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Posted by Media_Master

whats with everyone missing an eye or a patch

Posted by MitchellKnight
@angelkanarias: where?
Posted by angelkanarias
@MitchellKnight said:
" @angelkanarias: where? "
i was joking
Posted by sate666

this is bull shit!!

Posted by Brockly46

Lighting Bolt Action, huh?

Posted by Basse21

Mabey it will be like MGS2 and theyll show raiden in the trailers but youll really be Snake? 

Posted by Bwest86

ahhh god can't wait, i still just might buy a ps3 4 mgs4 and killzone 2.. but cant wait 4 this, cause its going to be 4 360.. i dont understand why they're not making a port 4 mgs4 to xbox
Posted by MarkWahlberg

Having never played an MGS game before, I assume this fellow will be on the hunt for his jaw, and the men who took it from him?

Posted by M_33

''Use designated tool to remove fastener''  
00:22 seconds. 
Have I stumbled upon something?
Posted by bybeach
@Matches_Malone said:
"They advertise Raiden, but in a bizarre twist you have to play as Snake for the last two thirds of the game."

You are my hero
Posted by detectivepbert

this looks awesome.  although i wouldn't mind continuing to play as snake!

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