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Posted by Budster

I'm liking this..a lot

Posted by Matches_Malone

Wow, Team Ninja.

Posted by Tiwi

a lot isthe word. 3 person?

Posted by Nick

Looks like it could be pretty cool.

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Whoa, I did not see this one coming. A Team Ninja Metroid game? Sweet.

Posted by Coleslaw893

Words cannot describe the awesomeness.

Posted by Milkman

Other M is such a terrible name. What the hell?

Posted by GioVANNI

Looks pretty awesome!

Posted by Carlos1408

PURE AWESOME, I love Samus she's just amazing! :D

Posted by GregIsRad

That did sound like Kiefer Sutherland at :50

Posted by LordKorax

Dammit. At first, I was excited to see that a well-established developer was working on it, but Metroid is not Ninja Gaiden. Stylish action does not fit with the usually dark and sometimes moody atmosphere of Metroid. I'm gonna break something.

Posted by pr3zz_start

looks awesome

Posted by Mikemcn

bad name, possibly cool game though

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Wait, Samus spoke? Has that ever happened before? (Not counting female tennis pro grunts.)

Looks pretty sweet though. Never finished Prime 3 though, got bored and lost in Skytown, but this looks different. (First and Third person cameras?)

Also, Team Ninja? Can we expect Space Pirates to spray torrents of blood over the walls when we do as much as insult their mother?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Looks like sort of a brawler? 

I sorta liked Metroid better when you didn't really see any other people, so you could sort of imagine a lot of different creatures out there instead of a bunch of humans in boring uniforms.  Even Prime III made the humans look strange, so I thought that was neat.

Ah well, I still like Metroid...  and I'm a recent convert really.

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not liking this too much

Posted by Lance_McCloud

I'm a big fan of Metroid, and to see this really made me go into full fanboy mode. Its great to see them FINALY trying to tell and actual story in the Metroid world, and although I cant figure out how the game is supposed to be played, it looks really fun and I cant wait to get more info on it. This was the secret revealing Nintendo had to do to get me convinced I bought the right console, and it took them three years to do it. Better late then never. And there are other cool games coming out as well so I'm happy.

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

i'm now officially a happy wii owner

Posted by taosd

I'm a huge metroid fan... This doesn't do it for me, at all... just looks so wrong.

Posted by Reverseface

Team ninja doing Samus this totally came outta left field. Should be awesome liking what i see so far. ^.^

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

What's up with the super shiny, super stylized suit?
Where does this fit in time line? Normal Ridley is in it...hmm...
I'm not really excited for this even though I'm a huge Metroid fan...the hectic pace doesn't seem like it'd fit in a Metroid game. Also, most of this CAN'T be gameplay due to all the crazy sweeping camera angles.
I wouldn't play the game if IT WERE actual gameplay...none of it seems to fit.

Posted by Crixaliz
@Double0hFor said:
" not liking this too much "
Diddo, seems pretty out of character
Posted by JackSukeru

Any objections lady? First that sounded kinda wierd but then it struck me. This guy is Adam from Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4 officially) , before ha was killed and his mind saved as a robot CO. That is so AWESOME! I can't belive I forgot about it :O

It looks cool, and I'm hoping it will be a good successor to the Prime series.
Posted by kart007k

crappiest graphics for any major exclusive. Eat my turd Nintendo.

Posted by Fleppie

team ninja!? wtf!?

Posted by Nyro

E3 reminded me why I always need an extra pair of pants on standby.

Posted by Lifestrike

Is that black guy supposed to be Sylux?

Why is the real Samus a scientist?


Posted by Dethfish

I think this looks great. I'm happy they're changing it up from the past few Metroid games because I didn't like those to much. I like that it isn't an FPS and that it'll have some story.  Easily my favorite game from the Nintendo Press Conference.

Posted by ma_rc_01

Metroid Gaiden? Looks promising, is this the first time samus speaks?

Posted by TheKidNixon

I'm not really versed in the whole Metroid canon, so most of this is lost on me. Still, a third-person action game in the series from Team Ninja (though really, who's still there that we care about?) sounds like a winning combo.

I will admit when this first started playing I thought it was indeed "Space Zelda"...and that Link was turned into a girl...not sure which I'd prefer...

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Looks weird. Can't wait to see some solid gameplay. Maybe Team Ninja will put some nice boobs on Samus.
I'd rather have a DS 2D Metroid though.

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No...just...no. This strays too far from the original metroid formula that i've come to love. Dammit team ninja

Posted by Infinityslimit

Wow seems wierd is this third person with some first person mixed in? And those cutscenes look like those horrible ones seen in doa...I hope it's good though.

Posted by NoK

I'm just glad they are letting someone change the franchise again, it was getting really boring 

Posted by Cerza

Hmm voice acting... this looks like a step in the right direction for Nintendo and game play looks very different from what we have all come to know and expect from Metroid in the past. That is if that craziness is representative of what the final game will be like. If it is I look forward to it, because it's something different and I am tired of the same old, same old we have all seen before. Also, with Team Ninja behind this I fully expect there to be a lot of "physics" and for the game to be harder than fuck.

Posted by StainableTyrant

Looks like a Nintendo friendly version of God of War. Definitely NOT complaining bout that.

Posted by JJOR64

This game looks way better then all of the Prime games.

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I'm surpised... Are Team Ninja capable to render normal sized breasts?

I joke of cause ... actually this announcement was the high point of Nintendo's conference for me.
Posted by MeatSim

Looks like they reskinned Ninja Gaiden and downgraded so it could run on the Wii,

Posted by Kraznor

I kind of zoned out by this point in the press conference so I didn't take this all in. Looks potentially interesting, though I have this feeling I'll hate the controls and I'm not sure how I feel about Samus talking.

Posted by CornishRocker

But it's on the wii...

Posted by BawlZINmotion

Fuck. Yes.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Holy shit, that looks amazing.  This was a great E3!

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Posted by Jared

Should be interesting, I think it was about time Metroid went to a new direction.

Posted by Yelix

I wonder how tempted the guys at Team Ninja were to give Samus giant boobs and no clothes. Oh well, Metroid is better without constantly reminding you that Samus is a woman. I think this game could be really good, since I would assume Miyamoto is keeping a close watch over it in case Team Ninja gets involved in any development shenanigans.

Posted by Jinto

I feel this is probably for the best for the Metroid series. Don't get me wrong I loved what Retro Studios did with the series on the Gamecube but after the first Metroid Prime the gameplay remaind primarily the same. I very much enjoyed the three Metroid Prime games but this new take on the series by Team Ninja is refreshing. You can immediatley tell the character designs are from Team Ninja as well. Not sure if it's absolute third person or a mix of first and third person. Time will tell.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Awesome, Ninja Guiden mod!

Posted by Floppypants

This looks amazingly awful.  Astoundingly, profoundly awful.  This game is going to be an abortion.