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Posted by whospilgrim

When I first saw Mirror's edge, it reminded me of when I'm running in ridiculous dreams.  Did I just share that internationally?  Damn Capt. Morgans...

Posted by LifeByDegrees

It looks amazing. But I'm not sure how well those courses will read. We all can read reality to some degree or another- rights and lefts- tops and bottoms- stairs and windows. But the point of this map pack seems to be testing maze like breaking of said expectations.

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     This seems like it might bring out the worst qualities of the game  (ie "run flow" hiccups).  I can see myself throwing a control or two over it.

Posted by Tesson

January? did it come out already?

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that trailer music gets me into the game each time!~

Posted by Mandaray

I need that song.

Posted by FlappyHands

I really like the art direction for that DLC.

Posted by MeatSim

Leave the city for floating block land?

Posted by FoxMulder

looks confusing.....

Posted by Razor

What a bunch of lazy ass motherfuckers

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

I already paid $60 for a horribly shallow and empty game. I am not paying another $10 for content that should have been on the disc. No thanks, EA.

Posted by coffeesash

Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mick... wait that music's not by Toni Basil, it tricked me

Posted by Ututu222

How about patching the PC version so that I can actually play it with sound? Seems like a common enough problem to warrant such.

Oh right, this is EA we're talking about. It's too bad, because I was actually interested in this game mostly for its artistic direction and reputably good soundtrack. So, yeah...

Posted by AspiringAndy

Looks decent.

Posted by CaIamity

Looks ok. What I dont like is that they had to take the great instrumental theme and ruin it by adding  pop beats and vocals. Hopefully its just trailer music and wont be in the actual gameplay.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks allright. I still think Mirros Edge should've been third person...

Posted by RagingLion

January??  Also - it was first person and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I would have enjoyed it far less it was from 3rd person perspective.

Posted by Coleslaw893

New Mirror's Edge challenge: Catch the Mouse.

Posted by dvorak

I think this is already out. I could swear I already saw it on the PSN.

Posted by Gearhead

So I wasn't the only one tricked into thinking the song they were playing was "Hey Mickey!"

Posted by twillfast

I think this looks better than what I saw in the demo, but it'd be a bit expensive to buy the game and this, just to get this.
I can imagine paying about 15 or 20 bucks for just this, and skip the story.

Posted by Artemis_D

I... don't want to play any of that.

Posted by Coleslaw893

Yeah, not sure why this video was put up gain, Ryan put it up as an article over a month ago, that was before this DLC was delayed to this month. I guess they just added the wrong launch trailer.

Posted by Scooper

This DLC really shows what the art style is all about, it's very striking.

Posted by strangeling

I've only played the Mirror's Edge demo, but it seems like a game I could get into.  While this dlc highlights the parkour aspects, which is awesome, I'm no fan of time-trial gameplay.

Posted by Tarsier

wow ..

that music.
sooooo horrible.

i picture the main character singing it every time i hear it and it makes me hate this game so much.
Posted by brotherlu

Great Mirrors Edge VR missions .... *sacrasim*

Posted by darkjester74

That remix destroyed the ME theme song.  Bleh...

I grabbed this yesterday, looking forward to playing it.  The Time Trials by far are the best part of ME

Posted by Otzlowe

Despite being an old video, the comments to this killed my soul just a bit.

I can't help but like this game, despite how frustrating it may get in places.
Posted by Andheez

Personally I really enjoyed this game, didnt get into the time trials too much, but thought the game itself was great.  Thought when I couldnt see how people got top times it was amazing to see the creativity to get them on you tube.  DEFINITELY not a 3rd person game, 1st person perspective is what makes this game great  BTW, I didnt find this game nearly as puzzling as other people, I never really found myself lost as to where to go for very long, just had to look all around and you would find something.

Posted by BolognaSoup

Got this pack for PS3 last night and it's very good. Such interesting and complex designs. I recently got my Platinum trophy so the timing is perfect. Such a phenomenal game and I truly feel sorry for those that don't "get it." Easily the 2nd best game of 08 behind MGS4.

Posted by mudkip9000

I still think that game is seriously underrated. I liked everything about it, the visuals, the music, the sound, the first-person platforming. I don't disagree with some of the knocks against it, but I still think it's superb. That being said, I can tell from watching the short trailer that I'd be completely lost in that maze.  I like the idea, but I'm already confused.

Posted by Razor


on Feb. 20, 2009
I've only played the Mirror's Edge demo, but it seems like a game I could get into.  While this dlc highlights the parkour aspects, which is awesome, I'm no fan of time-trial gameplay."

-Yea, bought my copy for PC for like........ $34 :D (PC GAME PRICES ROX HARD).  This game will frustrate you like no tomorrow because the game breaks its own rules in order to stray you into the RIGHT path.  Example, some jump early on look so broken and yet you somehow make it alive.  Yet, later in the game, I simply could not make the most OBVIOUS of jumps just because I tried skipping a RED path and took a shorter distance.  When the game works, its great, When it doesn't, you feel like breakin the CD.  *I BROKE MY CD :D*
Posted by Junpei

I played through the main game and loved it a few months back. As cool as the levels look, I just can't find myself feeling the need to pick it back up right now. Who knows, maybe down the road I'll get it but not now.

Posted by natetodamax

Mirror's Edge is by far the most disappointing game I've ever played.

Posted by Sparkster

the first impression i get from this is an advanced version of Q*Bert

Posted by HatKing

As I was playing it I was yelling as much as ever, but that is the trial and error nature of the game, in hind sight I actually really enjoyed it.  The story was pretty cool and the style...well that has to be some of the best artwork/graphics/music I've seen in a game in a long time.  I don't mean to say the graphics are super realistic...they are...but beyond that they look really cool.  I'd even enjoyed just letting the game sit at the main menu taking in the music and visuals.  If I owned the game I'd  probably get this stuff.  I'm hoping the next game is a little more open, like Burnout Paradise...I think missions would be a lot funner if they didn't guide you so much, just told you to get to this point in the city from this point in a certain amount of time or something.

Posted by TG_SOLID

Time trials blow.

Posted by Halberdierv2

love the song.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I still think the worlds in this look great :)