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Why are so many Sony fanboys watching an unboxing video for the Xbox One?

Posted by Smorlock

Isn't that amazing on/off switch exactly like the one on the original PS3?

Posted by Kropotkin

Is Major Nelson now working for the Shopping Channel?

Posted by catpowerd

This isn't a proper unboxing because it isn't done with a shaky camera phone while the guy breathes heavily.

Posted by catpowerd

Is Major Nelson now working for the Shopping Channel?

Now How much would you pay?

Posted by Shiro2809

...how did the X1 do anything without being plugged in?

Posted by Dancingcuban

This video to the dismay of every video games journalism that will be doing the same exact thing in a couple months. :(

Posted by Spongetwan

I can't wait for launch day!!!! I just hope the mail service does not make me wait all day like they did for my iphone....

Posted by Oddballs

If his Xbox gig ever goes tits up, I think Larry would make an excellent addition to the team over at QVC.

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@kmg90: External power supplies are better. You replace the power brick if it breaks or has a large surge instead of replacing the entire console. Power bricks make sense. My PS3 and Sony surround sound system both died because (though they were plugged into a surge protector) they were not plugged into a power conditioner. The 360 and Wii on the other hand, survived and are still going strong. I rather replace the brick for $30 then replace the console for $500.