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Co-op? Why not. 
P.S. Hell yes!

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God I'm happy that there's people still making crawlers who aren't Blizzard.

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Posted by Ryax

love the spam for the first comment

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Meh, looks generic...

Posted by LordAndrew
@Ryax said:
" love the spam for the first comment "
It was totally worth it!
Posted by raiz265
@Ryax said:
" love the spam for the first comment "
is there a quest for it?
Posted by Ryax
@raiz265: the world may never know
Posted by skrutop
Posted by DJKommunist

i would play a game called Gears of Warcraft 
Posted by Blamefulgecko

Yeah I'm excited about this one

Posted by jmrwacko

Why do I smell another Messiah of Might and Magic?

Posted by Atomasist

Hm. We'll see how this turns out.

Posted by King_wiL

14th! lol

Posted by Bionicicide

So they were the ones going to make Hei$t (canceled)? Eww... I need a media blowout to make me have this on my radar.

Posted by MightyMayorMike

Man, three awesome interviews today by Brad. These are three games I really wanted to know more about (Fallout and Rage more, but this is sounding pretty interesting, too).

Posted by thecleric

Really want to see this game in motion.

Posted by Milkman

I'm going to remain pretty skeptical on this one.

Posted by Matthew

Dude, I like this guy.  He just seems like a really down to earth developer.  This game is now on my radar. 
This Spears of Gore game :D

Posted by Emiel

Brad looks so small next to that dude.

Posted by MeatSim

Should have used Spears of Gore as the real name.

Posted by Tordah

Great interview. That guy seemed really honest and down-to-earth with all his answers. No over-hyping and PR nonsense.

Posted by rohanspear345


Posted by solidussnake03

hones developer is making an honest game

Posted by drumpsycho89

sounds pretty shit like!!!!

Posted by twhalen

This, Rage, and Diablo 3 are already building up my 2011 list.

Posted by Jolt92

It looks really bland and generic.

Posted by Jayzilla

Not the Demon's Forge! There must be some phat lewtz in that piece!

Posted by PillClinton

It's almost like Brad is the sole interviewer at Giant Bomb now.  I'm not complaining, though.  He asks some damn good questions.

Posted by triple07

I want this game to be good but I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by Zol
If it will be anything like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic it will be great.
Posted by Brendan

I know it doesn't really matter, but Brad almost never shaking hands at the end of an interview has always bothered me a little bit.
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I think that the term "Dungeon Crawler" is incredibly misused here. When I think Dungeon Crawler, I think Diablo, Wizardry, Might and Magic, Icewind Dale, and Daggerfall. From what I have seen, this game appears to be none of those. It's just an action game with a gritty fantasy setting and puzzles, to which I yawn.

Posted by XartaX

I find it somewhat ironic that brad says "if you have one" to the gaming brains comment :D
No offense to brad, he makes awesome interviews, but damn you deserve a jab if you make a comment like that after those endurance runs :-P

Posted by Toxin066

I'm kind of getting a "more combat focused" Elder Scrolls feel from this game.

Posted by eagles_band
@Toxin066: The only similarity is it's medieval setting and thats a stretch.