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Loved the first one!

This is the second time I left the first comment and the quest has not popped :/

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Man, after Zombie-, Space-, and Cyber-Nazis, Underground Nazis are my least favorite kind.

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@b00tableByte: It doesn't come up if you say first.
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Looks really good.

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Nice! Haven't seen much on this yet. 
EDIT: Wow, this looks incredible.

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Looks good, can't wait for it.


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I loved the first one and this looks ALOT better.

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2033 was so damn good, and this game looks incredible. Definitely going to pick this up.

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War. War never changeskis.

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I am playing through the first one right now. I like what I see here :)  
(I just hope it doesn't have the same technical issues as the first!... took me 5 days to get the game to just start for example... PhysX downgrade was the key lol)

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I'm glad they improved the stealth. It was the only thing I didn't like about the first game.

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From the looks of things the guy playing must have been invincible. After playing the first one I can say you wouldn't get through half of those battles that easily.

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I think it's time to start labeling these types of immersion games something other than "video game", it just seems like an insult by today's standards. Works like this or the Elder Scrolls, the Call of Duty's, the Bioshocks (on and on) - these shouldn't be grouped with Martian Blaster 9000 or Doodle Jump. But what the hell would you call them? Cinegames? I suppose wicked-times-6 for starters..

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I like it better when it looks like post-apocalyptic Call of Duty than when it looks like STALKER.

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I love that this series has such a commitment to deep immersion, while retaining the perfect amount of jank. I say that sincerely as a huge fan of the first. It takes you back to a different time in first-person games.

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Giant spiders are giant

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This looks WAAAAy easier then metro 2033, that said the improvements to the engine and the interactions with the environment look amazing.

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Definitely looks like a improvement over the first one.

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@b00tableByte said:

Loved the first one!

This is the second time I left the first comment and the quest has not popped :/

If you couldn't understand, when you put first in your comment, it automatically disqualifies you of the quest.

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seems pretty cool, I am liking what they are showing so far... minus what is essentially turret sequences.

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Looks super well polished. Something the first lacked in certain areas. Wonder if the bullet economy is still the same? Hopefully they`ve actually optimised this one for those of us without super-rigs...

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I love how the evil Germans are just one billionth of a degree removed from being "actual Nazis". Guess they can't call 'em that anymore?

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the plot look really interesting for me. I love post apocalypse fiction and the idea looks super cool, like ruined world and monsters on  outside and you, secret agent sneak  inside of the rusian facility. I can't wait for the quick look.

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2033 might have been my favourite game from last year, so it's good to see they seem to be improving it while sticking with the strengths of the first game; namely, Last Light looks like it keeps up the brilliant Atmosphere and pacing of the first game, and looks equally beautiful. But then, I haven't seen enough to actually make that judgement; all I know is that this looks really promising.

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graphics are fucking amazing, those lights wow!