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Steve Blum...woo?

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He touched his ear... but there was nothing there.

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facial animations still need work
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Thermal clips? Fuck me...

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I had no idea this was coming to PC until I saw the "Right Mouse Button" prompt.
Yes yes, y'all.

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@MarkWahlberg said:
"He touched his ear... but there was nothing there. "

This the future dude so things like radios are real tiny. 
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@Kurisu said:
"Thermal clips? Fuck me... "

Yeah, didn't you hear? Between ME1 and ME2 technology devolved because it was decided that soldiers should carry more stuff. 

Anyway, BioWare sells it by saying something like "now you can manage heat more strategically". I don't know about you but in the later part of ME1 I carried a pistol that couldn't overheat. It seems like Shepard lost that gun.
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@PurplieNurplie said:
" Steve Blum...woo? "
First thing I thought, too.
Right after "fucking shit this game looks awesome."
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This game is gonna be so damn awesome

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I just woke up.

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He totally looks like Kanye!

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Jacob looks like he's playing Chubby Bunny

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@MarkWahlberg said:
" He touched his ear... but there was nothing there. "
It's because they put a radio in his BRRRAAAAAAIN!
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what's with the whole 'Sheppard's dead' thing?

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Should play the PC version to have a save to go off of, but I don't feel like it. Will be stuck with the 360 version...

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He didn't even wait for the order to hit them with the good stuff.

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jacob taylor kinda looks like fiddy cent. big ass ramps confirmed?

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@MarkWahlberg: your rigth, maybe is a nanoheadset :)
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