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Posted by coolfurby


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Posted by themangalist

Looks nothing like Battlefield 3...

oh who am i kidding.

Posted by BasketSnake


Posted by Gordo789

well they're just going to try and keep making this game.

Posted by Nights

That could have been a Modern Warfare or Battlefield trailer.

Edited by CaLe

Looks good. Production value up the wazoo.

BUT. Why so blatantly steal Captain Price? That's not cool.

Posted by SSully

Well it looks good graphically, but that was never a concern.

Posted by TheHT

Cool trailer, but I'm getting tired of modern military shooters.

If there's a great story in it I'll give it the time of day. If it's just "HOSTAGES! MOVE MOVE MOVE! TANGO WHISKEY FOXTROT!" for 6 hours I'll pass.

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

"Well that looks like a lot of shuffling about in the dark", John Walker RPS.

Posted by TatsurouXIII

this is missing one tekkno song with a guy yellin MORDL KOMBAT.

also, what ever happened to that live action video from like 1.5 years ago that looked like an actual movie? what the hell was that?

Posted by TheBrainninja

I would totally play a Warlovers game.



Posted by paulmako

But we already have Battlefield 3 multiplayer? What else is there for shooters set in the modern day to do? I feel kind of sorry that they're developing a game that's completely superfluous.

Posted by DukesT3

Lets go back to WW2 guys!

Posted by Harkat

I get to play as Norway's special forces. Dette blir dritfett!

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

Oh hey its captain price

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

...Are you telling me when those guys kick open that door the game goes in slow motion along with the game spouting out that "DYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU" pitch-shifted noise to let you know "HEY WE'RE IN SLOW MOTION NOW!"?

....This is the most revolutionary modern military first-person shooter ever and I am buying eleven copies.

Posted by Kazona

For fuck's sake. When are they going to stop modern warfaring up these games. I was never any good at Ghost Recon games, but I appreciated them for the fact that they weren't your run of the mill first person shooters. If this trailer is anything to go by, it'll be another Modern Warfare clone.

Posted by jonnyboy

I'm a Warlover, not a Warfighter.

Posted by jorbear

@Kaveman said:



Posted by Animasta

are warlovers like the ambassador of hugs?

Posted by OptimalPower

Pretty generic looking, but I am however glad to see the JTF in effect.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Seems like the standard brofest, modern military FPS. What a fucking bore.

Posted by daltimond

You tried to hide the Wub Wub from me BUT I FOUND IT... I found it.

Posted by MAD_JIHAD


Posted by Pink_o_mat

One Call of Duty per year is enough!

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Awesome trailer! I didn't want to see more than a half-second of each scene at a time anyway!

Edited by internal_dialogue

Well, I thought that was a flippin well edited trailer....syncing was great! Good job.

Don't know about the game...

Posted by RsistncE

lol @ the haters

last one had an awesome single player, really looking forward to this one

Posted by DxBecks

Do not want, I'm really tired of modern military shooters that feel like Michael bay action films. Either do something new with the subject matter or give the games for a rest already.

Posted by Zacagawea

At least it looks nice

Posted by boxoflawls


Posted by DJJoeJoe

Hey guys, explosions and action packed shooting isn't exclusive to modern warfare. Some people are ok with the idea of those things even if they don't play the modern warfare games and don't mind that stuff in other games, especially if it's a better looking medal of honor.

Posted by ObiKwiet

Captain Price does not approve.

Posted by zombie2011

Well this looks generic as hell.

Posted by GenesisZ

Thanks Jeff!

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

How original.

Posted by Lysergica33

Goverment sanctioned murder is cool and entertaining guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Plus a few more !!!!!!!!!!!! for posterity !!!!!)

Posted by BPRJCTX

Hey look!!!

It's Captain Price!!!

I'm so fucking tired of all these military shooters...

Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield...

At this point, who cares?!

They are all the same!!!

Posted by gizmo88

@BPRJCTX: Why does the existence of a video game effect you? I'm just curious, seems a bit odd.

Posted by BPRJCTX

@gizmo88 said:

@BPRJCTX: Why does the existence of a video game effect you? I'm just curious, seems a bit odd.

It affects me in the way that, these are talented teams, that could be working on amazing original games, but instead are forced to produce the same game every year, because publishers love money, and the masses love these shallow games...

Posted by Klei

I'm getting fucking fed up with killing middle-eastern men wearing robes and turbans. Get some fucking originality going on, guys, cause this looks like I've went through thirteen times already in the last six years.

Fuck you, arcadey-military first person shooters.

Posted by Duder_Me

Where's Canada? WHY NO CANADA!?!?! AHRJKHA!!!

Posted by ep_driver

@CaLe said:

Looks good. Production value up the wazoo.

BUT. Why so blatantly steal Captain Price? That's not cool.

Hahaha, I was hoping I wasn't the only one who noticed Price in half of the clips!

Posted by core1065

@Duder_Me said:

Where's Canada? WHY NO CANADA!?!?! AHRJKHA!!!

Yeah, I would have to agree. Canada's JTF-2 is one of the best Counter Terrorist forces in the world.

Edited by 234r2we232

EA Presents: How to be a second tier publisher for FPS games and over saturate the market 2013 exclusive pre-order edition.

Posted by ashleychittock

Hey that's cool, I felt like playing another COD game anyway.

Posted by Radar

The male voice over in the very beginning reminds me of the mission briefings of Rogue Squadron.

Posted by Scodiac

This trailer didn't really do anything for me but I really enjoyed MoH's campaign and I'm interested to see what Danger Close does with this one.

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