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Looks cool.

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Yea, looks cool. I'll wait for the Bruce Lee DLC though.

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This looks really promising, also has one of the best 80's/90's sci-fi throw back posters ever:

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Looks really cool, but I'm super skeptical about this one.

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I never played X-Wing or Tie Fighter so I guess I just don't have the nostalgia, but any game with space combat in it just feels awful to me. Why do I want to fly round and round in circles shooting at a dude for hours again?

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It does look cool but i wonder, at this point, if an X-Wing/ Tie Fighter spiritual successor is enough. I think they need to take those classics games and expand on them into the realm of where we wanted those games to go; planetary surface fighting, flying through a capital ship's interior.

With Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, and games like this coming out, i don't know if this will be able to keep up if there isn't a good deal of expansion to the games it tries to emulate.

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I swear I've heard that music from another trailer of some kind...

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I swear I've heard that music from another trailer of some kind...

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Goddamn this is like Homeworld and Freespace SCP had a baby and it was the reincarnation of an alien space god who wanted nothing more but to help the human race achieve it's full potential as a space faring asskicking race.

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This looks like Homeworld with a first-person mode. That could be pretty awesome.

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The combat and controls look tight. I wonder if it goes much deeper, past the first person combat element.

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Kinda reminds me of Flotilla.... especially the map views and cel shaded graphics.

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Strike Suit Zero anyone?

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Sure, color me interested.

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I'm liking the simple graphics, but the audio (not the music) is what is really appealing to me. Gotta love low-fi voice chatter.

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@sweep: Yea I was thinking the same thing.

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@sweep: ya flotilla is great but I think this has a much more first person Homeworld vibe

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Release date? Even a vague time-frame? Wait, not even on the website?


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I dunno, looks kinda fun but why should I play this when I can just go play X-Wing and TIE Fighter?

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To my mind, the spaceflight sim won't come back until we find a developer willing to make one unplayable on a gamepad.

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Im not digging the look from that trailer very much, but I hope its cool!

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Hello Homeworld. Welcome back to three dimensions, four if we're thinking of space-time.

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@uglykitten: You probably have. I lot of people use stock music for these things. It's a neat trick. Just imagine this trailer with out it! However, the over use of music from Two Steps from Hell in movie and game trailers is getting kind of annoying.

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Ship designs and color stripes look like they are from Homeworld.

UI looks like it's from Flotilla

Music is some sort of remix of the dark knight.

I mean it's neat, but doesn't feel "new" to me because of those reasons and probably many more that I'm not recognizing right off the bat.

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I need this on my wall...

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looks boring..

hey, when is the new homeworld game coming? :)

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Just so you guys are aware, this is made by one person.

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Tie fighter was one of the greatest games ever made. I cant believe it was never updated and rereleased. Imagine what they could do with that series now........I just cried and jizzed at the same time thinking about it.

Sorry....i just cant quit "Tie Fighter"....even if i cant play it.

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@pancakehumper Yeh, I'm sure. Next thing you'll tell us is this was made by a Shacker?

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@pygmy7 said:

@pancakehumper Yeh, I'm sure. Next thing you'll tell us is this was made by a Shacker?

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We cannot reveal too much.

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I'm liking what I've seen of this, I just wish they'd change the particles to match the rest of the visuals, maybe go with sprite based explosions, because these don't match the style of the other graphics at all. Since they're going for this kinda hard edges, flat shaded 90's polygon look, maybe they could take a hint from Digital Image Design's Inferno, David Braben's Frontier or for that matter, Quake II or SiN for polygon based explosions. Seems like something like that would fit much better.

Disclaimer: I'm generally not a fan of particle based explosions.

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Your name will be Hot Dog.

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There's a significant RTS component of the game that the trailer doesn't show if anyone is worried about a lack of depth. It's playable this weeked at PAX East in the indie Megabooth and they'll be showing Oculus Rift support as well. Also from everything the dev has shown and said on other forums this game looks super good!

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@sweep said:

Kinda reminds me of Flotilla.... especially the map views and cel shaded graphics.

YES! I was thinking the same thing. I absolutely loved Flotilla.

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@sweep said:

Kinda reminds me of Flotilla.... especially the map views and cel shaded graphics.

Flotilla is one of the inspirations, there's a shout-out link to Blendo games on his page. But even moreso there's a huge Homeworld inspiration to both Flotilla and this one.

This is a game I'm super excited about, the guy making it has a good head on his shoulders and is pulling inspiration / mechanics from games as diverse as GTA and Eve, as crazy as that sounds.

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add Oculus to this and the intensity would be amazing...can you imagine how cool it would be?!

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@veektarius: While Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous will both be playable with a controller - they won't be ideal by any stretch. Simply moving your ship around won't be enough, you will want to have quick and easy access to adjusting power levels, weapon groupings, etc.

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@sphinx: That's basically what I'm saying. The fun in a good starfighter is in the ability to fine tune your ship on the fly. The spinning in circles and shooting is a very basic mechanic and yet between that and switching weapons and missiles and afterburner and whatever confirm button you have for onscreen prompts, it's hard to fit that stuff on the pad.

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Hm, this actually looks super interesting.

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Looks great, Definitely love the homeworld feel.

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It looks great in my opinion, very stylized and cool. The nice things is we need more games about space combat, because we need different games to fill different roles. We need this game. We need Strike Suit Zero and HOMEWORLD: Shipbreakers. We need Elite: Dangerous and the next Mass Effect...and all the other games.

Right now I'm getting very interested in a game like Elite: Dangerous for sure. I have been waiting for a sandbox game set in space that wasn't an MMO or just a shooter in disguise for a long time. I actually hope Mass Effect gets a bit more sandboxy in the future.

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I don't know; really seems like something I'd have to demo first.