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Cool, you guys should consider playing 'Two Snakes' on the GameCube as it is this game with better visuals!

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Are you an Otaku too?!

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Awesome. Looking forward to the next episode.

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so happy right now

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I still have to play this game. But I'm downloading and archiving this for the (near) future! :O

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I am so pumped for this. Thanks guys!

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@danryckert Some more accurate MSX backstory you should probably make sure Drew knows:

Big Boss was Snake's commander in Metal Gear 1. You don't find out that he's evil until the end, and his only reason for sending Snake on the mission in the first place was to create information confusion in the west.

One of the hostages you're supposed to rescue in the first game is none other than Gray Fox. In one of the two MSX games, I forget which one, you find out that he's in cahoots with Big Boss. They both appear to die by the end of the second one.

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@koobz said:


Holy shit! This might be one of my favourite things to come out of this community!

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Excellent, Cant wait for the next installment. Also its an excuse to post this again:

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Thank you for playing this ! You guys should play the other ones up to MGS4, in order of release. Drew needs to experience the crazy awesomeness that is this franchise. Also, if you're up to it, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake has aged extremely well. Try it out !

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I finished MGS for the first time a couple weeks ago and thought it was great.

This is relevant to my interests.

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I loved this entire video. Drew is awesome and Dan's a fantastic addition to the site, both for being hilarious and for allowing content like this to be made. So hyped to watch you guys go through the rest of this game! (And hopefully the rest of the series...?)

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Thanks guys! Really excited for this!

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ive never played a metal gear game either so this will be kool to actually see all the glory that is metal gear

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I for one will be watching from inside a cardboard box.

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This is gonna be my favourite feature. I know it already!

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I tried to replay MGS recently and I found it to be a really awful mistake all around.

Still, I look forward to watching Drew see it through for the first time.

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Snake, use the H button!

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@koobz: That is BEAUTIFUL. Kudos to you, sir.

And amidst all the bullshit going around, this is the perfect thing to take my mind off of things.

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This is going to be amazing, although it would have been interesting to see him play through the Twin Snakes version that was released for the Gamecube just to see it.

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F-16s are Fighting Falcons, it's the F-15s that are Strike Eagles. You're in charge of Flight Club now, Drew. On the ball.

"Who's de Gaulle?" Dan...

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@ptys said:

Cool, you guys should consider playing 'Two Snakes' on the GameCube as it is this game with better visuals!

And crappier cutscenes!

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Really excellent stuff :D Can't for the next episode!

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I only played Twin Snakes, so I did not know that Mei Ling had an accent in the original. It's really distracting me!

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I only played Twin Snakes, so I did not know that Mei Ling had an accent in the original. It's really distracting me!

It was always kinda weird since she was born in America.

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All this nostalgia hurts my heart.

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Jeeze Dan, way to spoil it at the end there.

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Predicting 500+ comments for this video.

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Great video but holy crap there's some stupid stuff in this game.

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These morning posts kill me because I have to wait 12 hours to watch.

*hype intensifies*

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While I would prefer more Demo Disc Derby, I am elated that this exists.

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Not a religious man, but now I sing praises to the videogame journalist-gods for sending me this gift.


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Yes! Yes! Yes!

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As a man in the exact same position as Drew, I am loving this feature. I used to hate stealth games, but now I love em. Really makes me wish I had played this series before.

Keep em Coming!

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Should have done this chronologically (MGS3, MG, MG2, MGS).

MGS is a much more interesting game when you factor in all of the MG2 deja-vu.

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Very, very sweet indeed guys. Keep 'em coming!

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I feel like @danryckert should have let Drew go through all of the briefing videos before this series started. That way Drew would have had a better idea of who Campbell and Snake are. If Drew had rented it and brought it home, he probably would have gone through the menus and found the Briefing option.

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@danryckert You should choose the briefing option on the main menu. It gives you even more backstory and has cutscenes with Snake in Alaska or something, then it shows Naomi giving Snake an injection (foxdie). Might want to watch it.

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Dan Ryckert: Your Little Brother, All Growed Up (But Not Really)

I endorse this message. :)

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WOOO! Super excited about this! =D

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@jonny_anonymous: I agree, it's real weird of him to let stuff like that slip out. Revealing anything about the story should be a no-go in my opinion. Let Drew be confused, it's all the more fun.

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@drewbert Strike Eagle is the F-15E. F-16 is the falcon.

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Awwwww yeah. Love me some MGS, love some Drew + Dan.

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I'm so excited for this!!!!!!!