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Posted by scarace360

i like lasers.

Posted by MeatSim

Well it's a good gag but I am not so sure about the game.

Posted by Jacob816

I really wish the actual gameplay was on par with the humour.

Posted by MrKlorox

That one was bad. In a not good way.

Posted by Myomoto


Posted by Linkster7

This just seemed to be a worse version of the previous Matt Hazard Trailer I saw.

Posted by MildMolasses
@Meatsim said:
"Well it's a good gag but I am not so sure about the game. "

They seem to work much better at a conceptual level then in practice. Maybe they should just act as producers and let talented studios make their games
Posted by benitobb

stupid trailer, but i thought the hot coffee joke was good, not in a funny way, but just funny to use a san andreas character in the commercial. 
Posted by Jeremy_x

judging the way how pointless and forced all the references are this trailer just screams being directed by uwe boll...
Posted by wrecks

yes. very pathetic.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

i will watch more of these trailers tho!

Posted by solidlife

A hot coffee jokie...

Posted by yindotrunks

haha that was actually pretty good.

Posted by Evilsbane

Its not so funny considering all the games they referenced are about 1000 times better than both of their games.

Posted by Jedted

Not a bad gag trailer. 
Any idea what canadian mountie is supposed to be?  Maybe all the canadian video game developers? 
Posted by Zao

They worked so hard getting them to look the part but the writing for them is total crap.
Posted by Burns09

That, made zero sense. Why were there MK characters and Mario in there, I mean people still care about those guys, nobody cares about Matt Hazard. I don't get it, and what was with the Mountie?

Posted by bybeach

I only whatched this to see my Honey. Shes the asian chick sympathising with mario..better be just sympathising! 
'I want to shoot the Big Gun!' never forget that line, lol
Posted by Rowr

seems like more effort was put into that advert than the game itself

Posted by Milkman

A boob job..........

Posted by TyrellOCP

i love it when they leave the crews laughs in the final product, it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny *urgh*

Edited by PJ
@Milkman said:

" A boob job..........  Really......... "

Chun-Li could use a boob job.... I'm just sayin'.
Edit: Go big or go home :)
Posted by GeekDown

That wasn't funny at all. I really hope there won't be any more Matt Hazard games after this one.

Posted by Besetment

Did we really need an outtake reel for this?

Posted by Vinchenzo

That Chun-Li is pretty hot. :D

Posted by Arucardo

Can't blame them for trying.

Posted by AllThatBacon

Ha.... ha... hahahahahaha.... heh heh heh... ha... haaaa.... hahahaaa.... boob job... HA! Christ...

Posted by MeierTheRed


Posted by Emandudeguyperson

"The mushrooms started to become a problem" hahaha.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

This Doesn't Appel To Gamers!!!! Oh GOD
Posted by Peanut

I think the problem with this whole thing is that they go for the low-hanging fruit. Yes, we get it. Mushrooms are also drugs, WE KNOW! If they actually made light of things that only people who play games get, it would be much better. 
Although, I don't know if the idea of VG parody would ever work with people who play a lot of games. We're way too fucking jaded.

Posted by Yodasdarkside

Man, those guys really believe in the power of their IP. 
Despite its epic failure.
Posted by CommodoreGroovy

Was that a reference to 50 cent blood on the sand? If it was there should have been more big ass ramps. That's the qualification for any reference to that game, big ass ramps.

Posted by S0ndor

I failed to laugh, damn I didn't even smile.
"Boobjob" ahahahahahahaha!!!!!! urgh....

Posted by S0ndor

I failed to laugh, damn I didn't even smile.
"Boobjob" ahahahahahahaha!!!!!! urgh....

Posted by Wabashy


Posted by airules

I think the gb community response is very interesting.
It's a pretty good trailer. Certainly better than many many others.
Tells you sweet f.a. about the product, but then again it seems like any time focusing on the game is a bad idea.
Everyone is instantly hating on this because they dont liek the look of the game.
"I used to be the real deal. Now my coffee is only luke warm".

Posted by HaltIamReptar

I think that Epic Movie does the "LOL REMEMBER THIS?" style humor better, and that is one of the worse movies of all time.

Posted by Reverseface

This was uncomfortably not funny at all. And does Link wear GUY LINER ??! wtf

Posted by Griddler

I actually like this game, might get it.

Posted by Majinken

Pathetic indeed. As much as I want to root for them seeing as how they seem to honestly like games, I can't even sit through the bad puns of the trailers.

Posted by L

The first entry was horrible and this side scroller I can expect the same frustrations from. Trying to be "too cool for school".

Posted by Lautaro

That was truly awful.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

If only the game was as good as these trailers.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Well... A for effort I guess.

Posted by Gamer_152
@JeffGoldblum said:
"If only the game was as good as these trailers. "
This is exactly what I was about to post.
Edited by Schnatterfleck

I don't know what most people are complaining about. I thought it was kind of  funny. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that this trailer is almost identical to the first one.

Posted by Persecution

When in gods name did they make Canada: The Videogame? 
and why was i not informed?

Posted by InFamous91


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