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Posted by ImperiousRix

Doesn't tell me.... anything
But DAMN am I excited!

Posted by CowMuffins

Short trailer.

Posted by Scooper

Duder, can not wait to be able to watch this trailer :)

Posted by Matches_Malone

They advertise Raiden, but in a bizarre twist you have to play as Snake for the last two thirds of the game.

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Posted by Ouroboros

Trailer doesnt work for me =(

Posted by borgmaster

duder......it was over before it began.....*cry*

Posted by geirr

Duder, it's over before it began!

Posted by NickyDubz

you have to slow it down to super super super slo mo and u will see the trailer :P

Posted by samcotts
@Matches_Malone said:
" They advertise Raiden, but in a bizarre twist you have to play as Snake for the last two thirds of the game. "

I didn't even think of MGS2...
Here's hoping that is eaxctly what happens.
Posted by DECA555


not interested in this game anyway 

Peace Walker FTW
Posted by TheHBK

I dont know about you guys, but I think Kojima just goes way to far with the artsy ness he tries to get accross with his games.  They are fucking action games!  Make them feel like it, dont try to make it all Private Ryan and First Blood (first one) and Star Wars all rolled into one!  Damn even this trailer is too artsy!

Posted by CaptainTightPants
@Matches_Malone: No, the surprise twist is going to be you play as Otacon in a platformer where the main focus is collection :)
Posted by Seijur0
@Matches_Malone:  I wish... I REALLY don't want to play as Raiden.
Posted by AndrewB

@Resident4t: So it's going to be "Metal Gear Solid: Rising: Otacon's Origins: Nuts and Bolts"?

Posted by Puppy

This provided us with a brief glimpse into the void of "what will be." I SAW LINKS TO VIDEOS THAT DO NOT EXIST YET!

Posted by nick69

trailer doesnt work, but i want to play as raiden so thats cool

Posted by Matches_Malone
@AndrewB:  Yes Otacon will carry around his laptop bag, but instead of a laptop, the Metal Gear Mk will pop out with his magical wrench.
Posted by Tiwi

why does it say XL and PSN?
is it online?

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this video is full of spoilers

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I hope its a 2-D fighting game with all the MGS characters. Or a Streets of Rage style game over XBLA.

Posted by Double0hFor

lol at "Lightning bolt action"

Posted by TrashMustache

so it's on ps3 after all

Posted by Gamer_152
@Double0hFor said:
"lol at "Lightning bolt action""

Hehe, that amused me too.
Posted by Balaamsafe
@Matches_Malone: Beat me to it
Posted by Trilogy

Somebody is going to write a thesis paper from this video on the entire story of the game. The rest of us sit back and look at the pretty pictures. Mmmmmmm... pretty pictures.

Posted by CL60


Posted by lukegib

i cant wait

Posted by Kazona


Posted by FlipperDesert

... Well, given how confusing the plot will be I doubt it would help much if they revealed anything past concept art and a logo anyway.

Posted by Dustpan

Something in my pants is rising.....that's all I'm saying

Posted by Fire_Marshall_Bill

well that was a whole lot of nothing

Posted by ep_driver

That voiceover was really lame, as is the "lighning bolt action" shit in the title of the game. I used to love MG, until I got old enough to realize I had only been tricked into thinking I liked it. Pleaseeeee put an end to the Metal Gear franchise, Kojima!

Posted by mordukai

So Metal Gear is going to descend into DMC type of action games. Sad, real sad. At least this time around Kojima is making it clear that Raiden is the main playable character. I still remember the reaction from the MGS fan base for MGS 2.

Posted by churrific

lol was that the mk guy doing the voiceover? sounds eerily similar

Posted by okuzy

whats up with his voice? lol "metal gear solid...RISING..." he just sounds kinda wierd. but im pretty stoked

Posted by imayellowfellow

the voiceover sounds dumb

Posted by nohthink

wait... did I see PS3 logo there? I thought it was 360 exclusive

Posted by Blackout62

So... they turned Raiden into Kakashi?  Amazing what a single headband can do.

Posted by Gugi9000
@tiwi said:
" why does it say XL and PSN?is it online? "
Good point. Might just be trophies..?
Posted by Chewii101
@nohthink: they never said it was a 360 exclusive.....
Posted by Spiritof

SPOILER tags would have been nice!

I had no idea Konami was publishing this game.

Posted by MeatSim

Lighting bolt action! does that mean that you are the lighting bolt? yes!

Posted by CaptainTightPants

it sounds like they kicked the Resident Evil Title announcer in the balls and then made him talk

Posted by Besetment

Kojima sure loves his 10 minute trailers.

Wait, what the hell was that?

Posted by DECA555

lol Kojima and the MGS4 team are doing peace walker.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Oh come on!!
I did finger paintings in preschool that had more depth & detail than this trailer.

Posted by Det1

Note how it's lightning bolt action (<insert volgin here>) instead of tactical espionage action.
God of war + MGS4 settings, DONE.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Yep, now I know what this is all about

Posted by lantus

I'm going to go on a limb and say that voice is Cyborg Campbell. Believe.

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