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Exciting news for the Perry.  
EDIT: Oh thank god, finally. 

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I do love all things fallout

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Good God he looks so ragged.

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He was on the View and said that he couldn't stop playing Fallout 3, right? That's why he is in the game... hell out of an ad.

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he sure looks bored

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Matt Perry is awesome.

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Dude, are we relying on only celebrity cred to sell this thing? 

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Wow, Ron Perlman does not give a FUCK about any of this. 
Also, Kris Kristofferson is desperately trying to channel his inner Jeff Bridges here.

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Meh. I'll wait until the GoTY. 
Thanks again for screwing over your PlayStation fans, Bethesda.

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Some great guys working on this!

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If he was in a good game he'd probably look happy about it.

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I really like the voice talent here.

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MP looks terrible lol
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What's a Mistern Ovagus??

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Not enough Danny Trejo in this trailer.

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fuckin COOL. cant wait!

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Ron Perlman's character? All he does is say "War. War never changes".

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Some great actors in this. Kris Kristofferson can do little wrong in my eyes. Ron Perlman does seem quite indifferent with the entire situation though.

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Sure why not.

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@ItalianStallion said:
"Matt Perry is awesome. "

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Matthew Perry is pretty bitch'n.

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sounds great, looks a little janky but still mega pumped for it.

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Ron Perlman sound ecstatic about Fallout

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Oh fuck yes, Kris Kristofferson. That is fucking amazing.
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Man, Ron Perlman sounds fucking stoked. 

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Pretty pumped for this game... however, it looks REALLY shitty.  The engine was old for F3 - now it's just a joke.  I'm hoping these in game videos were done on an early build or something.

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Just so you know Matthew Perry does love Fallout. He played Fallout 3 before and seemed to really like it so I'm glad in that way they got people who genuinely love the game:  

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There's a lot more Ron Perlman in this game than you would expect from previous installments.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" If he was in a good game he'd probably look happy about it. "
Matthew Perry can never really look happy anymore. It's a side effect of having been in Friends
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PR: Ron.... we need you to do a segment where you talk about your character.
Ron: How much does it pay?
PR: Nothing it's part of your contract.
Result: Watch video

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Yay for Matt Perry and Newton!  Ron Perlman is like "fuck my life"

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Haha, Ron Perlman is all "Fuck you nerds."

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@Milkman: At least in-game he sounds fine as the narrator, from the bits I heard. He doesn't sound like he's doing it just for the money, even though he might actually not give a shit about Fallout.
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What the fuck is wrong with the colors? I'm not sure what it is, but something looks really weird. In the game that is, not the video.

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Awesome.  Just hope Obsidian doesn't cock up the gameplay part of NV.

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" Haha, Ron Perlman is all "Fuck you nerds." "

haha i really like Ron Perlman i thought his attitude was hilarious 
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You might be a king or a little street sweeper
but sooner or later you'll dance with the Reaper! do do dodo do.

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@mostman said:
" Pretty pumped for this game... however, it looks REALLY shitty.  The engine was old for F3 - now it's just a joke.  I'm hoping these in game videos were done on an early build or something. "
This is why, despite all of the developer's hard work, there's nothing that can really drag me into this game. Not so much the graphics as the engine's capabilities itself. I've played through Oblivion and the expansions 4-5 times and that was great and all, but 5 years later I want something more than buggily scripted AI and bad combat.
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sweet can't wait for his game coming out friday for us poor British

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Could his hair BE any higher?

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It all sounds pretty fantastic. I hope the game turns out well, it is pretty much out anyway. 

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Oh please be good!

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Ron Pearlman's role never changes.

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Ron Perlman's indifference gave me the lols.

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I saw what you did there. I like it! 
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@ItalianStallion said:
" Matt Perry is awesome. "
On the contrary. 
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i liked the part wihen Ron Perlman talks about his character.