Posted by ToxicFruit

looks okey I guess. the trailers was really not selling me and the announcers voice was so dull and lifeless

Posted by MildMolasses

So they take a textbook, old-school WRPG and turn it into a cutesy JRPG?  
Well sign me up. I hated those old M&M games
Posted by Luke

This game looks pretty sweet.  Trailer sucks though. 

Posted by Erik

Magical isn't it?

Posted by flyingsolow
@Toxic said:
" looks okey I guess. the trailers was really not selling me and the announcers voice was so dull and lifeless "
Agreed, the voice and music is so underwhelming.
Posted by TheKidNixon

Pretty sure the announcer has a lisp. Mark 1:35 and "Epic Battles."
Still, looks like...a game.

Posted by Milkman

Might & Magic died with 3DO.

Posted by dbz1995
@Erik said:
" Magical isn't it? "
Nay, mighty it be. 
@Milkman said:
" Might & Magic died with 3DO. "
Sadly, this is true.
Posted by august

Yeah I accidentally bought Might and Magic II for my cell phone - all excited for old-school rpg action and what I got was a half-assed Korean made action jrpg.

Posted by Ghostiet


This is one of the worst blasphemies in video games since X-Com: Enforcer. GOD.

Posted by Seedofpower

Man..... what the fuck.

Posted by eddiephlash

I just want a new Heroes of Might and Magic game, and think that the DS would be a great platform for those amazing games.

Posted by Mechanized

The game is supposed to be really good, really different gameplay.

Posted by MichaelBach

Not so found of the anime stuff.. why can't they make and non-anime rpg for the DS?

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That is all...

Posted by Parsnip

Take charge of 5 young heroes in Ubisoft's latest attempt to drive the Heroes brand even lower than it's latest entries.

Oh HoMM3, your greatness will never be surpassed.

Posted by cyrax
@Luke said:
" This game looks pretty sweet.  Trailer sucks though.  "
I hope that VO isn't indicative of the quality of the sound in game.
Posted by ArbitraryWater
@Milkman said:
" Might & Magic died with 3DO. "
This is true. As someone who will foam at the mouth while describing Heroes III or Might and Magic VII, it's a disappointment to see ubisoft exploiting this franchise in all the wrong ways. Heroes V wasn't bad (even though it took several patches and 2 expansions to make it more than just a clone of III), but all the stuff revolving around it has been shit.  Dark Messiah especially.
 At least when 3DO released all the terrible M&M spinoffs nobody cared.
Posted by Demonstride

The map looks very similar to a messed up Europe. Maybe that's just what i think it looks like though.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Have no idea what the gameplay is like.

Still looks kinda neat, though.

Posted by Media_Master

No thanks.

Posted by The_Big_Rough

haha Might & Magic still pumping along

Posted by AgentJ

The gameplay in this is addicting. 

Posted by Tennmuerti

F this.
Blatant cash in on the name of the franchise.
Looks like someone was developing a standard JRPG then they were contracted to make some alterations to make it vaguely connect to HMM5 to sell under the name.

Posted by MeatSim

The voice over in this trailer is just bad.

Posted by Myrmidon

Seriously, this is the worst direction Might & Magic could have taken. I fucking loved these games, this is like a swift punch to the balls for me.

Posted by Bigandtasty

Did someone rehire the Chaos Wars voice actors? They sound seriously similar.