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@koobz: Holy shit......Giantbomb community is awesome. This series gonna be awesome

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de Gaulle famous modern French nationalist. led the partisan French forces, and restored France's sense of pride after WW2. Often to the displeasure of it's former allies and liberators (and my parents). I think the term for it was Gaullism. Incredibly influential man in modern times.

Meanwhile; Snake!....... SNAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!

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Hopefully Drew still enjoys it despite Dan spoiling most of it during the Pizza Hut Demo disc QL.

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Glad to see this is actually happening now.

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@skuupin said:

F-16s are Fighting Falcons, it's the F-15s that are Strike Eagles. You're in charge of Flight Club now, Drew. On the ball.

More specifically, the Strike Eagle is the F-15E, a multi-role variant of the standard Eagle.

I'm so happy this is actually happening.

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When I was a kid I played that first 10 mins like a billion times because I didn't own a memory card. So it was leave my system on in between play sessions or start from the beginning. How often will you guys be doing this @danryckert ?

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Absolutley fantastic! Hopefully I can use this series as a way of getting up to speed with Metal Gear and it's oddities (Those radio conversation are... Out of this world) before MGS V hits PC.

I never did understand the story in Metal Gear as I didn't understand English when I played it during my youth.

Dan and Drew make a good team, and Dan is especially good at being helpful but vague. Keep it up!

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" WHAT is going on " - Drew 2014

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My favorite GB personality playing possibly my favorite game series of all time? This is like a dream come true.

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@topcat said:

i hope they get to play all the games in the saga

Dan seemed pretty adamant about playing all of them when they talked about it on the Bombcast. Drew seemed less sure that that was a good idea.

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Can't wait to watch this! Thanks guys!

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Epic Oregon Vortex reference!

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Great first episode. It actually has me really wanting to drag out my PS1 and play this again.

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This is awesome! I hope this turns into an impromptu MGS series Endurance Run.

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Thanks for doing this guys. It's good shit.

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Drew: Wait, but wasn't he a part of Foxhound?

Dan: No he's the, err, Darpa Chief.

Man, I don't know what's more tense, Drew crawling under tanks or Dan having to think 20 steps ahead before answering any questions. Great stuff!

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Yes Drew, you NEED to understand.

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If you are stuck. CALL CAMPBELL! Press the SELECT BUTTON. Drew? DREW? DREWWWWWW?

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@jonny_anonymous: I agree, it's real weird of him to let stuff like that slip out. Revealing anything about the story should be a no-go in my opinion. Let Drew be confused, it's all the more fun.

Yeah, he made a big deal about not doing it then did it anyway.


Awesome! Can't wait for the next one!

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This is great.

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Oh man it's actually happening... Don't spoil it for him Dan!

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I love this, can't wait for the next episode. Metal Gear nostalgia and Drew goodness.

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This will be a lot better when Drew has the controls down and Dan doesn't have to/feel the need to remind him to do everything. It's also just really weird knowing the correct balance of tips to give to Drew. That's going to be the weird thing about this journey.

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Damn, I hope they play all of this and the others, I'm in a similar boat with Drew in that I want to understand Metal Gear, but I have actually played and beat MGS2 and 4.

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As good as I expected. Can't wait to see more.

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Nanomachines = Magic.

Accurate description.

Also, H Button!

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Once this is over, we need to get Drew to play some Ace Combat. I'd say 5, since it's simultaneously the best game in the series, and the one filled with the most military porn. It's certainly got the most planes to choose from.

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Is it weird that when drew said "H Button" I didn't think anything of it? Just registered as the button on the left.

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Dan please less talking

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i think they shouldve played the gamecube version

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This just might become the new best video series on Giant Bomb.

@drewbert If I can give you any advice it would be not to care too much about how you look to the potential viewers. Just play it like you would and let @danryckert do his thing. We'll eat it up.

P.S. Fantastic work, @koobz.

P.P.S. Charles de Gaulle was the leader of the Free French in WWII and later became president of France.

P.P.P.S. Everyone suggesting they play The Twin Snakes is out of their goddamn minds.

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Unofficial endurance run?

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wow, wow, wow!

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More please!

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This is amazing! I missed the original MGS game because I was too young at the time. MGS2 was my first introduction to the series so for me this is a great way to experience the original game.

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I'll go on ahead, look at my ass!

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This is perfect. I can't wait for more!

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Yep, MG is suuuper dumb!

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Metal Gear Endurance Run?!?

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The funny thing about the H button thing is that in DOA5, the square button is referred to as the H button.

Also Dan, try not to let any other story tidbits slip, that last bit is a big one. Luckily I don't think Drew fully understood what Dan was saying there.

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I felt betrayed by Drew when he didn't know who De Gaulle was

Except that, I really like this feature!!