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Rabbids? Time?

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Yay! More Rabbids!

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That made me laugh out loud. 
Hope they didn't leave their blankets behind.

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Love it

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Still have no idea what kind of game this is gonna be :-/

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I love those beasties, I dislike the games.
Funny thing that.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I love those beasties, I dislike the games.  Funny thing that. "
I second that.
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Haha, that was pretty good.

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I love the rabbit movies. Too bad the games are garbage.

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<3 Rabbids!

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As long as there's rabbids in the game, i'm gonna buy the hell out of it!

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Marvin Gaye what?

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Love these guys, don't love the games. A shame.

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The rabbids never fail to amuse me.

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Is this gonna turn out to be Raving Rabbid's Excellent Adventure? If so, that is awesome

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Looking forward to another shitty game, Ubisoft!

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Everyone knows the vikings discovered America first anyways.

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Cannot wait. Something my gf and I can play together.