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I need to play this.

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Looks awesome

Posted by BeachThunder

It's always the mental hospital...

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I'm always up for a Shinji Mikami joint.

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Nurse Ratched is one of the bosses.

I'm callin' it.

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Seems a little soon for an HD remake of Outlast.

Posted by bybeach

If the controls work, I just might finally invest in what I see in the character designs and such as Japanese, maybe even a particular individual's vision. I always wanted to play some of those other horror games.

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@heghmohqib: I know, right? I just beat that game last night. Definitely makes me think less of Amnesia after playing it. I think that game is very underrated right now.

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Man this looks like an honest to god 3rd person survival horror game, finally.

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Resident Evil 4 meets Silent Hill -- oh, gimme gimme gimme!

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A return to form for the genre. Looks fantastic!

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That looks alright by me.

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That last creature design is pretty legit. All in.

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Kinda glad that consoles are going to get a taste of the rejuvenated horror genre that PC has been experiencing lately.

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All these cops we sent into this building haven't come back, but I am sure sending two more in will be enough to deal with whatever threat is inside this building.

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Ps4? Anyone know?

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I am looking forward to this, especially because it's coming to PC. Mikami's team shows that id Tech 5 can actually produce great dark atmophere, which also gives me some hope for the next DOOM game. RAGE also looked nice and all but was a more fantastic setting, this in contrast looks like a realistic world with some really effed up monster designs. Gotta have it.

@ryanmgraef: It's going to be one of those cross-gen titles.

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This is coming along nicely.

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If this is anything like re4 I'm definitely interested.

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Damn, that last bit was pretty intense.

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Woot, hope this turns out great.

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Looks great!

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Father of Survival Horror? Hubris much? I mean I really loved Resident Evil back in the day but it IS just a clone of the Alone in the Dark games.

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Kinda looks like Dead Space on land and not in the the future. Would have hoped for a bit more from Mikami... sigh.

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Nice trailer, eagerly waiting for them to show actual gameplay, but impressed with what I've seen thus far.

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Nice trailer, eagerly waiting for them to show actual gameplay, but impressed with what I've seen thus far.

Here's a bit of leaked gameplay. The prologue leak has of course been pulled down at this point, though.

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Great trailer, sold me on the game BIG TIME.

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That's the best trailer I've seen in a long time. Genuinely creepy and disturbing.

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i will play

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Me want NAOWW

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Oh boy.

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I dunno, that looked like a lot more than one evil...

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I can't say I found this trailer to be particularly exciting. However that said there are plenty of horror games (and films) which tote a serviceable premise or give a great initial impression but ultimately fail to deliver anything resembling a truly memorable experience, so I'm wondering to myself why can't this one do things the other way round.

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This is probably the game I'm most waiting for along with Mighy Nr. 9.

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fucking YES PLEASE

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Seems a little soon for an HD remake of Outlast.

That's exactly what i was thinking.