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Can't wait for this game. Which reminds me, I should really get around to pre-ordering soon.

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What did the ending have to do with anything?

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@atomic_dumpling said:
" What did the ending have to do with anything? "
Yeah, that was strange.
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the art style...it is too cool for me.

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beautiful 2d graphics

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The ending had something to do with the fanboy fears of that part being cut out.  There's something fairly sexy going on with that woman to the right, and initially it was being rumored that it would be censored - being a Wii game and looking cartoonish and all that.
People who know the devs prior work know all too well how sexy they can make a cartoonish girl look.  Odin Sphere's Velvet is proof enough.

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This game looks fucking awesome.
The ending was weird, though.

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holy shit...that art style..i love it 
this game looks awesome.. 
wish i had a wii.. 

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I had been gradually losing interest in this from just seeing fighting, even if it was pretty and in a super japanese mythology style that totally reminded me of Okami. 
As soon as that giant pig started talking though I was back on board.

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Want now!

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Can't wait for this!

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@RockmanBionics:  I see what you did there.
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I was promised sexy ninja ladies...

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Nice looking game, too bad it won't sell. :( ah well.

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Every time I see a video of this game I get more and more excited. This game looks astounding.

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The art is gorgeous, but the music in this trailer (except the end) made me want to stuff someones face with steaming hot pie..

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Man, I might actually have to go out and buy a Wii for this.
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Okami and Viewtiful Joe made a baby. this is it.
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Time to dust of the Wii, methinks.

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I bought Odin Sphere and all I got was a Wii exclusive.
 Well, at least when I eventually buy a Wii...
It won't ever get dusty thanks to the back catalogue.

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@PlasticCow said:
" Okami and Viewtiful Joe made a baby. this is it. "
Well, now I don't want this game. Thanks.
Also, I didn't know she was a princess.
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Damn, I kind want a Wii just to play this.

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Good but shit music. But the game dos look good.

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Pretty pictures and quirky music never fail to entertain me.

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......what was going on there at the end.

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I still cant help thinking how amazing this could be on PS3 or 360 in full 1080p. Just cant see it selling on the Wii the market for this kind of game just isnt on that console. Would do way better to release it as a Downloadable PSN or XBLA game.

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@buzz_clik said:
"Time to dust of the Wii, methinks. " 
Exactly what I was thinking
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that is a large hog 
great looking game!!!