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Posted by Scarabus

I can't wait to start watching Internet Explorer.

Posted by Nonentity

It's so... metro.

Posted by personandstuff

Angry toast is the stuff of nightmares.

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

"Hey, you guys like Facebook and Twitter, right? Well, we do too!"

Posted by AMyggen

I really like the look of this.

Edited by Zaxex

The main thing I care about with the UI is speed, and it does seem a good bit better, with some sensible additions - but the sounds and loading animation remind me so much of the Xbox 360 that it feels slow.

I suppose that's what happens when consoles' firmware are so iterative, this video most likely won't strongly resemble what it looks like in a few years time.

Edited by MooseyMcMan

I think all of this looks terrible, but then again, I'm still bemoaning the death of the Blades, so take what I say as you will.

Posted by patrickklepek

@scarabus said:

I can't wait to start watching Internet Explorer.

That was my favorite bit, too.

Posted by RazielCuts

Posted by plugger603

Arghhh Xbox bad,Playstation good!

Posted by NoelVeiga

The "feed" seems stalkery as hell. It's like all the automated updates you don't like to see on Facebook and Twitter mixed with the unsettling suspicion that anybody can chart what you are doing by the minute.

Posted by Drekly

I know it's easy to shit on Microsoft, but holy crap this looks awful. Metro is so bland and it looks messy.

Posted by mintyice

@noelveiga: Xbox Kinect can watch you while you stalk internet celebrities who don't want to add you as a friend!

Posted by AMyggen

@noelveiga: I don't have a problem with that at all. It's not much different from following people on GB etc. I don't get why it's "stalkery", really.

Posted by Nicked

That UI didn't look great to me (too much white space), though maybe it's because I'm not used to it. Kind of seemed like there were a lot of 1 second load times--not a bad thing per se, but it didn't seem as fluid as I expected. If they didn't fade to black and back in I probably wouldn't have noticed it.

And so this is an App? I'm not entirely sure what that means in this context. The feature set looks really cool though.

Posted by Hassun

way too little information on 1 screen. I know this is for controllers but still.

Posted by joshwent

"Today, I thought it would it would be fun to look at the friends app on XBox One."

It's so cool how Major Nelson just gets to casually share this stuff with us whenever he wants. With no pre-approved script or any thing. So... cool.

Posted by StriderNo9

Meh, I love the Metro/Modern UI but this didn't look all that great.

Posted by Humanity
Posted by BasketSnake

I like anything that's optional.

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@cheebahh: Can't load something without loading it.

Edited by Blu3V3nom07

It looks totally fine. I like the multi-pane stuff.

And I still wanna see how messaging and notifications work.

That panda has nipples.

Posted by steelerzfan101

I don't like that feed that tells people what you are doing every second. Seems a little weird...

Edited by MeatSim

Piece of toast that is pissed that someone took a bite out of him is my favorite part of this.

Posted by Shtinky

All that loading.

Edited by Ryanmgraef

Seems like a lot to process without not direct control. It does, however, seem like it could, maybe, be really cool!... Possibly. If it's not slow as molasses.

Edited by rasko_the_brave

I don't have any friends.

Posted by Megasoum

Hmm....lots of people playing GTA5....

Edited by Xpgamer7

I kinda see why they wanted it all online. If you had a large gaming collection and saw your friend playing a game, you'd be able to join them instantly no matter how you bought it. Then again a lot of the friends playing XXX thing is in PS4 and Steam as well.

Posted by AMyggen
Posted by Ronald

I like the social media style followers vs friends lists. Where you add someone which makes you a follower and if they add you back now you are friends and can do more with them. I do wonder how that works with game invites and joining games. Can someone invite their followers into a game while followers are not allowed to join someone's game unless they are friends? Or are you locked out of all of that functionality unless you are friends? Or worse, can followers grief people they are following by joining their games constantly? Or are there more options other than on and off?

Posted by Hockeymask27

I want to keep my gamertag and xbox experience and gamerscore going but damn microsoft is making it hard.

Posted by JJBSterling

The follow feature seems pretty cool.

Posted by andrew2696

I really like the toast and panda pictures. Haven't actually watched the video though so I'm not exactly sure what those are. Just pictures?

Posted by TurboMan

following "celebrities" sounds like a neat idea. That's all I got outta this.

Posted by Waffley

Wow cool, neato, totally tubular, even more things to keep me from having an individual experience with my Retro Metro Video Games! Thanks, future!

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That sliced bread looks really pissed off at something.

Edited by kindpixel

Did anyone else think that Major Nelson having only a "good" reputation rating, was funny?

Edited by Davvyk

Looks great.

Edited by Rrang

Not really a fan of the interface, somehow looks worse than "Metro"...

Edited by Pirateogta

Looks really great! Can't wait 'til November 22.

Posted by Adrian79

It'll be interesting to see how many followers Ice "motherfuckin'" T will have. Thats about as far as my knowledge of xbox "celebrities" goes.

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

Appear offline... nice. Fuck everyone.

Posted by Yesiamaduck

I think they've confused a 'clean' interface with one that looks like it was made in MS Paint with the fill and like tools.

Posted by Budwyzer


Posted by CookieMonster

They should have adding friends and following separate. Its just confusing that to follow people you have to 'add them as a friend'. It should be a separate follow button.

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