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Wow MGS is kicking Drews ass lol.

Geez Dan could have told Drew about fps view for the nikita =/

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Can you not hit Triangle to speed through dialogue in this one? 'Cause that would really help with some of those annoying Codec bits.

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Aw, they're bonding.

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so Drew never make calls unless Dan reminds him, right?

Edit: sort of like Brad never say the bombcast email address until someone else does, I am seeing some patterns here.

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Never played Metal Gear. Loving this series!

Gonna pick up that HD collection. Hoping they will play through 2 and 3 also.

It will be like Dan teaching ME metal gear....

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Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon!

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This no first person thing on the missiles is KILLING ME.

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Ok, hopefully this won't be as excruciating as the last episode because I had to skip half of that so that I wouldn't lose my shit and shout at the screen.

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The real Metal Gear starts now!

Drew needs to play Dark Souls next...

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"Sorry, bullets don't work. He's a ninja."

Best line.

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Wow, they're *really* pumping this feature out.

At this rate we'll be up to MGS4 by the end of September

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"Ive been waiting for this pain!"

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The tension, the joy - wonderful episode as always!

Love the PiP feed of Drew's despair and Dan biting is fist in laughter.

It is hard to get the same feeling as back then, but that lab encounter was one of the reference points when it came to showcase the power of the PSX. With all the little things flying around, glass breaking, computers crashing - it was mind-blowing for the time.

I challenge @danryckert and @drewbert to adopt the MGS codec speech pattern for the next bombcast, where statements by others are repeated as done by Snake or Campbell.

"Let's get over the emails..." - "Emails?! Huh!"

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Oh lord, player cameras. Perfect!

Some of the deaths in this episode... oooh boy those were great.

"... it's not supposed to happen like this."

Drew ♥ Mei Ling

@danryckert I eagerly expect a hat eating video from you.

@mooseymcman But have you seen A Fistful of Dollars?

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Loving the rate in which these videos are coming out!

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Can you not hit Triangle to speed through dialogue in this one? 'Cause that would really help with some of those annoying Codec bits.

Nope, that's in 2.

Also I was hoping Drew would fart around with the Nikita to long that it explodes from running out of Fuel and not knowing what was going on.

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Time had started to erode my memories of a lot of Metal Gear Solid moments, but thanks to this series I'm pretty sure many of them are now seared into my brain at a deep level. Thanks Drew!

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Throwing Chaff Grenades is the new Cast Bufu.

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Hurt me more.

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@xel said:

I'm sure Drew would love the alert system in MGS2 since the guards have to actually radio in backup.

EDIT: So I see Dan shaking his head when Otakon says "this is like one of my japanese animes". IT IS, ACCEPT IT!

That's the funniest thing so far, finding out Dan is a closet Anime fan and doesn't even know it.

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Yup, still loving this.

A few pointeers from the episode:

  • You could've thrown chaff and then shot the Ninja to do more damage, Clamore or C4 would have probably also worked.
  • You can use first person mode when controlling a Nikita missile, not that that's actually any easier what with all the smoke in the room.
  • You can punch the Ninja in between his energy bursts in the final sequence, of course it is easier just to shoot him.
  • If you call Nastasha while having a weapon equipped she will tell you about it, this also works with some other items when you're calling specific people.
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When you caff him, you can just shoot him makes the fight much shorter.

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Mr Gorbachev, do the uh... the thing.

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Dan pronouncing 'nuclear' wrong...

Gotta fight the urge to scream.

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Took me 52 min to get to this part from game start. 0 deaths, 0 alerts, killed all bosses in one try.

It's been a lot of fun watching Drew get through this. I wish I got another chance to experience this game like it was the first time.

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I do remember having trouble with Cyborg Ninja the first time I played MGS.

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This is the best thing for nursing a hangover

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@greatdane: You should just get the Legacy Collection instead of the HD Collection.

The HD collection is just MGS 2, MGS 3, and MGS: Peace Walker

The Legacy Collection is Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, MGS, MGS: VR Missions, MGS 2, MGS 3, MGS 4 and MGS: Peace walker

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@drewbert: you have to have the weapon or equipment equipped to get the codec conversation on it.

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Oh god, these are coming faster now, and it's longer? Awesome! :D

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These are the greatest. Keep going with all the MGS.

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You totally get snakes in the arctic, I think adders?

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Japanese Animes!

Also Dan's expressions of suspense was amazing.

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"A forkfull of hat"

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It's way better having the little vids of Drew & Dan on screen. Great series. I'd love to see Drew & Dan eventually make it through the whole series.

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Drew probably will get hung up on the Liquid Snake fight too. That one took a few tries for me, and mastery of the 3 hit combo.

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1:24:16 - the face of a broken man.

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I don't like it when the guys are in the corners, it's too distracting compared to what it adds to the video

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huh?... Just a box.

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I'm glad they still make the new guys go through an endurance run even if they want to call it something else :D This is easily my favorite new series

Edit: Holy crap, D&D bonding over movie trivia is adorable!

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man this is such a great series. i love it.

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Metal GEAR???!

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Haha, this ain't getting easier. Love it!

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Stuck at work at the moment - looking forward to watching this when I get home, great feature!

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Whoever put their faces at the sides is a true genius :D I love it

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hahahaha HURT ME MORE!!! at 1.23

That was brutal