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Posted by kungfuchamber36

Puzzle Quest ... Go!

Posted by Trnck

Failed the Quest... No!

Posted by discost3w

That is one quick look

Posted by delicious_lie

sure looks like puzzle quest!

Posted by Neverpraying

Indeed looks like puzzle quest :\
Puzzle quest was horrible

Posted by Falerix

Wow...looks like another Puzzle Quest game. 

Posted by drowsap

ahhhhh wheres my goooooooooooold
man i cant wait for this and monkey island 2 remake

Posted by august

This new generic dark art style is doing a lot less for me than the old, generic but less edgy art style. 
Galactrix had some great ideas but they made everything that wasn't the puzzle an incredible chore.
Posted by Mrnitropb

That was a pointless trailer....

Posted by DjCmeP

It's like magic but not. 

Posted by outerabiz

there are better puzzle games and there are better rpgs. 
Don't really need to play both at the same time.

Posted by eccentrix

I don't understand what's happening, but maybe that's because I was focusing on the gems because of the caption.

Posted by darkjester74

I liked Puzzle Quest but I dont really need another one...

Posted by var_glad

pointless trailer... but damn I want this game. The first one was the perfect thing to bring while out traveling... so as long as there is a UMD release I will be a happy bear ^^

Posted by Piranesi

Mild language? Mild suggestive themes? You can stick your gem-matching up your
Posted by PLWolf

So excited for this. It will be a multiple platform purchase for me, just like the first one. Loves me some Puzzle Quest, even if the devs don't care to update the game when glitches are found.

Posted by fox01313

Still miss the rather grungy looking skulls from the first one, can't wait though for this one as it will definitely do a better job at all the puzzle quest clones out there that haven't been all that great (the one that popped up on XBLA recently really didn't look good at all).

Posted by Clinkz

Can't wait for this. There have been so many bad clones.

Posted by granderojo

I really hope this comes to iphone

Posted by Midguy

Hope this makes it to iphone fairly quickly.

Posted by MeatSim

Puzzle Quest 2 even more puzzling this time.