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Hurray! I've been waiting for this.

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I don't want to admit I'm addicted to this series... but I am.

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When @danryckert sent Drew through the lasers to trigger a next area instead of taking the easy path to the helipad I honestly thought they would be stuck there for hours.

- You also do not need to crawl over the back of the claymores to collect them if I recall correctly, you just need to crawl.

- I would also suggest calling Master Miller more in these earlier parts of the game...

Thermal Goggles are so damn good it feels like cheating when you use them in this game.

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Finally! I've been enjoying both playing and watching the Metal Gear Solid games for the first time.

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Stayed up for this!

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Eating pizza, drinking Budweiser and watching my new favorite video series. life is good!

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WAIT. There's an explorable wall at the front of Basement 2?


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Wow i don't remember saving being that broken.

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"Just what I expect from the legendary Solid Snake Drew Scanlon. You trying to sweep me off my feet?"

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This is some of the best content on the site.

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"Have you ever killed a man Drew?" Oh shit!

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"I love the box"

-Dan Ryckert

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That's the next hour of my day sorted. Cheers

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Best part

Drew- I need to get out of this room.

*falls down trap door

Dan- well thats a way out


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"I have no family"

"Eh av no fmly"

This is such great content. Looking forward to more!

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Dan is trying so hard not to gush about this game and tell Drew everything. Poor man.

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Plus side to waking up in the middle of the night and unable to go back to sleep.

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I spent way too long retrying that laser room a hundred times.

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I really hope Drew is enjoying these, I want as much MGS as possible seeing I've never played any of them either.

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I hope these never end :)

PS. The controls improve with each game in the series, Drew. Hang in there!

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Sneaky Giant Bomb. Very sneaky.

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Thanks, guys!

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I need this, right about now! Very excited. Commenting before I actually watch it.

Edit: As a long time Twin Snakes player, I gotta say, not liking the original voice of the Cyborg Ninja. Whited out solely for Drew, in case he's looking at these comments.

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The flirting is great, keeps you from thinking too much about the dumb gruff voice.

Wow, that is one giant shaman.

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I don't think Dan should've told Drew about how to pick up claymores.

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@tebbit said:

I don't think Dan should've told Drew about how to pick up claymores.

He needs to be able to tell him some stuff to keep it going, I have absolutely no problem with such gameplay mechanics.

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These videos have been some of the best on the site recently. Please let this series keep going through the complete collection, or at least as far as MGS 2. I want to hear Drew's mind implode by the end of Sons of Liberty.

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@tebbit said:

I don't think Dan should've told Drew about how to pick up claymores.

There are some things that Drew would simply never ever try, and I have no problem with Dan telling Drew about those things.

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He's inside me!

Classic Dan. Classic.

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How can Drew be so bad at this game???

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@tebbit said:

I don't think Dan should've told Drew about how to pick up claymores.

At this point I think Dan needs to provide all the help he can or this series will run longer than the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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Best video yet! I'm so glad that Drew is getting the hang of the controls and stuff, i can't freaking wait for the next part.

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How can Drew be so bad at this game???

You know it's a playthrough of a game when we get these kind of comments. Brings me back!

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Drew did great at the end there. Big learning episode for him in terms of gameplay. Awesome episode as always. Definitely my favorite feature on Giant Bomb in a long time. Can't wait until he gets to the real zany stuff.

Also, Drew, there is an explanation for the name Metal Gear, but you have to get farther in the whole series first.

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Can't really blame 1998 on the saving, it works basically the same all the way through MGS4.

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Hey @danryckert regarding the controls, are you aware that you can switch to analog mode through the PS3 menu? I assume Drew is still using the d-pad for everything, and it might be easier on him if analog were enabled.

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3 > 2 > 1 > 4 btw

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Yes, Drew, if you touch someone from behind, he will not only notice you, he will also sue you for sexual harassment.

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Missed an item that would have made Dan's day a bit less stressful and made the IR Beam part a lot easier. Hopefully they'll go back and get it as it comes quite handy later on.

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In complete seriousness, I woke up at three AM (when this was posted in my timezone) without any obvious reason. I guess the Metal Gear Scanlon calls to us.

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@amyggen: Well when they are bad at something people will bring it up sooo....

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Really enjoying this series though it's also very painful

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"You ever killed a man Drew?"

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There are no accidental Right Said Fred references.