz

Can I play mass effect 2 for the first time again? 

Posted by RTSlord

what the heck is this!???
Posted by EvanFavreau

I haven't watched this yet (watching EA conference), but...what the hell? What is this?

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Huh? I don't get it. 

Posted by RustySpoon


Posted by JeanM

This is what happens when you leave Dave alone....

Posted by Nathando

I think some glitch on Giantbomb has greated a wormhole through time to E3 2009!

Posted by Freaksaus

Dave ... are you ok?

Posted by Mads76

Ooooh ME2... waiting for EA to finish. dammit

Posted by GideonAmos


Posted by lightsoda

This is what happens when you leave Dave to hold the fort...

Posted by beeryayghost

At first I saw "Mass Effect 3 Demo Trailer". Then I became very disappointed.

Posted by Curser

did you post this because it  is coming out on ps3?  well ty dave

Posted by Innovacious

OMG, mass effect 2. Ive heard Shepard will die in this one...
I are confused

Posted by Aarduil

Hell yeah ME2! I can't wait for it to come out

Posted by colinjw

I loved that game.

Posted by Kraznor

Okay...calling it the "Avatar of video-games" actually offends me as Avatar was trash in comparison. That and I wish this was gender neutral in its description of Shepherd as I played through both as a female. Not that hard to fix either "one brave soldier/human" would have worked. But hey, Martin Sheen is awesome.

Posted by OmegaAmen

Umm... Dave?

Posted by rohanspear345

i already know this martin sheen ! tell me about 3 !!!!!

Posted by FlipperDesert

This game looks interesting. When's it coming out? Anyone know?

Posted by DevWil

it's so weird that they're promoting me2 now.

Posted by DrPockets000


Posted by superlauth

ah Brad, you just can't let go :)

Posted by darkivn
@eloj:@eloj said:
" Never first.
Anyone who hasn't already completed ME2 should stay away from this.  Quite bad. "
the F5 key is your friend.
Posted by the_gallo
@FlipperDesert: I don't know it's kinda an obscure game.
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@the_gallo:  Oh, like an indie game or something? I'll have to look on Steam for it.
... Waaaaait.
Posted by Shadowsquire

Heh. Good one Dave. Way to confuse the children :P

Posted by adamfedoruk

uh what?

Edited by RVonE

Man, this video reminds me that Sovereign's voice is infinitely more awesome than Harbinger's!!

Posted by fillmoejoe


Posted by giyanks22

wtf...what??? After seeing the latest Bioware trailer for the old republic....this sucks in comparison. 

Posted by xAbleAssassinx

What was the point of this?

Posted by Colonel_Fury

I initially thought this was a trailer for dlc. Alas, it was not.

Posted by Milkman


Edited by Marz

Demo is for those who haven't played the game yet.  Because you know... they never released a demo until now.

Posted by Olivaw
@xAbleAssassinx said:
" What was the point of this? "
I am forced to wonder if they're going to announce awesome DLC during E3.
Posted by FireSketch

I want to know who's playing the Mass Effect 2 demo at E3.
Everybody that would play it has already played it.

Posted by reddin

Weird time to put out a demo for Mass Effect 2. 
Also, more DLC tomorrow!

Posted by Kbm600

Is this the same guy who used to do those educational videos I saw in school? Awesome!

Posted by gunslingerNZ

A trailer for a demo? What is going on here.

Posted by Mercanis

Those scenes from ME1 really show how much ME2 has improved graphically.

Posted by FunExplosions

Who are they trying to sell the game to with this? I know people that won't play games like Mass Effect because of the extensive dialog scenes (the kind of people who play maybe one game a year, for about an hour). I doubt this will get their attention.

Posted by Klippy


Posted by MeatSim

This seems several months late did they just forget to put this out or something.

Posted by Capum15
@RVonE said:
" Man, this video reminds me that Sovereign's voice is infinitely more awesome than Harbinger's!! "
This. Sovereign's shook the ground and made it seem even more god-like.
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