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Whoa, this footage looks smooth.

And damn, so many games are coming out on the 15th.

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and hopefully no god damned rabbits

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Diggin' the art style.

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All this horror business...

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Danzig has killed them rabbits with the powers of Satan.

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Looks like an indie game

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The Msifts are in this game? cool.

edit: goddamnit someone already made a joke about that.

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looks amazing!

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Looks like an animated film.

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Now I miss Skull Monkeys. This on the other hand is a must buy. Total breath of fresh air from the FPS grind.

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Why does the spirit of Arkham want me to buy this game?

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I've never played a Rayman game and I'm not a big fan of platformers...that being said, I thought the demo was GREAT & I'll be buying this for sure.

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my 8yr old has this game on her xmas list. we'll be rocking this by then. Thanks Santa! you the man! :p

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I think this could actually be my GoTY. Too much fun.

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Wow,. the graphics are simply amazing!

I may buy this for my kids,. yeah,. that's the ticket,..

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I was thinking about picking up Rayman when it drops but I remembered that Skyward Sword is a thing. Sorry Rayman.

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I am glad this game exist.