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Looks like a console game lol.

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Looks like a console game lol.

Not from this generation

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Dave has said on twitter how much he likes this so I would probably expect a quick look. I have also been playing a decent amount of this and I also really like it.

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Quick look, Quick look, Quick look.

There. According to the rules of magic, it has to appear now.

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Looks like a console game lol.

Not from this generation

Yes from this generation.

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Avicci makes everything awesome

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@rethla said:


Looks like a console game lol.

Not from this generation

Yes from this generation.


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I like the crude humour and mild violence

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This game is tons of fun (and gives you a lot for free). I've played it for over 4 hours and I'm nowhere near completing all the free content so that's cool. Also, it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be so it's nice for someone like me who doesn't actually know how to fly a plane (but is interested to learn some of the mechanics involved).

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Not as great as FSX for the "hardcore" flight sim fanatics but I still appreciate the intention. Hope it will evolve into a true successor of FSX.

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Sadly TrackIR isn't supported in Flight yet...


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I cannot wait for yet another Vinny/Drew/Dave Flight-stick extravaganza!

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What's with the music? This is supposed to be professional.

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It's a really fun game. Easy enough for someone who isn't way into flight sims to enjoy, but makes me want to learn more about them. I kind of wish there was more music though. I know it's not the sim way, but when the game gives you music during challenges and what not, it's way more fun.

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Heard this kind of a mix of Pilot Wings and FSX, which is perfect for me. Will have to check this out.

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No Track IR, no sale!

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No Track IR, no sale!

It's free to play so you're ok :)

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Quick look please.

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Clearly the type of music all pilots listen to!

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Awesome. I almost got my FreeTrack setup working. All I had to do was yank an ir filter out of an old webcam. That, a wireless wii bar, and the track ir clip and I should be good to go. Already have it working with single point.

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@aceofspudz: awesome duder!

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This song makes me want to go to Vegas, not fly virtual planes.

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I played the beta of this. It's an extremely competant game, but almost too user friendly (good for us, bad for quicklooks). There's still entertainment to be had with it for certain though.

It's a great "babies first flight-sim" for people who want to dip their toes in the water, they start you off with a plane that practically flies itself. The freemium model is a great trend for this niche genre.

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This song is.. erh.. groovy!

Anyone knows the title?

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@MAD_JIHAD: Wrong. I'm not sure what console game's you're playing if any, whatever it is it's not very high quality.

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Its been a while since I played a Flight Simulator game so I appreciated the hand-holding this game does. The tutorials are really awesome. I don't have my flight stick nearby but this game plays great on a 360 controller.

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@shinluis: Avicii, Levels

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I'm really enjoying this game. There's a lot of stuff to do, hopefully add ons don"t get too expensive.

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So when will we get a quick look with TrackIR and flightstick controls?

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Negative Ghostrider

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great! I can't wait for the drew+vinny+dave quick look where they spend an hour trying to get off the ground :D.

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This game's pretty neat.

However, the pricing for the premium content can be a bit much. US$20 for access to the rest of the Hawaiian islands (and the Vans RV-6A aircraft), $8 for the P-51 Mustang that is only an external view model (no cockpit), and $15 for the Maule M-7-260C that has a detailed cockpit. There is the argument that the intent is that you should only get the planes and locations you are interested in. Still, it doesn't compare well to the days of paying $50 for a whole lot more, whether you played all of it or not.

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I'm 12 and this isn't dubstep.

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I remember buying flight 2000, and spending hours flying from state to state, only to fuck up the landing. IMO these types of games are extremely enhanced by 3D VISION. It improved the depth perception, making landing a ton easier.

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Why don't you just play the greatest A-10 combat sim ever designed? DCS: A-10C Warthog http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/series/warthog/

FYI The Warthog is the nickname that was given to the plane by its pilots. It is actually the Thunderbolt II, named after the legendary P-47 Thunderbolt that flew in WW2.

Better pick yourself up the proper gear. CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals, and Track IR 5. I could not recommend this gear enough!

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This song is.. erh.. groovy!

Anyone knows the title?

Avicii - Levels

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This means another Flight Sim Quick Look eventually which is good news.

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Moar flight sim quick looks.

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I can't pass the kind of judgement a hardcore sim fan could on this game. But I can say that from what I've played it's a lot of fun. A really nice looking game and easy enough to get into that anyone can pick it up.

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I find the quality of this trailer funny for a sim. The textures on terrain look like garbage, but really these games are about the geometry and being able to fly the plane. I loved Microsoft Flight Simulator as a kid, although just to crash into buildings. Wonder how the new tech will suit it.