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This is going to be Metal Gear!? awesome

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Solid Snake is an HR nightmare!

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THIS.... THIS IS THE BEST. THING. EVER. Down goes my productivity.

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D&D is the greatest combo.

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"Who is De Gualle?"

"Errrm a French Commander from World War 1"


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Fantastic start to what will no doubt be a great series. Thanks duders!

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Looking forward to the rest. I'm learning about this series as it goes as well.

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Oh my god drew are you serious, im so excited, metal gear solid is one of my favorite games of all time, also you have to put mgs3 on the play list, that game is a masterpiece.

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This is great :)

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Not quite done with this, but is Drew ever going to teach Dan how to say 'nuclear' correctly?

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Now im fine with Double D...

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Wrestling reference at 5:05.

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@koobz: Daaaamn, that's awesome!

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Oh man this warms my heart. MGS is probably my favourite game.

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I'm an Athiest, but I prayed for this after I saw them play the demo. Praise the Lorrrrd!

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I love it! So glad to have another Endurance Run type show on GB!

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So it begins.

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The story has gone over my head already...

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I'd forgotten Cam Clarke was an actor in this. That guy's got such a distinct, awesome voice.

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this is the greatest feature ever lol

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@koobz said:


This is fantastic. I can't stop looking at it.

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please keep this going. I love Metal Gear but there's plenty of stuff I don't know about the game or understand about the story and these vids are perfectly informational, not to mention entertaining!

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I think we got a winner here.

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Drew made me realise how damn good i am at MGS, thanks Drew :D.
I really have no idea how long it will take for the controls to become natural to you, but i look forward to watching you learn.

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Dat Meryl walk.

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I'm crying I'm so happy right now, thank you thank you thank you!!

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I've been using the Codec sound as my ringtone for years. Watching this series is going to really mess with me.

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Man, this is probably one of the best games of all time.

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I wonder if Dan is aware of the fact that he's basically been trojan-horsed into liking anime, because everything about this series except the art style is anime-as-fuck.

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Oh man I can't believe these are actually happening! Haven't finished watching this one and already cannot wait for the next episode.

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@matatat said:

@koobz said:


This is fantastic. I can't stop looking at it.

Awesome @koobz..this needs to be framed in the GB offices. What's the medium you used here if that's not been asked.

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Dear god. Dan Said it, and it happened. What is this magic!!?

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GODDAMN, this such a great feature!

I've been using the Codec sound as my ringtone for years. Watching this series is going to really mess with me.

That's... that's a really good idea!

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oh god yes! probably my favorite game from PS1. so many good memories.

it will be fun seeing you guys play.

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God this is bringing back so many great memories.

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Yep, and this episode ended at the very moment when I handed off the controller to my friend and said "You do it, I can't play this game."

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Is that Drew or Dan doing the Snake impressions? Because hot damn I kept thinking it was actual VO.

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I'm high on some next level hype right now

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I must be high on something to see all of this. This is amazing!

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a Hind D?!

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Oh hell yeah!

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The H button?