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I am surprised that so many people are surprised.

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So now the only thing making it different from the PS4 is that it's weaker. Seems like the choice would be even more clear than it was before. Who wants to pay $399 for a weaker Xbone when you can spend the same on the PS4. Guess it comes down to exclusives now.

The main argument has been that Kinect and the multimedia experience it could provide is what makes the XB1 unique. As you said, now we just have a system that is undeniably weaker than the PS4 across the board and comes with the challenge of almost a solid year of bad press revolving around their inability to form a coherent message as to what Micrsoft's vision for the XB1 even is. And now we have early adopters saddled with a piece of equipment that many of them probably never wanted and isn't going to be receiving as much of a focus going forward.

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I guess they have done a full 180 on everything it was supposed to be now.

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This is big news. They're basically starting E3 before E3. The Xbox One is a less powerful machine, but still fast enough to have 3rd party support (unlike other consoles...). Now the differentiator will be the lineup of exclusive. I'm kind of open-minded about my next console purchase after this. I do own a Vita and I also have PS+ subscription, but if they announce the right games, I might ditch my plans of buying a PS4.

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They should have an option for early adopters who didn't want Kinect to send it in for a rebate.

lol, that's not gonna happen buddy.

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@excast said:

So here is the deal. Ok, now the price is the same without the Kinect. But hasn't Microsoft repeatedly tried to drive home the point that the Kinect is what makes them special? I mean, XB1 is still clearly a weaker system than the PS4 and that just isn't going to change.

They probably needed to make the change at some point, but this also alienates developers that bought in to the message Microsoft has been trying to push with Kinect. You have to feel for Harmonix.

It still makes it special, it's just that if you don't want it, you don't have to buy it. I personally do actually see it as something that makes the system special so I will buy the Kinect version when I eventually get one, but there are obviously people out there who don't want it. Options are good for everybody.

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God knows why people are saying 'Oh i will get one now'

I am no fan of kinect but it's currently the only thing that makes the xbone even remotely interesting. Just wait for even more of a price drop in the future when there's actually some stuff out on the console.

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Good for them, nice to hear they are finally starting to understand what people want. I still won't buy one though.

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I guess they have given up on the Kinect then? Developers aren't going to do anything interesting with the Kinect unless they can guarantee everybody has one.

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So the only thing that separated the Xbox One from the PS4 is now gone. Both consoles do exactly the same thing now and cost the same. Except the Xbox One have weaker hardware. Why not drop the price to $349 while you're at it? You know, at least have something over the PS4?

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So much for the Xbox One having anything special about it. Now it's simply the less powerful console with a clumsy OS. Vision !

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Talk about back peddling.

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This makes the Xbox 1 the cheaper option in Canada. If they're coming out with a new Forza Horizon I might have to get one.

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@slindz said:

Oh hey big news actually dropped BEFORE the Bombcast.

Watch, they recorded it yesterday :\

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@milkman: oh man i didn't even think that far...but you're right that's pretty bad news for them

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Even without the Kinect, it's still pretty much trash in my eyes.

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Goddammit, Microsoft. How can you expect me to want to purchase one of your consoles if you do a 360 on everything? While the Kinect wasn't a huge gaming peripheral, it was a very good entertainment device. I really enjoyed using it ( before I had to return mine for financial reasons).

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"A Kinect-less Xbox One is not in our plans at all."

"As we've said from the very beginning, we believe Kinect is an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience."

This past year has seen more backpedaling from Microsoft than I've ever seen ever. Insane.

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Does this mean the xbox one is cheaper than the PS4 in Canada on June 9th? For reference the PS4 is $450 over here.

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I hope this gets tuned into a Harvard Case Study. How do you mis-read the market SO BADLY? A market in which you were just the system leader? Gotta love business suits actually having no idea what they are doing.

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People are going to make the choice when they want to make it?

So people are going to actually make that choice sooner or later? not much of a choice then, is it? :P

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I wouldn't want one without a Kinect, to be honest.

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I know people may not like the Kinect but Microsoft is super dumb for doing this IMO.

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Great! Buying an Xbox One is more appealling to me now. I still have to wait for an actual game I'm interested in before I purchase it, but when that happens (and I'm sure it will), I'll get one. Probably whenever the next Gears of War Game comes out, whenever that will be.

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Seems the right thing to do.

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A couple months ago I would have been kicking myself for buying the 500 dollar Xbox One because I always thought "lolololol Kinect is dumb!!!!11". But now that I own one and use it daily I couldn't imagine this console without one.

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So Microsoft is throwing all kinect devs under the bus to try and gain some footing against Sony?

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Hm. Weird. I mean, I got a Xone with Kinect for (after selling Titanfall) 400 anyway, and honestly after trying to use that fuckin thing with a controller I think Kinect is pretty essential. I really didn't think they'd abandon Kinect this early.

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Absolutely a necessary decision for the Xbox One not to fall further behind the PS4. Game on, Sony.

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Interesting to see how this will actually affect sales (Of course they will potentially grow but how much) and if Sony is going to answer.

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They spent most of this video bragging about the Xbox One. Their version of humility tastes quite sour...

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Good on Microsoft for continuing to back peddle on every stupid choice they make.

Now hopefully they can stop making stupid choices.

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Darkest timeline?

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Fucken called it m8

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Have to think this is a terrible move, the Kinect is at least unique. I still say buy the system that has the games you want, but now why wouldn't you buy the PS4 if all else is equal. They should have expanded the $450 with a game promo, that worked on me.

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When the only game worth playing on the Xbox One is Killer Instinct, you know things have gotten bad. Titanfall didn't become the killer app Microsoft was hoping for. This move only shows the desperate need for the Xbox one to keep up with Sony whom seems to be coming on with their releases. Still, even Sony is not doing as good as expected.

Simply put, many people aren't impressed with these Next-Gen consoles so far. And many people have turned to the PC for their gaming needs.

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@milkman said:

Let's check in with Harmonix.

I'm pretty sure Microsoft left a dump truck of money at their doorstep to go Kinect, so they're probably fine.

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They spent most of this video bragging about the Xbox One. Their version of humility tastes quite sour...

It's not some apology video. It's called a promo.

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Just put a god damn microphone right into the gamepad, if that's at all feasible. Voicecommands for everyone. VoIP, even if you don't own a headset, or don't want to use it, because you wear headphones instead.

And for god's sake, make it push-to-talk mandatory. Can't have mouthbreathers creeping into my ears 24/7.

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poor drake too :'((

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Definitely saw this coming.

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Wow, I am VERY surprised that MS actually did this considering it was the right thing to do. I agree with alot of the posts on here that now the Xbone doesn't really stand out in regards to the PS4. It's less powerful and now they have removed the one piece of hardware that makes it "unique".

Considering how much MS has done a 180 and changed everything from their "original vision", I wouldn't be surprised if they announced an Xbox Two at next E3 (2015) and ask for a do over on this console generation.

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To everyone saying "It's just a PS4 with less power". You're technically right, but it's a PS4 with Halo, Gears, Forza and Titanfall. Obviously that's all completely subjective, but I'll take any one of those over Killzone, Infamous or Knack. Only Naughty Dog seems to make Sony exclusive games that I'm interested in, and Uncharted seems like maybe it's not in the best place right now either.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the PS4, and now it turns out you guys were right about Kinect being a horrible boondoggle that wouldn't be supported, but I have a PC for raw power. Consoles are for exclusives, and in my (extremely subjective) mind, that's why I have an Xbox.

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Pffffffaaaahahahahahahahaha!! :D

I enjoy a great deal of delicious schadenfreude from watching MS have to backpedal on damn near every policy and feature they knew people did not want but decided to force feed anyway because they're fucking microsoft complete with the they will buy what we offer them attitude.

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I was as big of a skeptic as anyone before buying an Xbox One and I wouldn't want to own one without a kinect. I feel like the fast app switching is absolutely crucial to the experience and that the UI isn't intuitive enough in it's current state to make using a controller a viable alternative. I have no interest in using the kinect to play games... but for navigation? it really won me over.

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@waffles13: Pretty much my thoughts on the matter.

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Oh, the thing they said would never ever happen happened?

Actually, the news kinda bums me out. I really like using the kinect for voice control and auto log in.
But I never would have bought the thing unless Microsoft forced me too. It really makes me prefer using the xbox one to the ps4.

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Lol, all that 'One device to do everything!' marketing work straight down the shitter. Please tell me they are dropping the 'One' branding from this version?