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I bought the game and I love it. It's a great game to play with friends, and my girlfriend and I are on the last world right now. Ubisoft put this game up against a lot of big hitters in a month that was packed to the seams with well-established and seemingly-more-relevant games (Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Call of Duty 291, Saints Row 3, etc) so of course it was going to flop based on sales. And the price-point wasn't smart either. When people see 2D games they aren't as willing to plop down $60 unfortunately. Rayman: Origins is a deep and fun game that is accessible to anyone and still presents a lot of challenge. Its pure fun and I can't give it enough praise, personally.

Posted by jozzy

@Superfriend: I don't see how it is greedy to change the business model. If they would've gone for an episodic model I am sure you would only have gotten a fraction of the game that we have now, and all the episodes together probably wouldn't have been much cheaper. Episodic games have not been very succesful besides maybe telltale adventure games, so it makes sense not to go with that model.

I just look at the game as is, and it's one of the best controlling platformers ever made, it's absolutely stunning to look at and it has a lot of content. That's why I think $20 for the entire game at release would've been an insult to the makers. This game is by no means comparable to an xbla game.

Posted by djaoni

Not enough bloom - 20$.

Posted by Romination

@Manatassi said:

Call of the same old shit: Modern Completelackofsoulfare

Wow, did you come up with that one yourself?

It was weird to me what a turn people took against Rayman on the Game of the Year deliberations. No one seemed to really LIKE it, they just liked the fact that it EXISTED, it seemed. Glad it made the list, though.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I'm not putting it off for the sake of getting a discount I'm putting it off purely because I already have too many unplayed games sitting around collecting dust. I really look forward to the day I get around to buying and playing this game - I'm sure I'll love it.

Unfortunately for the developers the timing of this release was about as bad as anything I can remember and I will never consider it my responsibility as an entertainment consumer to run out and buy something to make up for a mistake made by a company.

(The fact that people even try to put blame on the customers for not buying it blows my mind)

Posted by gunstar

I love this game so much and it's nice to see the people who made it love it as much as I do.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by ribeye

why did they subtitle the native English-speaking lady in English?

Posted by NoelVeiga

For those complaining about the game not selling, it did made it to the top 9 on this week's UK sales charts. VGChartz has it at a million copies. I'm pretty sure that if that's right the game has made its money back...

...mostly because they didn't market it that much.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Fun fact: The UK version of this trailer doesn't subtitle the French guys who speak perfectly good English.


Oh and I cannot stress enough how brilliant this game is. Honestly, its easily the best platformer I've played in the last ten years.

Posted by NoelVeiga

@ribeye said:

why did they subtitle the native English-speaking lady in English?

Because deaf people also deserve marketing?

Also makes the video easier to see at work.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

...Is Michel wearing make-up? Crazy Frenchies.

Posted by lockonandfire

2D platformers just aren't the big thing they once were, plus this was sent to die slap bang in the middle of Assassin's Creed and Modern Warfare 3. It's a real damn shame, Rayman Origins is so full of personality, so well designed, so much gleeful shrieking fun. If you have ever played a platformer and liked it, you should already own it. Hell, if you're here reading this and you don't own it yet, there's something wrong with you.

And to everyone asking about music, it's "obtainable". If they sold it I'd have bought it, but they don't so I didn't. Well worth seeking out though, it's utterly fantastic.

Posted by Enigma777

Really bummed out the Vita version wont have multiplayeR, though the chances of me meeting another person with a Vita and a copy of Origins are probably slim to none in the first place.

Posted by Phoenix778m

60 bucks is a fair price for this game. The content is solid and numerous. Just because it is a platforner and 2D it should be cheaper? My mind hurts.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Watching this makes me feel bad that I haven't picked it up yet. I need to rectify that.

Posted by FoxMulder

I feel bad for not buying it because it is not downloadable. Just something about this recent trend of 2D platformers only being on digital stores has made me not want to waste space with a physical disc in my already cluttered room! Maybe when it is cheaper and I have nothing to play!

Posted by MHMason

It's funny how people will say "you should buy Rayman Origins so Michel Ancel can create Beyond Good & Evil 2" when they should be saying "you should buy Rayman Origins because it's awesome."

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

Just a friendly reminder, this game is still just $19.99 at Toys R Us through this week.

Posted by On1inepersona

Hella french

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:


Shit yeah, If it wasn't for those subtitles I'd be imagining her saying some seriously perverted filth

Posted by Manatassi

@Humanity said:

@Manatassi said:

Man this game deserves to sell well,

Makes me sad that Yet another Call of the same old shit: Modern Completelackofsoulfare game sells so many copies and Rayman gets pushed to the wayside. But then I guess thats the way of the world, people seem to like lack of personality I guess it reflects their own.

I think we need to stop blaming Call of Duty for all gaming woes. I was just as disappointed in MW3 as a lot of other people and it was upsetting as a fan of the series that I wouldn't get to play a new COD until maybe Nov when Treyarch pushes out their game. That said you need to really get over the fact that the series sells well. You really think this twitch army shooter is stealing away potential market customers for a 2D sidescrolling retro throwback game? If MW3 wasn't released this November, Rayman would surely have sold a lot more right? These games are filling in their own respective niches, and maybe, this is a wild shot but maybe theres not as many people out there that want to play a game like Rayman anymore. Certainly not for the price of a full fledged game. I'm not supporting the whole COD model of yearly iteration, just tired of hearing everyone automatically pull out their COD rant whenever any game doesn't do very well in sales.

You kinda read a lot of your own stuff into what I said.

I do not believe that Call Of Duty is in any way to blame for the lack of sales of Rayman and didn't say so. I simply find it sad that there isn't enough room in the wider public's taste for a broader spectrum of gaming styles.

I expressed a disappointment with the lack of what I perceive as inspiration or soul in the last 2 COD games with my off hand comment. Which is my opinion about that series not anger at it damaging the sales of other games.

No one game series is responsible for causing some kind of offensive sales attack on other games. The lack of diversity within the tastes of the wider gaming public is to blame for that.

Posted by Brad078

Yeah this game is absolutely fantastic.

Side note, I though "hella" was just a NorCal thing but I guess it has made its way to France as well. Who knew?

Posted by BisonHero

@L44 said:

the subtitiles usually aren't needed at all

I especially love the part where the first woman (Gabrielle Shrager) sounds like she speaks English as her first language without any sort of French accent, yet the subtitles see fit to grossly rearrange the phrasing of everything she says.

Posted by drew327

What a freaking great game. And why is Michel wearing lipstick?

Posted by Toms115

@Superfriend said:

@Babylonian said:

This is the feel-good-in'-est video of 2012 so far. That team set out to do something risky and original, and they cah-rushed it. Bravo!

And nobody bought it (partially because they charged 60 bucks for a game that should have been 20 and put it out next to all the big games of the year). So they will be doing models for future Assassins Creed spinoff games for the next 5 years. Hey, didn´t want to ruin your feelgood times.

totally irrelevant to the quality of the game but sure, go nuts.

Posted by MeatSim

Mad French but I am glad they made a game like this.

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