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Eh, what?

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A very special trailer for me, remember it so well. Still gives me goosebumps. Only Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions could do that.

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Best E3 reveal ever. I was so pumped.

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This thing still ranks in my top 10 (or maybe 5) favourite E3 trailers/announcements. Right up there with the HL2 videos from 2003 and 4.

Edit: Any chance we can see the subbed version of it, though?

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@Cypher: Couldn't figure out how to get the subtitles to work when encoding it from the DVD. :(
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god i love the music in metal gear solid games

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Wow that pretty much shows the entire prologue of the game lol

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9 minutes long, now that's how you reveal a game.

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I have found memories of this, MGS2 is still my most looked forward to game of all time.

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Oh MGS2 how awesome you are.

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This game does not age. It still looks so clean and detailed, even today. Still has some of the best rain effects I've seen in a game.

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Wow I wonder how many people got pissed when they found out that the real character you play as is raiden.

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man do I love a good MGS trailer.

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Time Paradox! E3 has now come full circle and is reusing old hype to hype new hype, and thus the snake eats its own tail.

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Thanks for posting this Brad.  I was @ E3 that year for the World Exclusive trailer and was just blown away.  I hope E3 can make a come back, cause that was an amazing experience!   Good Memories....

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Damn this just screams: "This game is going to kick ass and you know it." It would be cool to see something like that at this E3.

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Too bad you had to play as Raiden for most of the game. But I can agree that this trailer is awesome.

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Thanks for posting Brad!

I also freaked out when that trailer hit. It will always hold a special place in my gaming heart. What a great way to kick off the PS2's life cycle.

@Afroman269: You must be a young 'un. The shit storm that hit the week that game was released was what would now be called 'epic,' but back then was called 'everyone everywhere freaking the fuck out at once'

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i have the OPM issue with the full rundown of this trailer, and in all those years never actually saw it, it didnt matter as it was just the begining of the game, dude it was such an awesome experience and im not the biggest fan of mgs

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I waited until the second day to see this from the show floor.  By then, you'd think the response would have started to taper off a bit.  Not so much.  Such a great moment.

Plus, it's kind of sad that nine years later, most games are still doing glass-breaking worse than the effect seen in this trailer.

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The only trailer that blew my socks off. :)

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I remember playing the demo that came with Zone of the Enders. Good times.

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That's not the E3 trailer. That started off with him on the bridge (I'm pretty sure), and it had subs.

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Duh de duh duh de do dodop do duh de do do dode duh I love MGS music.

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This is how you build hype

Shame on the teaser's of teasers these days
And the countdowns for countdowns

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I remember watching this trailer, the funny thing is though all thoses shooting sections never really happened. But i like how it gives the impression that your gonna have all these big shoot outs. xD

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Despite all the whining about Raiden,  MGS2 remains one of the most kick ass games of all time. There were just so many badass  moments.  

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Classic. I remember watching this and the opening sequence a ton in anticipation of this game.  Then I played the crap out of the demo that came with Zone of the Enders. I loved the opening sequence. Hard to believe this is from almost 10 years ago.

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I remember downloading this off Napster and watching it over and over.

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Ahh man this brings back the memories of how unbelievably excited I got when I saw this for the first time. i distinctly remember emitting one hell of a girly scream "EEEEEEEEEEE!!"

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Awesome trailer for an awesome game.

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I got goosebumps :)

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You never get exitement like this anymore because everything is leaked weeks before E3. People are like children who find the hidden presents before Christmas and open them which ruins the surprise.

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This trailer is awesome, love the music.

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Looks pretty good....have high hopes for it....when is this gonna be released...pumped.!

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Metal Gear Solid 2: One of Gaming's biggest disappointments. Get all excited just to play as Raiden? What?! Not only that but this game has the worst roster of video game characters - ever!

Take Fortune as an example. All her life she didn't know that she had a pack on your hip producing an electronic force field preventing her from projectile death? And with Fatman. Stillman feels sorry for an anti-social, repressed little kid , whom is fascinated by inner clock workings, helps the kid out with his feelings by teaching him how to build bombs?

Metal Gear Solid 2 had some memorable moments but nothing worth crapping yourself over.

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Hell yeah, can't wait for 2001.

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Brad said:
@Cypher: Couldn't figure out how to get the subtitles to work when encoding it from the DVD. :( [more]
I don't know what you used to rip the video, but I've had success with DVDfab in terms of getting subtitles cleanly transferred with the video.
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i loved this trailer when it was shown, but it also made me sad to see the Famas and the whole "running away from water section" removed!

 also when it comes to suspenseful music, no one ever comes close to Harry Gregson-Williams.

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Oh man, it's amazing to see how good this looked way back when, and how much the main game both held up and exceeded what was shown here.

As one of the like ... 100 people who actually love MGS2 more than any of the others, including the whole Raiden thing, that trailer was just injecting pure nostalgia into my veins.

Also, kinda crazy how good the game looks even in 2009.  Good art direction does WONDERS, as does going for that clean, minimalistic approach.

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Metal Gear Solid 2 was the first Metal Gear game that ReTarDedFisHy has played and is the very reason he loves the franchise so much and is so into it nowadays.

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Oh I so remember this one, still gives me the chills when I heard the tunes by Harry Gregson-Wiliams!

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That was soo 2001

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Such a tease to see Snake using a FAMAS in the tanker part because I loved that gun in the first game. Although it probably would've made Snake's short prologue a total cakewalk :P

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Ummm... this is awesome but whys it here???

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@lesenfantterrible said:
" Ummm... this is awesome but whys it here??? "
Just for the 10th aniversery of the E3 trailer.
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In the midst of reading thisand I just had to watch this again. A reveal that'll never be surpassed, for me.
Oh and the article is about the development of Metal Gear Solid 2, the final days of development, E3 2000 reveal and what they had to do to accomplish that, Hideo Kojima "destroying MGS if he wants to", obtaining a dev-kit for the PS2, scenes that didn't make it in MGS2, 2001 (the year of the snake) a near-impossible year for MGS2 to have been completed and released... awesome, awesome read, especially if you're as ardent a fan as I am.

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Oh snap Snake was using a FAMAS, Ray's on top of the tanker, the tanker's blowing up, and from another video I saw of MGS2 Snake was running from a celing-high tidal wave of seawater; obviously this is an early version of MGS2 but there's so much stuff in here!