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Wow, am I actually first this time?!

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I was but it failed to post. Im getting this but not dragon age.
Posted by Cirdain
Posted by Blair

This is what I can't wait for.
Modern Warfare 2 is rad and all, but ME2 and FFXIII are my most sought-after.

Posted by MauveForest

Oh Brad, you do good interviews. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I'm getting flashbacks.  :)
That must be a real comfy chair, Brad.  You look like you called dibs on the exact same chair, and it's putting you to sleep with its comfort :)
Hoping the planet exploration is more dynamic...

Posted by Rotnac

Don't do this Sheppard!

Posted by Jackel2072

im excited!

Posted by Det1
@Cirdain said:
" OH I thought he was talking to Eddie Rigges "
How do you mistake brad for Eddie Rigges?
Posted by ToxicFruit

Nice relaxing interview. and did he hint at that Wrex will be in mass effect 2 I really hope so he was my fav

Posted by giyanks22

Great interview...Cannot wait.

Posted by Rhaknar

brad has such a man crush on the bioware doctors :p

Posted by Hilikus

"It's too early to speculate on-" Duder, ITS OVER!

Posted by DukeTogo

Again, you need to make the mics look like ice cream cones.
Nice to hear more about the game without spoilers, I'm still pissed about the Garrus spoiler from earlier.  I will now go into a Mass Effect 2 blackout and not watch any more about it until I play it.

Posted by Kraznor

That was a nice interview. And Greg did seem really relaxed, saw him at PAX and dude just looked intense the whole time. Maybe it was the beard.

Posted by Vendetta

It looks like they both just finished smoking a blunt.

Posted by TheHT

Holy moly, Jan 26? that's like 3 months away!

Posted by Subjugation

Greg shaved!

Posted by KinkehNinja


Posted by Russcat

Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work, team bioware.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Aww, I was so happy when Brad brought up Shepard, I thought he'd ask if he was going to be a party member in ME2...

Posted by afrokola

Oh man, the ending was great. Awesome interview.

Posted by Roughmar

Bioware is taking all my money! =(

Posted by HT101

Great interview.  The Dr.'s are the greatest.  Too bad Ray couldn't be there though.

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Thankyou Bioware for releasing ME2 on pc same day as 360, as apposed to many months later. :D

Posted by spork_armada

The interview should have ended with the two of them going back and forth:
Brad was clearly trying for it.  Oh well, good interview anyway.

Posted by troy333

Love Bioware, Love Giant Bomb. Just got Dragon Age Origins for the ps3. Can't wait for Mass Effect 2 for my pc!

Posted by Milkman

The BioWare docs. Never disappoint.

Posted by Gusj

Wrex did in my game, and I was devastated. Never been so shocked before in a game.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Brad; Zeschuk .
Greg; Shoemaker.

Posted by Winternet


Posted by Binman88

It's out in January? I thought it wasn't til March. I won't have time for all these games!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

"Don't do this, Shepard."

Posted by diondublin1986

Who's this Wrex fellow they keep yabbering on about?

Posted by natural_deadhead

AWESOME INTERVIEW. I love when you interview bioware.
Posted by Jayzilla

I love the interviews with the Dr.s. They don't sit and try to hype thier products like Reggie or Kotick, or the dudes at EA. They let their lackeys take care of the hype machine and they are totally chill with the media.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Great interview, love when they interview Bioware. 
Never liked Wrex a whole lot, so killed him off. Think I'm the only one as everyone seems to love him. 

Posted by Nadril
Nah man, I killed Wrex off too. I didn't like him either really.
Posted by DanceDanceKennypants

I killed Wrex by knocking over my mug of coffee at exactly the wrong moment. In my panic to save it, I pushed the stick in the wrong direction as I was hitting the A button.
Sorry Wrex.

Posted by Reuben

Great interview, can't wait to get this game.

Posted by HatKing

Oh man... sorry but that guy had a pretty poor Wrex impression.  I can't express how excited I am for ME2, at this point I'm avoiding all ME2 news coverage... watching this video was a cheat... I'm still a little sore all the sites big article right now being "Garrus Returns!" I feel like I had something spoiled for me...
Posted by TripMasterMunky

ME2 will be amazing.

Posted by spiceninja
I am so excited for Mass Effect.
Posted by Jedted

"You tryin the make me cry Shepard?"

That's one of my favorite Wrex lines in the whole game!  

Posted by BoOzak

I really used to respect bioware, they're one've the only companies that continues to make consistantly good games that manage to live up to the hype. But it's insulting to have to pay for dlc (or buy the "digital deluxe edition" aka what the game should have been) to get the full exprience it wouldnt have bothered me so much if it wernt shoved in your face in the camaign; I know it's only a small amount of content but it's a matter of principles.
i know £10 (that's how much extra have to pay for the DDE & it's about 15$ ;p) probably isnt worth bitching over & other companies are starting to or have already done this for their games but i really thought bioware being so faithfull to the comunity as they claim to be would be better than this. You could go blaim EA but it's not like Bioware doesnt have any say as to what goes on with their product.. least i should hope not.. 
At least some companys still have their integrity like Naughty Dog who included a suprising amount of extras on top of the already content heavy Uncharted 2. I'm all for aquiring trivial things like mini diablos and golden lancers for preording the game or getting limited editions, i just hope that this trend doesnt get blown out of proportion and we end up having to pay 30-40£ extra to get the full exprience out of our games.
..The End..

Posted by Maxszy

BioWare...you are great! Dragon Age is fabulous and you so fucking delivered, I expect nothing less from Mass Effect 2 and know you will come through!

Posted by Juvarial
that just made my god damn day 
Posted by dagas

My expectations are pretty much, it has to be the best game ever (since I think ME3 is top 3 best games of all time and this is supposed to improve on that). Which is very hard to live up to. I hope they deliver. I just hope they don't go too far into the action-shooter area and neglect the awesome RPG that was the foundation that held ME1 together. If they can improve the combat without taking away from the RPG or even improving the RPG. then it will be most likely my favorite game ever.  
I must admit I'm a bit scared they make it too much Gears of War instead of Mass Effect. I liked the slow pacing of ME1. How am I supposed to focus on the story and dialog if I'm constantly pumped with adrenaline during the combat? I don't want the game to be so intense that I have to stop playing every couple of hours because I'm so exhausted like I have to in for example the HL2 episodes which are very adrenaline inducing (which is great for a 6h FPS, but I would not be able to stand that in a 40-50h RPG).

Posted by Jimbo_N

Very relaxed. Its like night and day with some interviews. This relaxed format is so much better.
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I really like the backing music from 1:20 to 2:58 in this for some reason. Haven't heard it for about a year.

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