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Oops, guess who bought an Xbox One not a week before this announcement?

At least I don't mind the Kinect. Seems to work beautifully for me, which seems... wrong, somehow.

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Listen to dat spin...

I didn't think they'd ever do this. Odds on Kinect surviving this generation? After this move, zero.

The Ps4 will probably pass 10 million sales by E3, and the Xbox One is floundering around 3-4 million sales, with another 1-2 million on shelves. Most of Europe is seeing 5:1 sales, and even the US is seeing 2:1. Before this change, the odds of the Xbox brand surviving the gen were slim. Now it's hopefully going to be a bit more of a fight.

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This is a big shocker but honestly not surprised as well! It's a win for the consumer!

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I think it's good news for those who don't want a Kinect. Still, makes me wish I had picked up the Titanfall bundle with Kinect included when it was $449 at Target.

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And by Christmas they'll have a new version that actually spits out a $100 bill the first time they turn it on.

Too little too late.

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@patrickklepek Any word on the rumors about XBL Gold restructuring/app pay wall coming down?

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I like the idea of them responding to "their fans" who have been seeking more options on how to get an xbox one. Such DEVOTED fans, they already own an Xbox One but they want MORE OPTIONS

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Just want to point out, xbone price drop occurred quicker than the Wii U. That is incredibly interesting to me, weirdly though the 3DS drop was under 6 months.

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I was hoping for a price cut that included Kinect.

While that might not have been viable, they are fracturing the userbase yet again. To me this all but assures that there won't be any truly great or unique gaming experiences to be had using Kinect. Most people I guess have taken this as a fact already. But I thought the potential was still there with a new generation as long as every box had one. What developer takes the risk now?

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This is the equivalent to dumping the cargo to right the ship. I think this is the correct move going into E3, but I feel bad for anyone who bought an XB1 and didnt want kinect.

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I think this is less about them trying to compete with PS4 and more about all the vocal people who don't own xbox one yelling about not wanting to pay for Kinect (basing their opinions off the inferior 360 version).

I kind of understand, but honestly I'm glad I was forced to try the new Kinect. It works great for voice. I've never had it not understand my commands. I've not used the camera for games much, but the camera works great for auto-logging you in. I can literally walk into my living room, and while I'm still walking say "Xbox On" and it turns on my TV, Reciever, etc...then when I sit down it logs me in. All before I've had a chance to pick up the controller.

I know the Kinect seems to work like crap for the GB crew, but I suspect that has more to do with the studio setup being not as optimal as a living room setup where it was designed to be in.

I own both systems, and sure the PS4 is all about the games (with a pretty bad UI imo). But it's when I'm using the xbox that I really "feel" like I'm using a next gen product. Now if only they could work out their dev kit issues...

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This really sucks, honestly, having a required kinect at least standardized things for developers where we could use it in more and more interesting ways.

Now, it's a big crap shoot like the 360 was. I know they got shit for the drm policy or whatever, but look at where they started with features, it sounded like the future and now we just have the same old shit. Thanks, internet.

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@video_game_king: Giant Bomb needs upvotes. Because if we had them, this would be yours.

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Holy 180 Batman!

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dayum what will they do for E3?!??!

I really thought they wouldn't do this

Since this version is slated to ship June 9th then my guess is that this was going to be one of their E3 megatons. Whatever though, now they can focus more on their upcoming software lineup for the next year instead.

I'm really surprised they did this though; ironically, with the main differentiator between it and the PS4 now out of the picture-- or at least out of the box-- MS will likely need to lean in harder on Kinect/Camera related apps and games in order to make it an attractive peripheral purchase. This could actually be a boon for fans of Kinect, imo.

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I firmly believe it was Patricks video that caused this. Now let's see what games are announced at E3 and I might be in.

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If you backpeddle any more you're going to fall off of the universe, Microsoft.

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Posted by FuriousJodo
@excast said:

And really, how can anyone have faith in buying a system that has seen such radical changes from it's initial design to what we see now like 9 months later? What's next, a stronger XB1 that completely alienates first adopters?

A company that has been making changes to do what people want is never a bad thing.

I do think the choice should have been there from the beginning, but I'll never be mad when a company does things that people want.

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Personally, I never saw everyone's beef with the Kinect, other than the price.

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Fantastic news for people who were actually developing games for Kinect I bet

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@mtfikhan: which video was that? I wish to see it.

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Fantastic news for people who were actually developing games for Kinect I bet

Posted by GunstarRed

I'm one step closer to Sunset Overdrive.

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Yeah, you sound super excited, Yusuf Mehdi.

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About time. Now I "might" buy a Xbox One.

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Awesome, I was hoping to pick up an Xbwan sometime around June/July and could totally go without the Kinect. Hope the price drop is as large locally.

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@koolaid39: My beef was never with the price but that it was not a transparent interface. Every aspect of the experience had to work completely reliably, from voice capture to motion detection. If I had a controller where one button didn't work 100% of the time, I'd immediately replace it. There just wasn't a replacement for Kinect that worked any better. It's too bad because I really do like the idea of the device.

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They blinked!

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That's interesting..... now release the damn console in my country you assholes.

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The frustrating thing is that this was entirely predictable. The kind of people who would drop $400-$500 on a system at launch were never going to embrace Kinect in large numbers. Microsoft's spent the last year letting the "$100 more expensive and less powerful because of that stupid Kinect" narrative form, and now they're behind in market share and mind share. Imagine how much better things would have been for them if they'd announced a $399 price point at E3 last year.

I still can't figure out why Xbox management thought they were going to sell a bulky $500 box based on its non-gaming features, especially when most of those features were tied to a $6/mo online gaming service.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Wow. Never thought id see this. at least not this early. That's awesome for people who just don't give a shit about Kinect. I'm still happy with mine. I like Kinect because of the voice commands. Believe me when I say I barely have a remote in my hand. Go to TV, Pause, Play, Go To Titanfall. It's easy and fast. I'm okay with developers not having the guarantee of a Kinect with every box. I love it for the voice. When I ply games, controller all the way.

Though, Xbox Record that is the exception. That thing is awesome!

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Mixed feelings. I have *no* love for the Kinect for games, but without Kinect I really struggle seeing a reason to buy an Xbox One at all over a PS4. It just doesn't have any differentiating factors anymore, and unless they land some *sick* exclusives (and I mean revolutionary sick), why would I need more than a PS4, Wii U and PC to cover the spectrum?

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@excast said:

And really, how can anyone have faith in buying a system that has seen such radical changes from it's initial design to what we see now like 9 months later? What's next, a stronger XB1 that completely alienates first adopters?

A company that has been making changes to do what people want is never a bad thing.

I do think the choice should have been there from the beginning, but I'll never be mad when a company does things that people want.

It's bad that they thought the DRM and a more expensive system bundled with a glitchy Kinect were good ideas. I think one of the reasons people buy consoles is continuity. Requirements and the like aren't constantly changing as they do with computers. What we have seen from Sony is a clear, coherent message. What we have seen from Microsoft is completely the opposite. They haven't given consumers a reason to trust the path they are on or that they won't radically shift again a few months from now.

Seriously, what is the next option? Oh, the PS4 is selling better still, so let's release an XB1 that has more power? Would anyone really consider that outside the realm of possibility at this point?

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I too am surprised that this was announced pre E3. I will take any forms of a price drop. The closer to $200 these machines get the better.

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Not sure if I care or not, the console isn't even out in Sweden yet.

Posted by MachoFantastico

So Microsoft finally saw the light, no one gives a crap about the Kinect. Feel for Harmonix though.

Posted by Wraxend

Well if this doesn't inspire confidence in your consumers who you've told multiple messages at this point and your business partners who are making solely Kinect games at the moment I don't know what does.

Posted by AndrooD2

I find it fascinating how reactionary Microsoft has been in the last year when it comes to the XBox One. What a mess!

Posted by slindz

Oh hey big news actually dropped BEFORE the Bombcast.

Posted by Twisted_Scot

Wow! I really hope (although I'm guessing it will at least a little) that this doesn't mean MS are going to stop caring about tweaking Kinect interactions and adding new features. I really find it useful when navigating the interface, I'm kinda bummed about this but understand it from their business perspective and also little disappointed that they always feel the response to Sony's success is to take yet more steps backwards to the old ways of the last Gen consoles but on the other hand I'm happy that MS are actually listening, stepping up and seem hungry once again. Makes for an interesting E3 & Holiday 2014 and hopefully the consumers are the ones who win.

I would love in future to be able to opt into a feature that allows me to use the Xbox as advertised back when the Xbox One was announced like ability to install from disc and only require a small on-line check every so often to let those that actually wanted that version of Xbox One to have it. At this stage I rule nothing out with these people.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Next step: Dropping the TV functionality for another 50 bucks off!

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So now the only thing making it different from the PS4 is that it's weaker. Seems like the choice would be even more clear than it was before. Who wants to pay $399 for a weaker Xbone when you can spend the same on the PS4. Guess it comes down to exclusives now.

Posted by RE_Player1

They should have an option for early adopters who didn't want Kinect to send it in for a rebate.

Posted by anbilow

Just a complete lack of foresight on the part of Microsoft. The only thing worse than forcing the Kinect upon the consumers at a $100 markup when compared to their competitor is then COMPLETELY reversing their position. Incredibly poor business. Way to not understand the market.