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Posted by Morningstar

Oh god...

Posted by ZGoon


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But how much room in front of my TV will I need to do this, and have it accurately read me? I don't have much room in my room.

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Posted by Scampbell

Xbox knows my weakness!? Does that mean it knows about my addiction to Bassett's sour wine gums?

Posted by bb4lake

As much as I wanted to make fun of this, I've actually tried P90X and its a pretty good workout. If they could get this working even halfway decent it could be pretty cool. Unfortunately, I don't know how this would work because who will have a pull up bar, weights, chairs, a wall, resistance bands, etc within range of a Kinect camera.

Also, Beachbody workouts are pretty expensive if you buy the DVDs, I can't imagine this will be cheap.

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This... is actually a pretty great idea. I used to dabble with p90x, and I wouldn't mind having a little extra motivation and performance tracking while doing the workouts. My concern is how well its going to work though. A lot rides on the new kinect's ability to track my movements well enough. P90x workouts can be pretty damn intense (especially plyometrics), so I'm kind of worried it will start spazzing out if I'm doing a modified version of the exercise.

I'd also like some more details. Is this going to contain the whole workout from P90x, insanity, ect? Including diet plans and full schedule workout rotations? The actual plans/dvds are sort of expensive so I'll be curious to see what they decided to put into a 60 dollar disc.

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man, i hate "fitness gurus". it's there f'in job to looked pumped as hell and they love their syringes and special medicine. when i want to do a workout, i don't want to look at those slimey dirtbags. a more neutral approach like wii fit or your shape would be way better.

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Posted by Flappy

@dooley said:


Best part of the video.

Posted by jimmyfenix

No thanks i would rather work out with Big Poppa Pump

Posted by Sweep

Best. Quick Look. Ever.

Posted by leebmx

This all seems like the absolute worst approach to getting fit.

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I'm actually really excited for this. I've been using my Xbox for mostly exercise for the past year or so. Good fitness options would totally sell me this console. I'm just hoping the whole thing doesn't nickle-and-dime me every time I want to try something new.

...Oh, also. "Famous" fitness people? Dumb.

Posted by Largo6661

@zgoon: Insanity all the way!!!!

Posted by sockpuppetclock

"...knows your strengths AND weaknesses!"

Oh god

Posted by xSuddenimpactx

Considering how much each fitness package cost this could be a really good value. Honestly whether the kinect works with it is just a bonus. P90x is like what? 100 dollars for the dvd set. I know plenty of people who swear by both p90x and insanity.

Posted by IronScimitar

Tony Horton is the fucking man.


Posted by MeatSim

Fitness still seems like a myth to me.

Posted by Shtinky

Microsoft and the XBone continue to repulse me.

Posted by SmilingPig

This is basically softcore porn.

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Requires "advanced TV hardware". Huh.

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@zgoon said:


I lost about 40 pounds over the summer because of Shaun T.'s "T25". This is a killer app for me, I am now considering buying the Xbox One. This kind of exercise, gamification and motivating inspiration, I think is a very good thing for Microsoft to be getting into.

Posted by MAJID

Where's Tonya?

Posted by Church069

This actually seems pretty cool. I guess people will think of this differently based on how they like to workout(or not workout). P90x, Insanity, and those other workouts cost $100+ each. If this is included in the Gold subscription, it turns into a pretty good value. Even if the tracking stuff ends up being garbage, if they keep it updated with new workouts I'm onboard to a least try it out.

Posted by cikame

Get ripped ya'll.
Camera so good it's looking at your internal organs.

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"Now there's one place for all your workouts."

Yeah, the gym.

Posted by jagenheim

Hannibal For King?

Posted by koolaid39

This could be potentially very cool. Might make me go through P90X again.

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This mofo broke my back in INSANITY! ><

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Posted by mewstu

This looks like you something you launch 2-4 years into the cycle, not at launch.

Posted by Drakeon

I'll be honest, I plan to go PS4 first, but I'm kinda jealous, hoping Sony has something similar. If not, I will be interested in it when I (eventually) pick up an Xbox One.

Posted by csl316

I'll try it, what the hell.

But I've been doing DDP Yoga for 6 months and it's pretty god damn awesome.

Posted by Final_Bawse

I like this. I really do.

Still not decided on XBO or PS4 at launch.

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But can it do this?

Posted by Blu3V3nom07

Yea, I wanna try this.

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I thought I read Xbox fitness is free for a year. This will probably make some sales.

Posted by ZmillA

all over this

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is this just a channel guide and DVR to pre-existing work out shows? Microsoft should consider marking this titles down to more app friendly price structure.

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shaun T and Tony Horton woooooooo yeahhhhhh letsss do thissssssssssss im buying a ps4

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Posted by Andorski

People who own Xbox Ones always have the most ballin' apartment/homes.

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Watching this just makes me want to do Shaun T's T-25 or P90X.

Fun Fact: Tony Horton went to the same high school as I did.

Posted by clumsyninja1

I still prefer the old fashion "Gym" to work out...

Posted by Dalai

No Basedow, no sale.

Posted by tourgen

Pretty good idea depending on how it works out. Making a game out of fitness and diet could help motivate quite a few people, and make it more fun too. Great announcement from MS this time around.

Posted by Astalder

I'd give this a shot if I didn't live in a second floor apartment with a condensed living room...

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